The Acorn – 27

Number 27 In this issue: ZAD alert! Eco-zone warns of imminent attack Indigenous peoples lead fight against fracking pipeline Tearing off capitalism's "green" mask I don't want to fuck a robot Thailand slips into dictatorship France - the social war kicks off again The Sultan and the Sage Acorninfo 1. ZAD alert! Eco-zone warns of … Continue reading The Acorn – 27

The Acorn – 23

Number 23 In this issue: March 39 and counting... Nuit Debout and the new French uprising The whole system is rotten to the core Anti-militarists' London trial to begin The obliteration of European civilization via the subversion of the early Christian church by Roman emperors Radical truth behind the fiction Money, sex and power: on … Continue reading The Acorn – 23