Shapers of slavery: the virus

The long months since the start of the Covid-19 phenomenon have been incredibly difficult for billions of people.

We are witnessing lives in tatters, individuals isolated, families divided, friends estranged, pleasures lost, freedom curtailed, plans abandoned and hope crushed.

But Klaus Schwab, boss of the World Economic Forum, has a different take on things.

He announced in June 2020: “The pandemic represents a rare but narrow window of opportunity to reflect, reimagine, and reset our world to create a healthier, more equitable, and more prosperous future”.

As we have previously explained, Schwab and his accomplices are using the Covid-19 crisis to bypass democratic accountability, to override opposition, to accelerate their totalitarian technocratic agenda and to impose it on the rest of humankind against our will.

It was therefore to be expected that Covid-19 would take a prominent place in the activities of the Global Shapers Community, the fake-grassroots “youth” network set up by Schwab in 2011.

Indeed, the Shapers have more than 150 articles under the Covid-19 heading on their website.

One of these in particular comes across as significant, as it announces the formation of a brand new Covid-related project called Reimagine Society.

We learn on its website that Reimagine Society (“the action tank for systems change“) was founded in March 2020 by two WEF Global Shapers.

“As the pandemic awakened the collective to long-standing system gaps, we mobilized a global community to reflect, reimagine, and reset our world”.

Reimagine Society is presented as a sort of Global Shapers in miniature, involving “60 Communities” and “100 Shapers”.

GS Reimagine Society

And all of this was dreamed up and established before the end of March 2020 in direct response to the then-breaking Covid-19 “pandemic”. Incredible!

One of the two Reimagine Society founders is Alexis J Taylor, “a global leader in activating and connecting entrepreneurial ecosystems for economic prosperity”, who works as director for global engagement at the Global Entrepreneurship Network (“building one global, entrepreneurial ecosystem”).

GS Alexis J Taylor

The other is Miguel A Rozo,”a Canadian-based policy advisor and social entrepreneur passionate about lots of things including climate action, global affairs and innovation”, who has worked for the Canadian Department of Global Affairs and the United Nations Development Program.

And what was Reimagine Society’s totally authentic and original response to Covid-19?

“We believe the pandemic represents a rare window of opportunity for us to build back better”.

Well, fancy that! Young Alexis and Miguel spontaneously came up with the same “narrow window of opportunity” thought as Global Shapers founder Klaus Schwab!

gs miguel a rozoAnd they even managed to slip in the “build back better” slogan which has been parroted by politicians across the world in recent months.

Brownie points all round!

Alexis and Miguel aim to provide “the latest knowledge on emerging systematic gaps and large-scale solutions in response to the COVID-19 outbreak”.

To this purpose they feature headings on “Climate and Sustainability”, “Education and Employment” and “Inclusion and Diversity”, although there is no actual content, just the tantalising promise of “more details to come!”.

Brownie points cancelled. Must do better!

In the face of this unfortunate dead end, knowledge-seekers are forced to turn to other Covid-19 Global Shaper projects in order to gain an idea of how they intend exploiting that “narrow window of opportunity”.

Gs logoSome of the local projects appear harmless enough, promoting practical help for vulnerable individuals and communities.

But others betray the reality that the Global Shapers initiative is, as we have seen, really all about promoting the techno-slavery of the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

Schwab’s Shapers are very keen to impose a full-spectrum New Normal in which human beings are isolated in the real world and forced to seek connection only through the infrastructures of technological control and exploitation.

They therefore go out of their way to “raise awareness about COVID-19 and spread positivity amongst people from all over the world, encouraging them to stay home and stay safe”.

One hub has been producing an “easily replicable image that can be stenciled and printed globally” so as to “promote everyone working together by staying home”.

“Now that the Coronavirus pandemic requires us to stay home and stay safe, Shaping Fashion and Fashion Revolution have joined forces for digital activation and empowerment of citizens”, says another project, which promises the compensation of “virtual sustainable shopping events”.

