France rises up against the new fascism

"The people have woken up - at last!" declared local Gilet Jaune rebel Michelle as she watched the vast crowds assembling on the main square of Montpellier in southern France. She has been involved with the Yellow Vest movement since the very start of the popular revolt against the Macron regime in November 2018. Two … Continue reading France rises up against the new fascism

Liberté! Résistance! A photo-report from France

Emergency demonstrations were held in towns and cities across France on Wednesday July 14, 2021, as the state went full-fascist in imposing bio-security dictatorship. In a televised address on Monday evening President Emmanuel Macron announced that "vaccination" was to be compulsory for all health workers and that, furthermore, "vaccine passports" were to be required for … Continue reading Liberté! Résistance! A photo-report from France

Fascism Rebranded: Exposing the Great Reset

by Paul Cudenec I didn’t see the Covid moment coming, of course. Who could have imagined, even at the start of 2020, that we were heading into a Brave New World of lockdowns and curfews, of travel bans, vaccine passports and police-state restrictions on every aspect of our lives? But for many years I had … Continue reading Fascism Rebranded: Exposing the Great Reset

The Acorn – 67

Number 67 In this issue: Breaking through the wall of power Transhumanism is our enemy The Death Machine Landscapes of Freedom Alexis Escudero: an organic radical inspiration Acorninfo 1. Breaking through the wall of power What exactly will it take to halt the techno-totalitarian coup being imposed on us all under the excuse of fighting … Continue reading The Acorn – 67

Unleashing the spirit of life

by Paul Cudenec In my last article, I wrote about a dark “something” below the surface of the visible political world which controls our lives and corrupts our thinking. However, there is another “something” which acts in the opposite direction and which is deeply feared by that malevolent energy. It is the life-affirming energy which, again … Continue reading Unleashing the spirit of life

A maze of political lies

by Paul Cudenec A strange thought crept into my head a couple of days after finishing my last article, Fascism: Three Brief Insights. There I had explained, yet again, that despite the name of their party, Hitler’s “National Socialists” were not really socialists at all, but tools of big business. The “socialist” part of the label … Continue reading A maze of political lies

The Acorn – 66

Number 66 In this issue: A new people's movement on the streets! The impact parasites and their profiteering plan Unite and overcome Two poems by Evelyn Scott-Brown Karl Jaspers: an orgrad inspiration Acorninfo 1. A new people's movement on the streets! Something quite extraordinary is happening in the United Kingdom, whose population is not … Continue reading The Acorn – 66

The healthy ones, the fighters

by Paul Cudenec We badly need a massive wave of refusal and resistance to halt the tyranny of the Great Reset. We need resistance so determined, so dogged, so uncompromising, that the sword of repression shatters on its strength and the technocrats see their authority and control crumble into nothingness. What we need, in truth, is … Continue reading The healthy ones, the fighters