The Great Reset (aka Build Back Better, The Fourth Industrial Revolution, the New Normal, the Green New Deal or the New Deal for Nature) is an attempted global coup on a scale never before imagined. It is a bid by an ultra-wealthy clique to take total control over every aspect of our world, our lives and our bodies.

The future they have lined up for us is a fascist transhumanist hell in which freedom has been abolished and humans are merged with robots and turned into commodities for elite profit.

There is a massive overlap between those behind this insidious scheme and the climate capitalists whom we and others have previously exposed, so we have now added our archive of links to the end of this one and will continue updating it with new material.

The scam is essentially the same: using a façade of combatting climate change, or a virus, or even social injustice, this criminal mafia intends to force us, our children, and our children’s children into a miserable future of slavery, while they install themselves as undisputed rulers of the world.

Their technological ‘solutions’ to the environmental crisis use the fig leaf of phoney #NetZero ‘sustainability’ to hide the toxic reality of spiralling economic ‘growth’ and profit.

The Great Reset will do nothing to help Mother Nature but will instead prop up and expand the very industrial capitalist system which is murdering her.

The more that people are aware of what this vile billionaire clique are really up to, the less chance they have of getting away with it, and we hope this ever-expanding collection of resources will help spread awareness and, therefore, resistance!


Fascism Rebranded: Exposing the Great Reset


What are they trying to do to us?

We don’t want their Great Fascist Reset! 

Resist the Fourth Industrial Repression!


The Great Reset: The Final Assault on the Living Planet, by Cory Morningstar.

The Great Reset Phase 2 : War, by a special Winter Oak correspondent.

A vile corporate conspiracy: exposing the Great Reset

Klaus Schwab and his great fascist reset

(mobile-friendly pdf)

Charles’ empire: the royal reset riddle

What are they trying to do to us?

Great Reset: Three crucial readings

Deleting the Reset: The Imminent Struggle Ahead, by Kevin Smith

Schwab Family Values, by Johnny Vedmore.

Ronald Cohen, impact capitalism and the Great Reset

The Best Intentions of Sir Ronald Cohen: Building the Crypto-Corrals of Social Investment, by Raoul Diego.

Controlling the left: the impact edgenda

Divide, rule and profit: the intersectional impact racket

Shapers of slavery: the plan

Shapers of slavery: the leadership

Shapers of slavery: the empire

Shapers of slavery: the virus

Shapers of slavery: the awakening

Guerrillas of the Great Reset

Corporate-branded activism

Rob Hopkins: Transition to what?, by Paul Cudenec.

Dismantling tyranny, by Paul Cudenec.

IMPACTOR ALERT!, by Paul Cudenec.

Who’s behind the fake-left vaccine gang?, by Paul Cudenec

Fascist smears: what they tell us, by Paul Cudenec

Resist the Fourth Industrial Repression!

The Great Reset for Dummies, by Tessa Lena.

Pandemic, Meet Panopticon. Panopticon, Meet Pandemic, by Tessa Lena.

The Great Self-Betrayal and the Great Reset, by Tessa Lena.

World Economic Forum’s ‘Great Reset’ Plan for Big Food Benefits Industry, Not People, by Jeremy Loffredo.

Public health or private wealth? How digital vaccine passports pave way for unprecedented surveillance capitalism, by Jeremy Loffredo and Max Blumenthal.

It’s not a Social Dilemma, it’s the calculated destruction of the social, by Cory Morningstar.

If the ‘Great Reset’ really is so good for us, let’s hold a referendum on it, so it can have a democratic mandate (or not), by Neil Clark.

A system built on lies

Elite Transnational Fascism, by Ullrich Mies.

The Tyrant, by Ullrich Mies.

The Philanthro-capitalist empire of Bill Gates, by Manlio Masucci.

Who Voted In Davos? How Data-Driven Government and the Internet of Bodies Are Poised To Transform Smart Sustainable Cities Into Social Impact Prisons, by Alison McDowell.

Blockchain Education, A Ticket To Digital Serfdom, by Alison McDowell.

The Bits and Bytes of The Great Reset: COVID-19 and the Scaling Up of Data-Capitalism, by Raul Diego.

US – UK Intel Agencies Declare Cyber War on Independent Media, by Whitney Webb.

A “Leap” toward Humanity’s Destruction, by Whitney Webb.

“Own Nothing and Be Happy”: The Great Reset’s Vision of the Future, by Colin Todhunter.

