Awakening & Resurgence 1

The vital spirit of humanity needs to spring up into vibrant life everywhere in the face of the unprecedented existential threat from the money-empire’s planned transition to a global digital slave-system.

Articles and analysis, as usually featured on the Winter Oak site, will not be enough to spark this creative resurgence.

It needs to come from a deep place, from the heart as well as from the mind, flowing past all the restraints on our thinking and feeling which have been imposed on us.

Here we look at few examples of this cultural flowering-in-the-face-of-adversity which have lately come to our attention.

If we have added the number 1 after the title of the post, it is because we would like to publish more in this series at later dates and we invite our readers to suggest future content, either through the comments on this page or by writing to


First of all, thanks to Sea J Panther for sending us his reading of the poem Earth Magik…

… plus his Swords of Consciousness, as read by a friend.

And here are some powerful poems by Danica Thiessen, from an as-yet unpublished collection called Poetry of Defiance


You give nothing to us but utility
And pre-fabricated tyranny.
Crime by night,
Wage Labour by day,
All beauty has become your prey.

The Mega Machine

Predictable and unmoving,
Industrial and grey.
When you confront me I can imagine nothing besides you.
Ever hard, underneath and all around,
Guiding me along steel surfaces,
Following concrete lines, I despair.

Smell of soft tar,
Smell of fresh adhesive,
Smell of diesel fumes,
These are our childhoods,
These are you.

What is life?

Is Life’s highest destiny
To live inside sterility?
I’d rather risk disease and death
Then stand in fear of another’s breath.


I was born in a wasteland of human progress,
Where we drove all our babies home.
Sometimes I noticed other species regress,
While oil made Sapiens stand alone.

The exhaust swirled about my newborns,
I choked on diesel while my center swelled,
The pain of life within these forms,
The shock of seeing great forests felled.

I was born in a wasteland of human progress,
Where we used plastic to help our babies chew.
Then I saw that we were dying of excess,
It was the only life my people knew.

To my Corporate Enemy

You took Our Nature that’s eternal
You took my Remembrance of the place
You paved a Garden that’s Immortal
You’ve made another concrete space.

A Million Tons of Waste

A million tons of waste,
Of toxic waste, of hate;
A hundred years of haste
To a deeply poisoned Fate.

The oil we have dredged,
The spiking, dipping charts,
The future we have hedged
On our slowly failing hearts.

You tell me it’s particulates,
Or perhaps the PVC
I tell you it’s the hypocrites
In Washington DC.

Surely we have earned
This collective suicide,
Since our wealth has always turned
On Industrial Ecocide.

Destroy the Corporate Tyrants,
That have done this to my home,
They are our modern pirates
With the decadence of Rome.

The species I have cherished,
Walk to a sharp-edged fate,
While there is an evil marriage
Between Industry and Hate.


What if It’s Alive and we,
Missed the point, failed to See.
That the Earth is Alive Inside.
Did we ask Her Permission to hide?
To hide, to build our homes?
To cut our quarry Stones?
To carry the Jewels from her Bowels?
To carve deep holes with our trowels?
Or were we mistaken in our Ruling?
For it’s Our Nature that we’re Fooling,
‘Cause it’s all Alive you see-
And our Life-Blood’s tied to the Trees.


Parallel Plandemics: Short Stories from the Annals of Parallel Earths is a new work from Mark the Mystic Activist, whose Soul Families we have already featured on this site.

Narrated by “Auntie Val” (a previous written incarnation of the same author) on her deathbed, it skips lightly between inventive baroque humour and startling insights into the contemporary world.

Rather than take on the impossible, and entirely futile, task of flattening its multi-dimensional wit and wisdom into some kind of summary, we will just share some passages from the text:

The Virus Affair was lifting up the bonnet of the great car of human civilisation; exposing the appalling
state of the engine – the way Dorothy had unveiled the Wizard of Oz: somehow unbinding whatever was still spellbound within us.

Freedom? What Freedom? What Freedom do you want? The Freedom to work like a dog to maintain your kennel? The Freedom to go walkies at weekends? The Freedom to like what you´ve been told to like, Pavlov-like? The Freedom to live in mass manufactured alienation? What Freedom do you want?

The Great Reset Psy Ops Team is convincing humanity that to become a bio-digital humanoid, living on modified food in a smart environment, under the all seeing eye of A.I. – is natural, eco, organic and GREEN!

They mastered Orwellian doublespeak ages ago. Then they perfected triplespeak, then quadrospeak… Now they´re up to Octospeak!

