Daring journey through the history of ideas

"The book attempts no less than equipping contemporary anarchism with a footing that is often neglected: the transformation not only of society's structures but also of people's souls. "In order to achieve his goal, Cudenec embarks on a daring journey through the history of ideas. Make no mistake, though: this is no hodgepodge of random … Continue reading Daring journey through the history of ideas

Antibodies, Anarchangels and Other Essays

  A new collection of writing by Paul Cudenec has been published by Winter Oak Press. Antibodies, Anarchangels and Other Essays brings together a selection of work by the author of The Anarchist Revelation, published earlier this summer. Cudenec calls for a new deeper level of resistance to global capitalism - one which is rooted … Continue reading Antibodies, Anarchangels and Other Essays