Awakening & Resurgence 1

The vital spirit of humanity needs to spring up into vibrant life everywhere in the face of the unprecedented existential threat from the money-empire's planned transition to a global digital slave-system. Articles and analysis, as usually featured on the Winter Oak site, will not be enough to spark this creative resurgence. It needs to come … Continue reading Awakening & Resurgence 1

Enforcing the agenda of greed

Perhaps the biggest lie peddled by the global "development" mafia is that they have our consent to destroy nature and community. In truth nearly every step they take in their crazed quest for profit and control meets with opposition. People don't want to see green fields near where they live turned into supermarkets or industrial … Continue reading Enforcing the agenda of greed

Fredy Perlman: against the system

A brand new profile has now gone live on the Organic Radicals site, looking at Fredy Perlman, who died in 1985 at the age of 50. The anarchist author and publisher, co-founder of Black & Red Books in Detroit, USA, fiercely and eloquently condemned the modern system of artifice, destruction and exploitation. “The Progress of the machine … Continue reading Fredy Perlman: against the system

The Acorn – 75

Number 75 In this issue: Storming the palaces of the money-power The green mask is slipping Smart Cities: an attempted crime against humanity John Cowper Powys: an organic radical inspiration Acorninfo 1. Storming the palaces of the money-power In previous Acorn reports about the growing resistance to the so-called Great Reset, we have mostly featured … Continue reading The Acorn – 75

“I am done with the left-right divide. It’s now the humans versus the deadly robotic corporate state”

Keith McHenry of Food Not Bombs is interviewed by Paul Cudenec [Audio version] Paul Cudenec: Thanks very much for agreeing to this exchange, Keith. It is very encouraging to know that in this age of near-universal deceit and hypocrisy, there are still individuals out there who stand true to their values. First of all, I gather … Continue reading “I am done with the left-right divide. It’s now the humans versus the deadly robotic corporate state”