Since March 2020 we have all been under attack from the global ruling mafia, as evidenced by the resources collated on our Great Reset page.

But, from the very start, there has also been resistance. At first this was sporadic and uncertain, as people cautiously felt their way into this New Normal in which anyone questioning official narratives is bitterly denounced as being “selfish”, “far right”, “anti-vax” or a “conspiracy theorist” and in which the so-called rebels of yesterday are now both compliant and complicit.

Gradually, as the incoherence of that narrative became clear to see and the political issues loomed larger than the purely medical, this uprising grew in confidence and volume until it became a serious historical phenomenon, albeit one largely, and unsurprisingly, ignored by the system’s media machine.

Here we present an ongoing collection of material illustrating what some of us have been hailing as The Great Resist.


Resistance: rupture and rebirth

Our insurrection will be impure!

The stirring rumble of revolt

Sabotage! Rebels in France attack 5G

The Great Resist gathers pace!

Refusing to play their game

The heart-warming flames of revolt

R is for Resistance

Our epic battle for a brighter future

Breaking through the wall of power

A new people’s movement on the streets!

Humanity fights back!

The dictatorship will fall!

Breaking point draws near

Wanted: a new resistance movement

We will prevail!

Shattering illusions

Libertà, libertà, libertà!

Us against them

Resisting global fascism

“We are not dupes!”

Stand up to tyranny!

The Great Battle for the Future

Join the resistance!

Fighting the coronazi clampdown

5G: resistance starts here

Activating the power of life

Unleashing the spirit of life

Guided by the light of life

The rebels will return

We don’t want your fascist future!

Dismantling tyranny

For nature and freedom

The French resistance will prevail

Historic day of resistance in France

France rises up against the new fascism

To the humans who refuse to disappear!, by GARAP

A turning point?, by The Stirrer

A challenging situation, by The Stirrer

London’s Freedom Weekend, by Joanna Sharp

The Freedom Convoy vs the Real Fascists, by Alexandra Valiente

Reality Honks Back, by N.S. Lyons

What the Truckers Want, by Rupa Subramanya

What kind of “left”…?, by Mark Crispin Miller

The Straw Man: “Fascism” in the Freedom Movement, by Red Fire

Post Covid Riot Prime Manifeste, by Doc McCoy

A year of anti-lockdown organising in Croatia, by Miszlaws

The people’s revolt is yellow, by Freddy Gomez

“We know who’s waging war on us!”, by Les Gilets Jaunes Prés d’Arènes, Montpellier

Communiqué N°0, par le Comité Invisible


A Million in Motion. The Month the Tide Turned. London May 2021, by Oracle Films

The Pushback – A Feature-Length Documentary, by Oracle Films

This is a Complete Descent Into Global Fascism, with Cory Morningstar

Resistance Music, compiled by In This Together


Spirited French Resistance. Interview with Paul Cudenec, by Arindam Singh


Analysis of this new resistance often refers to the Gilets Jaunes uprising in France, which was still alive at the time of the Covid coup and in many ways prefigured the mould-breaking popular nature of the worldwide freedom movement, as well as the ruling class’s ultra-violent response. See our Gilets Jaunes archive for more.