When people do venture out of their homes, it is obviously very important that they remain isolated and engage in no social interactions that cannot be tracked and monetised. They must comply with “the ‘new normal’ situation of social distancing”.

Klaus’s Shapers identify “a need to increase awareness among the community about the utilization of hand sanitizer” as part of this pathological obsession with personal and social “hygiene”.

But it seems that “amidst Covid19, working parents are struggling to help their young (2-6 year old) children change their hygiene behaviour overnight” and so Shapers have created “Behaviour Change Cards for Hygiene” to get the tiny tots in line.

GS Behaviour change cards

“Living with the virus requires many adjustments to our way of life including the use of masks”, say Shapers.

Projects include supporting vulnerable women by providing them work through making masks, writing a handbook on how to make medical masks and take care of them, online webinars on mask making”.

“The M.A.S.K. (Make and Sew Kindness) Project is an effort to change public behavior around the usage of masks in times of COVID-19 crisis”.

GS face shield

The hub in Bhubaneswar, India, even got involved with manufacturing what they call an “innovative face shield”, pictured above, while their colleagues in Pakistan promoted “anti-viral walkthrough gates”, pictured below.

GS anti-viral gates

“Help our heroes: doctors, policemen and people working during the quarantine”, declare Shapers.

They never use the word “propaganda” to describe their output, but talk rather of “a social media campaign” or an “awareness tool for spreading authentic information about COVID-19“.

This latter project ensures that “people who show interest in registering themselves as volunteers with several health related organizations and institutes for spreading authentic information can be accurately tracked along with other necessary details to guide them further on the registration and information distribution process”.

This is needed, they say, to “multiply the momentum of the COVID-19 global awareness campaign and fight the spread of misinformation that is prevalent on social media”.

“There has been a lot of misinformation, conspiracies and fake news”, claim Shapers.

“According to Princeton University and the University of New York, older adults are the main victims of false news. Young people should become the reliable source of information in each home”, insists one project.

gs 1984

Shapers are eager to “participate in global initiatives to share truthful educational content regarding the coronavirus and bust myths which may exist”.

One campaign included “a diverse panel of medical experts and influencers who shared insightful information and recommendations for staying safe”.

They really do seem very worried about people not buying the official Covid line.

Unreliable and false information is spreading around the world to such an extent that some commentators are now referring to the misinformation that’s accompanying the COVID-19 pandemic as a ‘disinfodemic’.”

Don’t panic! Don’t panic!

The London hub also seemed to be breaking out into a cold sweat over crumbling Covid narratives.

“There is a concern that younger people are starting to get impatient and the Hub feels there is a role for us to play in this time. The campaign is designed to encourage particularly younger people to pledge ways to help with the pandemic efforts”.

These pledges include “stay at home”, “befriend an elderly resident virtually” and, of course, “help stop the spread of misinformation”.


Obviously, as the hubs are all genuine grassroots entities, expressing the personal views of the young people involved, they will all have hit upon slightly different approaches.

So in Nigeria, on the one hand, they came up with this:

“In view of the recent COVID-19 pandemic, the Lagos Hub initiated a talk series where we invite medical experts, especially experts involved in managing the pandemic in the country, to help educate people and give clarity on the myths currently circulating on social media”.

Whereas thousands of miles away in Moldova, on the other hand, they had this to say:

“In view of the recent COVID-19 pandemic, the Chisinau Hub initiated an online talk series where we invite experts, especially experts involved in managing the pandemic in the country, to help educate people and give clarity on the myths currently circulating on social media”.

thoughtpoliceCertain projects have gone even further, advancing beyond mere shaping ‘n’ propagandising to a hands-on thought-policing role.

“Global Shapers Copenhagen is collaborating with WHO Europe for information sessions from WHO directly to Global Shapers hubs across Europe and Eurasia.

“As part of this initiative, this project will arrange weekly calls throughout the month of April with a WHO representative for Shapers in Europe and Eurasia to receive a weekly update about COVID-19 across the region and to ask questions about the pandemic.

“Furthermore, this initiative provides WHO with an opportunity to gather information from Shapers on any rumours or potential misinformation that is circulating in different cities within the region”.

