I am The Green One, although I would maybe better be named The Green Many. Green is the colour of eternal youth, of rebirth, of nature springing back into life after the death-sleep of winter.

I am Pachamama, I am Isis, I am Yemoja. I am Jack in the Green, I am Tammuz, I am Khidr.

I am regeneration. I am the right way of living. Sometimes I am revolution.

I have taken up the mighty sledgehammers of the Luddites. The Virgins are escaping from the churches and heading for the woods. The May Queens are running riot in the streets. Joan of Arc is burning patriarchy at the stake.

The pylons are tumbling. The motorways are crumbling. The pipelines are fracturing.

I am your future.

The Green One is coming! The Green One is coming!


The Green One by Paul Cudenec (Winter Oak Press, 2017, ISBN: 978-0-9576566-9-7) is a thoroughly researched and yet poetic book. The author explores how the awareness of our belonging to nature has always been present in human thought and culture. Today this vital spirit, which he personifies as The Green One, is inspiring global resistance to industrial capitalism.

“Resplendent with mythopoetic prose to engender fresh new ways of see(d)ing!”

“A marvelous book, collecting age-old, profound connections and truths in a most lyrical way. It will stay with you”

 The author explains more about his new book here.

The Green One can be purchased here.

On this page we are featuring a series of extracts, in pdf format, from The Green One.

EXTRACT 1 – When will the fields come back?

EXTRACT 2 – The living spirit of nature

EXTRACT 3 – Sacred trees

EXTRACT 4 – When we are we

EXTRACT 5 – The Silent Moving Folk