Resisting the ‘reset’ – a call to arms, by South Essex Radical Media.

Hybrid War Waged On the People – Building For The Great Reset By Exploiting The New COVID 19 Abnormal, by In This Together.

Seizing Everything: The Theft of the Global Commons – Part 1, by In This Together.

Seizing Everything: The Theft of the Global Commons – Part 2, by In This Together.

What Is the Global Public-Private Partnership?, by In This Together.

The New Normal: What is the UK Biosecurity State? (Part 1. Programmes and Regulations), by Simon Elmer.

The New Normal: What is the UK Biosecurity State? (Part 2. Normalising Fear), by Simon Elmer.

Cui Bono? The COVID-19 ‘Conspiracy’, by Simon Elmer.

The Catastrophic Costs of Complying, by Laura Hayes.

Fabricating a Pandemic – Who Could Organize It and Why, by Gregory Sinaisky.

You’re Being Conditioned to Live in a “Smart City” – Resist It, by Michael Krieger.

The Great Reset and the COVID pandemic, by Terence Corcoran.

The Great Pretext … for Dystopia, by Diana Johnstone.

The Covid-19 celebrity humanitarianism – Sean Penn and the Great Reset, funded by Bill Gates and the Clinton Foundation, by Vanessa Beeley.

Corrupt Science and Elite Power: Your Techno-Slavery Is Now Imminent, by Robert J. Burrowes.

Who Pressed the Great Reset Button?, by Dr Joseph Mercola.

Who Owns Big Pharma + Big Media? You’ll Never Guess, by Dr Joseph Mercola.

Analysis: Globalists’ reboot of the world and their plans for us, by Jacob Nordangård.

Connecting the dots between Covid-19 and the not so Great Reset, by John Slegers.

The Post Covid World, The WEF’s Diabolical Project: “Resetting the Future of Work Agenda” – After “The Great Reset”. A Horrifying Future, by Peter Koenig.

The Great Reset: The end of Capitalism as we know it, by Sean Stinson.

The Great Covid Class War, by Alex Gutentag.

Things Seen, by Julien Coupat et al.

The Mechanism of Invisible Empire, by Hiroyuki Hamada.

Ways to Counter the Total Enslavement of the World, by Roger Copple.

Covid, Cybnetics and the New Normal by Wrench in the Gears

More Reflections on the Great Reset, by Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò

The Elite Technocrats Behind The Global ‘Great Reset’, by Jacob Nordangård

How to track & trace every person, purchase, and protein on the planet & manipulate human behavior, by Tim Hinchliffe.

What I know (and don’t know) about SARS-CoV-2, by Edward Curtin.

The War on COVID-19: Man’s Final Conquest of Nature, by Nozomi Hayase. 

Julian Assange’s Warning: Humanity’s Last Stand, by Nozomi Hayase.

The WEF and the Pandemic, by Swiss Policy Research.

A Self-Fulfilling Prophecy: Systmatic Collapse and Pandemic Simulation, by Fabio Vighi.

How Big Capital is using the pandemic shutdown to bailout and delay inevitable capitalist collapse, by Fabio Vighi.

The Sacraments  of the Covid Cult and their Connection to Transhumanism, by Cassandra’s Box.

The Vaccine Moment, by Paul Kingsnorth.

The Naked Face of New Normal Fascism, by C.J. Hopkins.


The Great Reset & the The Fourth Industrial Revolution – video interview with Cory Morningstar

This is a Complete Descent Into Global Fascism – video interview with Cory Morningstar

Your Guide to The Great Reset – Episode 387 of the Corbett Report

Operation Warp Speed — A Technocratic Chess Piece? Video with Dr Joseph Mercola and Whitney Webb.

The ugly face of the Great Reset: human capital bonds and internet of bodies. Alison McDowell video interview with Yogeeta Mistry.

Biometric Health Passports And The Panopticon, with Alison McDowell.

On Impact Investing, Digital Identity and the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, by Alison McDowell.

Dodcast #6: Alison McDowell. Interview by Luke Dodson.

Jason Bosch video interview with Julianne Romanello on moves by big tech to take over education, the WEF’s Fourth Industrial Revolution, COVID-19 and more.

The New Model: Lifelong Learning, by Book of Ours.

What is the Great Reset?, with Del Bigtree and James Corbett.

Your Guide to the Great Monetary Reset, with James Corbett

Primer: The Ecology of Trust Mechanization – For the Fourth Industrial Revolution, by Wrong Kind of Green. 

