Spirals of hope

  We have just brought out a series of free mini-booklets called Winter Oak Branches of Knowledge. The fourth of these is adapted from the final chapter of Paul Cudenec’s new book The Stifled Soul of Humankind and is called Spirals of Hope. Here is the text: Deep anxiety is a common personal reaction to … Continue reading Spirals of hope

Paul Cudenec books in London

 All three titles by Paul Cudenec are now available from two radical bookshops in London.The Stifled Soul of Humankind, The Anarchist Revelation and Antibodies, Anarchangels and Other Essays can all be found at both Housmans and Freedom - they all retail at £7.99.Housmans, at 5 Caledonian Road, King's Cross, London N1 9DX, is a not-for-profit … Continue reading Paul Cudenec books in London