Another project, entitled “Combat COVID. Stop misinformation”, announced: “The world and our generation now sit on the edge of a paradigmatic shift in the way we operate our daily lives and plan our immediate futures. In such times we, as Global Shapers, need to be more united than ever.

“In support of the ‘COVID Action in Europe’ project collaborating with WHO Europe – an initiative that, amongst other things, provides WHO with an opportunity to gather information from Shapers on any rumours or potential misinformation that is circulating in different cities within the region – the ‘Combat COVID. Stop Misinformation.’ project aims to amplify our reach in collecting rumours or misleading information.

“Through sharing between 8 and 12 posts on social media accounts over the next 6-8 weeks, calling upon readers to share any rumours or potential misinformation they hear, the project endeavours to generate information for the WHO Europe to inform their communication around COVID-19″.

A report under the heading ‘Global Situation and Strategic Direction‘ confirms the way the Global Shapers “youth network” has been deployed to help impose the official narrative.

gs 1984b“A major difference of the current pandemic compared to pandemics in the past is the widespread misinformation through different sources.

“This leads to panic, anxiety and fear among the global community. In addition to discussion on the existing situation in different countries, an important aspect is to discuss the role of youth in this unfortunate time and the strategic direction of the respective governments.

“For this purpose, Facebook live sessions were organized with the support of Global Shapers Hubs around the globe in which the discussion revolved around the current pandemic situation in different regions.

“The goal of the process was for intellectual support and a collaboration with a think tank named Centre of Progress and Inclusive Development (CPID) was an impressive result.

“Topics explored included emergency ethics, role of community, strategy of governments and health practitioners, Sustainable Development Goals, e-learning for education among others. The series involved 32 Global Shapers Hubs and was viewed by more than 15,000 people from all over the world”.

At the same time, of course, Shapers were advancing their Great Reset agenda, with “online workshops” and “training courses to be transitioned online” plus bids to “help those who are digitally excluded”.

GS learn from home

Covid brought the good news, for technocrat entrepeneurs, that “schools have no choice but to start online classes”. It does, after all, represent a “narrow window of opportunity” for accelerating their lucrative business agendas.

As David Timis of the Brussels hub reminds us: “Online learning is a fertile ground for multi-stakeholder partnerships, such as those between tech companies and universities.

“Now is the time to reimagine the learning ecosystem and experiment with new ideas. There is no going ‘back to normal’. If we do, then we would lose a golden opportunity to revolutionize education in order to overcome the challenges of the 21st century”.

One man’s pandemic is another man’s “golden opportunity”.

A Global Shaper project reports: “According to UNESCO, schools across the world that are forced to close and switch to online teaching due to the global pandemic has impacted more than 1.5 billion children and young leaders, leaving millions of poor children out to education as a result of a lack of digital devices.

“As Professor Klaus Schwab once said during a Global Shapers Town Hall Meeting, ‘Young people and better use of technology are the two main drivers to help us reimagine, redesign and rebuild a new system’, this virtual roundtable will offer an oppotunity to help us reimagine education in the post-COVID-19 world”.

Others “are exploring the idea of supporting the health sector through using 3D printing”.

There is not a lot of talk about vaccines on the Global Shapers site, although one group notes that “we will have to live with the disruption for a year or more until a vaccine can be developed”.

Perhaps they are wary of people noticing Shaper connections to Big Pharma businesses such as Sinovac (see Shapers of slavery: the empire).

gs sinovac

But they have not been backwards in selling various other “solutions” to the Covid “pandemic” which they have been working so hard to persuade us is so unique and world-changing.

BlockCOVID is a month-long virtual summit to activate anyone anywhere to build COVID-19 solutions on the blockchain. By providing a collaboration platform and technical support, we aim to inspire and catalyze implementable products to address societal challenges arising from the COVID-19 pandemic by the end of the incubator“.