Build Back Better = The Great Reset, by Bearded Heretic.

The Global Elite & The Coronavirus Coup d’Etat, with Patrick Wood.

The Truth, by Book of Ours.

Purpose Messaging for Compliance and Social Engineering, with Cory Morningstar, Hiroyuki Hamada and Varun Mathur.

The Great Reset by COVID Klaus (animation).

Catherine Austin Fitts, full interview for ‘Planet Lockdown’.

Catherine Austin Fitts unravels the reason for the Covid agenda.

Children of the Great Reset, by Jeff C.

The New Model: Resilient Cities, by Book of Ours.

The Great Reset – Dystopian Sci-Fi Short Film, by Zachary Denman.

The New Normal, by (alternative link)

The Great Reset: Conspiracy or Fact, by Russell Brand.

The Great Reset: Is Billionaire ‘Philanthropy’ Just Tax Avoidance, by Russell Brand.

The Ten Stages of Genocide, by Henna Maria.

The Pandemic of Panic, by Gunnar Kaiser and Milosz Matuschek.

Illana Rachel Daniel on the Great Reset in Israel.

Human Capital Finance Israel, by Alison McDowell, Shai Danon and Jason Bosch.

Tikkun Olam: Social Finance In Israel, by Alison McDowell and Shai Danon.

April 2021 interview with Reiner Fuellmich, by Jerm Warfare.

Robin Monotti on biourbanism versus the Smart City, interview by Jerm Warfare.

Meet the World Economic Forum, by James Corbett.

Monopoly: an overview of the Great Reset, by Tim Gielen.

Uncovering the Corona Narrative, by Ernst Wolff.

Michael Swifte, in Australia, interviewed by Eva K. Bartlett.

Mass Psychosis. How an Entire Population Becomes Mentally Ill, by the Academy of Ideas.

Is Klaus Schwab the Most Dangerous Man in the World?, by J.P. Sears.


Demystifying the 4th Industrial Revolution with Cory Morningstar

The Great Reset, The Green New Deal, and Co-opted NGOs will not End Climate Change!
Conversations with Cory Morningstar and Clive Spash, from Global Research.

The Great Reset and the future of the human species, with James Corbett.

Technocracy and the Fourth Industrial Revolution, Brett Hawes interviews Alison McDowell.

Social Impact Bonds on Youth Mental Health. Is it ethical?, by Taschi Talks.


No Deal for Nature – Because Nature is not a Commodity. Campaign website.

No Deal for Nature- Because Nature is not a Commodity. Alternative website for above campaign.

Rebellion Extinction: a capitalist scam to hijack our resistance. An Acorn report.

Corporate-branded activism

So who exactly is Christiana Figueres? An Acorn report.

“The X Agenda”: what does XR actually stand for? An Acorn report.

Deepening our resistance, from Acorn 49.

Capitalist vultures target Jamaican sunshine, from Acorn 51.

Skin deep solutions & Greta and the story-tellers, from Acorn 52.

Greta Thunberg: the billionaires’ favourite, from Acorn 53.

Mobilising against the assault on nature, from Acorn 54.

X-axis: the money behind the greenwash, from Acorn 54.

When the state means business, from Acorn 55.

New Deal for Profits, from Acorn 55.

Naomi Klein and the climate of hypcocrisy, from Acorn 65.

Green imperialism on the march, from Acorn 68

“The opposite of rebellion” – Paris activists slam XR leadership. An Acorn report.

Rob Hopkins: Transition to what?, by Paul Cudenec.

Sombre truths behind bright green lies, by Paul Cudenec

The Manufacturing of Greta Thunberg for Consent, by Cory Morningstar.

Volume I

1. The Political Economy of the Non-Profit Industrial Complex.
2. The Inconvenient Truth Behind Youth Co-optation.
3. The Most Inconvenient Truth: “Capitalism is in Danger of Falling Apart”.
4. The House is On Fire! & the 100 Trillion Dollar Rescue.
5. The New Green Deal is the Trojan Horse for the Financialization of Nature.
6. A Decade of Social Manipulation for the Corporate Capture of Nature.

Volume II

1. A Design to Win: A Multi-Billion Dollar Investment.
2. Controlling the Narrative.
3. To Plunder What Little Remains: It’s Going To Be Tremendous.
4. For Consent: They Mean Business.
5. The Behavioural Change Project – “To Change Everything”.
6. Natural Climate Manipulations.

