We are the 99%!

acorn 2019bSpecial photo report by Max Hogster


“The new normal is not normal, it’s no kind of normal at all”.

So declares rock legend Van Morrison in “Born to Be Free“, a protest song against the nighmare global police state which the ruling elite are trying to impose on us all.

And another protest song was ringing out in London’s Trafalgar Square on Saturday September 26.

We are the 99%!” sang tens of thousands of people who have seen through the lies and propaganda with which they have been besieged. “You can stick your new world order up your arse!”

This was another big day for the fast-growing UK revolt against the totalitarian Covid coup.


“We are born free!” declared one placard, echoing Van Morrison’s song.

“Peace, truth, freedom” and “You will not steal our freedom”, read others.

The message was clear: “No Vax, No Trax, No Masks”, “How much did Bill pay you, Boris?”,

“Quarantine is sick people being locked up. Tyranny is healthy people being locked up”.

“The reason why the UK is getting a second wave is because it fits the political agenda and narrative”.


The system’s propaganda was neatly turned around and used against it: “If someone asks you why you don’t wear a facemask, tell them you don’t believe in conspiracy theories”.

“There is an increase in Covid 19 cases because there has been an increase in testing. If more people took IQ tests, there would be an increase in idiots too”.


Apart from the spray from the fountains on a windy day, and difficulties in hearing the speakers from long range, the mood was good and all was going well until the police turned up…

They had been spotted moving in to the sides of crowd in front of the National Gallery and most people followed the suggestion to sit down in defiance.

At this point the cops started wading into the crowd and attacking people, including women.

As usual the authorities tried to suggest that the aggression had come from the protesters.

But this video footage makes it quite clear that the Met police attacked a calm and good-natured gathering.

This is our rulers’ age-old tactic, of course. Attack protests and then claim via their tame media that the protesters are “violent”, thus frightening off potential supporters.

Indeed, the Met Police themselves did not even claim that they were intervening because of any disorder among protesters but instead justified their assault on the basis that the authorised “risk assessment” had been breached and “The Virus” was at risk of being spread.

They seemed blissfully unaware of any irony in weighing in with truncheons to attack perfectly safe and healthy people under the pretext of protecting “health and safety”!

After the police assault, people were not sure what to do, but word went round to go to Hyde Park.

Protesters flooded out of the square into busy traffic and snaked their way through streets to Green Park.

Lots of cars were hooting support and police seemed to be wrong-footed by this spontaneous wildcat march.


The protest then headed over Park Lane to Hyde Park, where thousands congregated near Speakers’ Corner.

Again police moved in to stop this unauthorised display of dissent and some scuffles broke out as people stood up to the masked thugs-in-blue.

Long lines of police, spread out across the park, started moving towards the crowd, so people headed back through the gate across Park Lane, into side streets, and back towards Trafalgar Square.

‘Territorial Support’ vans were spotted frantically speeding around the ends of roads as the protesters advanced.

The spontaneous ‘cat and mouse’ nature of the protest meant police couldn’t anticipate where to deploy, despite the helicopter hovering overhead.

For details of upcoming protests, keep an eye on the StandUpX website. But, just as importantly, spread the flame of revolt wherever you live.

Together, we can see off this fascist coup!

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