“How can the human race embrace freedom if it does not have a clear idea of what freedom is? How can we ever gain a clear idea of freedom if we do not even start looking for it in the right places?”



Forms of Freedom
Paul Cudenec
Winter Oak Press, Sussex, England, 2015
ISBN: 978-0-9576566-5-9
184 pages



Winter Oak is both delighted and excited to be publishing a new book on anarchist philosophy from writer Paul Cudenec.

In this important work, the author of The Anarchist Revelation, The Stifled Soul of Humankind and Antibodies challenges layer upon layer of the assumptions that lie largely unchallenged beneath contemporary industrial capitalist society.

He rejects limited definitions of freedom as an absence of specific restraints in favour of a far deeper and more radical analysis which describes individual, collective, planetary and metaphysical levels of freedom.

A powerful and tightly-argued work inspired by a profoundly coherent anarchist vision, Forms of Freedom is a potential classic of 21st century revolutionary philosophy.




“A collective delusion has taken over humanity, fogged its mind, rendered it incapable of understanding its own essential reality or the way in which it has become blinded to that reality and thus incapable of acting in its own real interests”



Forms of Freedom

Paul Cudenec


I   The stream

II   Freedom and non-freedom

III   Freedom as negation

IV   Direction and origin

V   Freedom and liberty

VI   Freedom-from and freedom-to

VII   Freedom and work

VIII   Freedom and land

IX   Law, violence and theft

X   The fear of freedom

XI   Necessary goodness

XII   Right and wrong

XIII   The desire for freedom

XIV   Innate concepts

XV   Assumptions of authority

XVI   Collective freedom

XVII   Individual autonomy

XVIII   Freedom in responsibility

XIX   Real and fake responsibility

XX   The state versus collectivity

XXI   The criminal power of the state

XXII   Nations and the denial of freedom

XXIII   Social organisms

XXIV  Collective culture

XXV   The collective mind

XXVI   Real and fake democracy

XXVII   The reality of nature

XXVIII   The freedom to be real

XXIX   The loss of belonging

XXX   Blockages to awareness

XXXI   Layers of misunderstanding

XXXII   Dynamic freedom

XXXIII   Metaphysical reality

XXXIV   The ultimate entity

XXXV   Individual being

XXXVI   Illusion and reality

XXXVII   False trails

XXXVIII   Understanding obscured

IXL   Unity of meaning

XL   Limited thinking

XLI   Dispelling delusion

XLII   Abstract reality

XLIII   Forms without content

XLIV   The freedom to be alive



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Forms of Freedom is also available from:

Cowley Bookshop, Brighton

Freedom Bookshop, London

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