La fabrication de Greta Thunberg – pour consentement, acte I : l’économie politique du complexe industriel à but non lucratif

La fabrication de Greta Thunberg – pour consentement, acte II : la vérité dérangeante derrière l’embrigadement des jeunes

La fabrication de Greta Thunberg – pour consentement, acte III : la vérité la plus dérangeante : « le capitalisme est en danger d’effondrement »

La fabrication de Greta Thunberg – pour consentement, acte IV : la maison est en feu ! & le sauvetage à 100 billions de dollars

La fabrication de Greta Thunberg – pour consentement, acte V : Le New Deal vert est le cheval de Troie de la financiarisation de la nature

La fabrication de Greta Thunberg, acte VI [crescendo] : une décennie de manipulation sociale pour la captation de la nature par les grandes entreprises

La fabbricazione di Greta Thunberg ai fini del consenso: la politica economica del complesso industriale non-profit. Atto I.

La fabbricazione di Greta Thunberg ai fini del consenso. Atto II

La fabbricazione di Greta Thunberg ai fini del consenso. Atto III

Die Erzeugung der Marke Greta Thunberg zur Erzielung von Zustimmung: Der Grüne New Deal ist das Trojanische Pferd für die Finanzialisierung der Natur, von Cory Morningstar

Extinction Rebellion training, or how to control radical resistance from the ‘obstructive left’, by Cory Morningstar.

Extinction Rebellion: Rebellion Against Whom?, by Benoît Tanguay.

The Devil is in the Details: A Closer Look at Extinction Rebellion, by Luke Dodson.

2020 Doublethink: Your Climate Emergency, Our Marketing Opportunity, by Karen Goaman

In defense of Cory Morningstar’s Manufacturing For Consent Series, by Hiroyuki Hamada.

Cory Morningstar’s Manufacturing for Consent series in a nutshell. Twitter thread by Hiroyuki Hamada.

New Deal for Nature: Paying the Emperor to Fence the Wind, by Stephen Corry of Survival International.

Unpacking Extinction Rebellion — Part I: Net-zero Emissions, by Kim Hill.

Unpacking Extinction Rebellion — Part II: Goals and Tactics, by Kim Hill.

Unpacking Extinction Rebellion — Part III: The Fourth Industrial Revolution, by Kim Hill.

Unpacking Extinction Rebellion — Part IV: The Way Forward, by Kim Hill.

A Propos d’Extinction Rebellion — Partie I: zero emission nette, par Kim Hill.

A Propos d’Extinction Rebellion — Partie II: solutions et tactiques promues, par Kim Hill.

A Propos d’Extinction Rebellion — Partie III: La 4e révolution industrielle, par Kim Hill.

Lettre ouverte aux militant·e·s d’Extinction Rebellion, par collectif Désobéissance écolo Paris.

Extinction Rebellion : ni désobéissance, ni obéissance, mais servilité et crédulité – Paris Luttes.

Quelques heures sur le pont de la Concorde avec Extinction Rebellion – Paris Luttes.

Jutta Ditfurth zu Extinction Rebellion: „Irrationalismus einer Endzeit-Sekte“

Just Say No to Fake Action, by Art for Culture Change on Wrong Kind of Green.

Trees don’t grow on money – or why you don’t get to rebel against extinction, by Tim Hayward.

Extinction Rebellion: Socialist Revolution, by Simon Elmer, Architects for Social Housing.

Capitalising on Crisis: Extinction Rebellion and the Green New Deal for Capitalism, by Simon Elmer, Architects for Social Housing.

Empty Gestures, by the South Essex Heckler.

Greta Thunberg, PR and the “Climate Emergency”, by Brian Davey of The Foundation of the Economics of Sustainability.

Notes on the “Financialisation of Nature and Carbon Markets”, by Brian Davey.

Greta Thunberg, Green Barbarism and #ClimateStrike – Azhar Moideen on why “climate” activism is against the interests of the Indian working class.

Between the Devil and the Green New Deal, by Jasper Bernes in Commune magazine.

The Brutal Marriage of Capitalism and Conservation, by Jordan Lunness in The Commoner.

Entre le marteau et l’enclume du Green New Deal – French translation of Jasper Bernes article.

Entro o Diabo e o Green New Deal – Portuguese translation of Jasper Bernes article.

Entre la espada y el Green New Deal – Spanish translation of Jasper Bernes article.

