Fascist smears: what they tell us

by Paul Cudenec I have written extensively in recent years about the way in which accusations of “fascism” are used to smear radical opponents of a system that is, itself, a mutation of fascism. The issue is addressed in Fascism Rebranded, in various contributions to The Acorn (see here, here and here) and in my political novels No Such Place as Asha (2019) and Enemies … Continue reading Fascist smears: what they tell us

The Acorn – 64

Number 64 Double-sided A4 pdf version to print out and distribute In this issue: The dictatorship will fall! Shocktroops of the New Fascism Spreading a message of hope Covid-1984: the truth about techno-totalitarianism Resist the G7 in Cornwall! René Guénon: an orgrad inspiration Acorninfo 1. The dictatorship will fall! In these dark times for people … Continue reading The Acorn – 64

The Acorn – 50

Number 50 In this issue: Guerrilla war against "smart" fascism Smearing and cheering for the system Manipulating Greta Fighting fracking in Fermanagh Journalism for a world beyond capitalism Hyperlooping towards environmental disaster! Miguel Amorós: an orgrad inspiration Acorninfo 1. Guerrilla war against "smart" fascism Guerrilla warfare has begun in Europe against the "smart" fascism being … Continue reading The Acorn – 50

Fake-left pro-war neoliberals break cover

A special Acorn report The war-hungry capitalist propaganda machine has been in overdrive in recent weeks. It has, of course, been relentlessly amplifying the views and narratives of the status quo and giving no platform for dissident opinion – that's what it's there for! But in these days of social media and independent online journalism, … Continue reading Fake-left pro-war neoliberals break cover