Their emails and tweets and podcasts and posts went as viral as the Plandemic. No words were more hash-tagged, or googled, or copied and pasted, than The Affirmation. “I Affirm my devotion to this Great Mystery!” a radical Tarot reader would declare. “I affirm my devotion to the innocence in the eyes of the animals!” a vegetarian Veterinarian would declare. “I affirm we´re all as beautifully neurotic as each other!” a revolutionary Psychotherapist would declare. And so it was that, once: the multifarious multitudes of Resistances of the World came to resonate, one by one, with this subtle yet potent reconceptualisation…

One by one they came – and the resonance of The Affirmation got stronger, and stronger – until: there came a moment, one day, when the resonance of The Affirmation began to rattle the collective consciousness of humankind, like an invisible earthquake. And still they came! And the resonance got stronger still. Until: there came a moment, one day, when, like a Hiroshima of Love and Light – The Affirmation burst upon the world; blasting through the ether of the Earth, exploding through the One Human Heart – healing mercilessly as it went; healing even hearts previously thought beyond soothing.

The leaflet was from The Unvaccinated! The Unvaccinated who lived like lepers and wolves in the hills – refining their bushcraft and foraging skills – and plotting their revolutions. It was said that viruses swarmed in their saliva, and sprouted in their dreadlocks…

The words ´a war on connection´ rattled about inside him. He began to shake, and sweat. And shake and sweat. And shake and sweat until – O.M.G. – he SAW it! In his heart! It WAS a war on connection! It WAS as simple as that!

Evil emperors, mad monarchs, and prostituted politicians had declared war, unilaterally – upon their own species, upon the human race. Everywhere target-locked Syringe Drones rained down, out of the balmy summer skies. People rushed about beneath metal umbrellas – but even then, sometimes the Drones got them… People went shopping in anti-missile gear; people boarded up their windows, and only partied in bunkers, underground… Yet somehow, even then, sometimes, the Syringe Drones got them… If a Syringe Drone did get you, despite your precautions, genetic mutation was more or less immediate… The bio-techno liquid slid confidently into your bloodstream; all emotion, intuition and logic clotted – and cockroach-burgers and chips suddenly made your modified mouth water.

We must cry together for the loss of our Belonging – for the loss of our Oneness, for the loss of our innate freedom and joy – before they fade altogether from the collective human memory!

The Transhumans – all of them modified, one way or another; most of them modified beyond repair – would process ritually, once a year, out of their Smart Cities into The Wilds where The Uninjected roamed: nomadic hunter-gatherers descended from the humans who had refused to be injected, and nanochipped, and linked into a global A.I. Supermind. The Transhumans would march looking straight ahead, solemnly – for these were the celebrations of Happy Day – the day A.I. had ascended to the throne of planet Earth. And this year, as every year, the celebrations would begin with the celebratory annual Human Cull…

To breeze along, whistling through one´s days, when fascists from the left, fascists from the right, sly fascists who fight for both sides, and fascists who don´t give a shit about sides, ALL sign a pact to Fuck Humanity Over, and start about their business with fine-timed efficiency, cunning, and a vicious determination – is not only disassociation; but denial; and delusion!

For us, this era of the Great Reset Conspiracy is both an emergency and an emergence… We see it as an emergency in the expected sense – as a state of alarm. Indiscriminate genocide… The genetic modification of the species… Brutal digital totalitarianism… Yet we also see this as an era of emergence: as a time when we are being pushed into the presence of our innermost truths – a time when our innermost truths are challenging us, and demanding we decide whether we stand for sanity, or not – and a time when we, and millions like us, are looking our innermost truths in the eye, and emerging – answering proudly and passionately “Yes! We choose Sanity! We choose Love! Absolutely! Come What May!”

Parallel Plandemics is currently available for free download as a .pdf at (shortly in Spanish at The author, Mark, is setting up a series of weekend workshops for this autumn and onwards – weekends when he’ll come to people’s local areas, share the Soul Families vision, equip them with some basic skills, and hopefully inspire them to start a Soul Family in their area. He told us: “After all, Parallel Plandemics (though satirical, entertaining – hopefully – and all that) still has an underlying message about forming local Tribes”.


There has been a massive musical response all over the world to the Great Reset nightmare and everybody will have their own favourites.

But here are a few more suggestions, starting with three from Nate:

Nate: The Awakening

Nate: Digital ID

Nate: We Say No

Radio Row: The Great Reset


Inspekta Veg: Bust up your TVs

Inspekta Veg: Non compliance

Kid Kapichi ft. Bob Vylan: New England

Babylon Dead: Resistance

Babylon Dead: Nineteen84

4 thoughts on “Awakening & Resurgence 1

    1. You or anyone can use any ‘Sea j Panther’ poems if it is to further the cause of liberation & resistance to those adversaries of life, our political and economic masters.

      Much respect
      Kindest regards
      Sea J Panther


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