Green New Deals – The Degrowth Perspective. Features links to some useful articles challenging “green growth”.

The climate movement: what next?, by Clive L. Spash, ecological economist.

Of ecosystems and economies: re-connecting economics with reality, by Clive L. Spash and Tone Smith.

Le mouvement climat, et après ?, par Clive L. Spash, économiste écologiste.

The Paris Agreement is a suicide pact – this is why, by Clive L. Spash.

Le capitalisme vert utilise Greta Thunberg, par Isabelle Attard.

Green capitalism is using Greta Thunberg, by Isabelle Attard (English translation)

‘Green growth’ won’t save the planet, by Oliver Taherzadeh and Benedict Probst in The Ecologist.

Towards a revolutionary ecology: an interview with Max Wilbert.

Wind energy development, conflict and resistance. Interview with Alexander Dunlap.

Monster megaprojects are consuming the world, by Alexander Dunlap.

Green capital and environmental “leaders” won’t save us, by Alexander Dunlap.

Surprise! Greta Thunberg BIOPIC reveals cameras were rolling from day one of her ‘viral’ rise, by Helen Buyniski

Sorpresa! La BioPic di Greta Thunberg rivela che le telecamere l’hanno ripresa fin dal primo giorno della sua ascesa “virale”. Italian translation of Helen Buyniski piece.

Android WolvesElectric Sheep: Ecomodernism and The Rise of the Green Technocracy, by Symbiotic Culture.

Valuing nature. Twitter thread by Prof Sian Sullivan.

Do we need Greta?, by Arindam Singh.

Wall Street’s Takeover of Nature Advances with Launch of New Asset Class, by Whitney Webb.

Fortress conservation’ is driving us from our homes, by Pranab Doley.

The transition to a ‘low-carbon’ economy: a green camouflage for more destructive capitalism, by the World Rainforest Movement.

Our Land Our Nature: The Marseilles Manifesto, Acorn 69.


Who runs Extinction Rebellion? Heiko Khoo reports.

The truth about Extinction Rebellion, by 5G Awareness.

Earth Trek: The Economics of the Future. On the commodification of life.

A Message to Greta Thunberg and the Youth Climate Strikers from Charles Eisenstein.

My alarm about Climate Change & Extinction Rebellion, by anarchist Andrew Flood on his new We Only Want the Earth YouTube channel.

 Andrew Flood: Violence, Non-violence and Extinction Rebellion.

Ce qui cloche avec Greta Thunberg. Tatiana Ventôse sees through the hype.

Indigenous leaders from Ecuador, Brazil, Mexico, and Nigeria reject tropical forest offsets and climate capitalism.

 These Companies Are Making Profit From Saving The Planet. Banking Nature.

 Planet of the Humans, directed by Jeff Gibbs.


For Your Consent: Climate Activism and the Financialization of Nature. Last Born in the Wilderness interview with Cory Morningstar.

Saving the Earth or Saving Capitalism? The Inconvenient Truth Behind Today’s Youth Climate CampaignsGlobal Research interview with Cory Morningstar.

The Green New Deal Will Not Save Us. Jasper Bernes of Commune magazine talks to This Is Hell!

Between the Devil and New Green DealLast Born in the Wilderness interview with Jasper Bernes.

Rainforests ‘Worth More Alive Than Dead’ on living on earth.

Act I: “Don’t Take Movements at Face Value: Reading Cory Morningstar’s Research into Environmental Activist Greta Thunberg”, created by Ghion Journal.

Act II: “What Do We See When We See Earth? Reading Act II of Cory Morningstar’s Research into the NGO Industrial Complex”, created by Ghion Journal.

Act III: “Making Money Off of Green Debt: Cory Morningstar Finds Corporate Wolves Behind Environmental Sheep”, created by Ghion Journal.

Act IV. “How to Sell a Pretend Climate Movement: Reading Act IV of Cory Morningstar’s Series on the NGO Industrial Complex”, created by Ghion Journal.

Act V: “The Green New Deal & What it Leaves Out: Reading Act V of Cory Morningstar’s Research”, created by Ghion Journal.

Act VI. “A Decade of Social Manipulation for the Corporate Capture of Nature, Cory Morningstar”,  created by Ghion Journal.

Demystifying the 4th Industrial Revolution with Cory Morningstar.

5 Key Takeaways from COP26, Glasgow 2021, by Arindam Singh.