The healthy ones, the fighters

by Paul Cudenec We badly need a massive wave of refusal and resistance to halt the tyranny of the Great Reset. We need resistance so determined, so dogged, so uncompromising, that the sword of repression shatters on its strength and the technocrats see their authority and control crumble into nothingness. What we need, in truth, is … Continue reading The healthy ones, the fighters

Sombre truths behind bright green lies

by Paul Cudenec To discern ugliness requires a sense of beauty. To name darkness involves knowing light. And to correctly identify lies demands a grasp of truth. It makes sense, therefore, that behind the title of the newly-published Bright Green Lies, by Derrick Jensen, Lierre Keith and Max Wilbert, (1) we find three important and sombre truths. … Continue reading Sombre truths behind bright green lies

For nature and freedom!

Three years ago we published an article explaining how the idea of a nature-based philosophy had been smeared by its opponents. Apologists for the industrial capitalist system, masquerading as "left-wing" and even "environmentalist", constantly sought to suggest that there was something "fascist" about such an outlook. We quoted "social ecologists" Janet Biehl and Peter Staudenmaier … Continue reading For nature and freedom!

The Acorn – 65

Number 65 Printable version for real-life distribution In this issue: Humanity fights back! Ten things we have learned during the Covid coup Naomi Klein and the climate of hypocrisy The nature of philosophy William Morris: an orgrad inspiration Acorninfo 1. Humanity fights back! We are not so foolhardy as to suggest that the tide has … Continue reading The Acorn – 65