3D printed facial shields. Really easy to do on a large scale with our 3D printers and using PVC for the shield. Up to today, we delivered more than 450.000 facial masks and we are working to produce them faster and with more comfortable designs for users. Companies such as Leroy Merlin, PcComponentes, BQ, Renault, KPMG and SAP are helping us with resources to print more units“.

The Johannesburg Global Shapers, in partnership with non-profit organisation RUACH 3D, Alpha Pharm and the wider 3D printing community, are collaborating to produce and distribute 3D Printed Face Shields to healthcare workers across South Africa at no charge“.

There is a ‘Biotech for Good’ project “to present new tools to overcome the virus” and a scheme in India “to improve the livelihood of women artisans through new skills training, such as blockchain and sustainability“.

Shapers set out to “bridge the new digital divide” by “delivering devices and monitoring the whole impacts“.

The use of the word “impact” here is far from benign. The “social impact” investment industry, which wants to farm human beings for profit, needs us all to lead our lives online.

gs social impact art2

Entrepreneurialism is always lurking behind Global Shaper initiatives: “The Bilbao Hub, together with several entrepreneurs, has decided to create a gymkhana or digital escape room”.

But the Munich hub is quite blatant about it: “It is needless to mention how the pandemic has impacted businesses and individuals. Our focus is on social impact startups in the area of health, education and climate. There is a huge need to access the network of investors, founders and experts to accelerate their growth”.

And the ‘HackCovid19 Cordoba’ project involved “more than 85 mentors (some Shapers) and nearly 40 experts guiding entrepreneurs, with the aim of generating value for our community”.

“Creating value” is a favourite euphemism in WEF circles. They just mean making money. The sly wording used by one group is a useful reminder that the motivation for all the Covid propaganda is profit: “How do we combat disinformation and fake news? How do we add value from communication?

But the final word on the Global Shapers’ Covid agenda should go to Shaper “Golden” Timis of Brussels.

GS David Timis crop

He wrote for London’s Chatham House “think tank” in July 2020: “The COVID-19 outbreak has forced millions of people around the world to stay indoors for months in what has been one of the most significant social experiments in history”.

Although for many people, working from home has become the new normal, he continues, the impact of the lockdown and social distancing policies is far more profound.

“It has radically transformed our collective perspective of what is considered essential work. But the window of opportunity to invest in human capital and help those most affected by the recent developments is closing rapidly”.

* * *

Our next report concludes this investigative series and calls for a worldwide awakening against the Great Reset.


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3 thoughts on “Shapers of slavery: the virus

  1. As far as the UK is concerned the ‘Help for Heroes’ campaign helped to legitimise the war in Afghanistan, which isn’t to demean the fatalities or injuries to squaddies, all of whom had voluntarily joined the army knowing the risks, but most of whom came from working-class areas where there were little other employment opportunities. It looks like the propaganda success of ‘Help for Heroes’ was adapted to apply to NHS staff; again, all of whom work for that organisation of their own volition. Add in the ‘woke’ symbolism of the rainbow, getting the political left on board by heroising those health service workers and the campaign has worked. Now, given the size of the NHS and its subsequent pervasive influence, taking the ‘vaccine’ is seen as the ‘socially responsible’ thing to do. All of which makes me wonder, how on earth is it possible to counter the continual propaganda?


    1. The young people involved in this movement (the ‘Global Shapers’–is that really what they call themselves?) seem weird and sick in the psychological sense. They have been distanced from reality–indoctrinated to believe things that aren’t true.

      One wonders if they will ever figure anything out, or if they’ll just go on this way.

      This whole movement, or tendency, is really odd.


      1. “Though this be madness, yet there is method in ‘t.” It is odd, it is moonstruck, but nevertheless it’s organized and thoroghly planned. Those YGLs are the child soldiers of NWO. Every totalitarian movement had its child soldiers, and I doubt that this kid soldateska of NWO will figure anything out. The hubs are extremely selective concerning their new alumni in spe. They only let young people who are extremely easy to manipulate participate this YGL training. They have ‘audits’ which stronly remind the ‘audits’ of scientology. One could also say: they accept only those who have got the right “stable smell”.


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