For nature and freedom!

Three years ago we published an article explaining how the idea of a nature-based philosophy had been smeared by its opponents. Apologists for the industrial capitalist system, masquerading as "left-wing" and even "environmentalist", constantly sought to suggest that there was something "fascist" about such an outlook. We quoted "social ecologists" Janet Biehl and Peter Staudenmaier … Continue reading For nature and freedom!

The Acorn – 65

Number 65 In this issue: Humanity fights back! Ten things we have learned during the Covid coup Naomi Klein and the climate of hypocrisy The nature of philosophy William Morris: an orgrad inspiration Acorninfo 1. Humanity fights back! We are not so foolhardy as to suggest that the tide has finally turned in humanity's struggle … Continue reading The Acorn – 65

Divide, rule and profit: the intersectional impact racket

by Paul Cudenec One of the most important insights of authentic anarchist philosophy is that the human species is one entity. Its rich and necessary diversity, we insist, is part of an overall coherence and commonality as a clearly-definable living organism. This represents a threat to the dogma of the ruling clique, who claim that we would all … Continue reading Divide, rule and profit: the intersectional impact racket

Ways to Counter the Total Enslavement of the World – guest post by Roger Copple

What is increasing surveillance, technocracy, transhumanism, the Fourth Industrial Revolution, artificial intelligence and the age of robots leading to? The total enslavement of humanity. The technology has been developed that makes it possible to embed us with a microchip that tracks and ultimately controls us. If the technology is already developed, it will eventually be used. Our … Continue reading Ways to Counter the Total Enslavement of the World – guest post by Roger Copple

What are they trying to do to us?

A brief overview (also available as printable pdf) Life has become very strange indeed for billions of people since March 2020. We are no longer allowed to do what we always did, see who we want to see, live freely in the way we fondly imagined we were entitled to do. Everything has changed. Now … Continue reading What are they trying to do to us?

The Acorn – 64

Number 64 Double-sided A4 pdf version to print out and distribute In this issue: The dictatorship will fall! Shocktroops of the New Fascism Spreading a message of hope Covid-1984: the truth about techno-totalitarianism Resist the G7 in Cornwall! René Guénon: an orgrad inspiration Acorninfo 1. The dictatorship will fall! In these dark times for people … Continue reading The Acorn – 64


by Paul Cudenec Warning! Warning! Friends, citizens, fellow human beings! Rouse yourselves! The Impactors are coming and they want to steal from us everything we have, everything we are and everything we could one day become. This is no time to cower indoors, shocked and awed into spellbound submission by their satanic Spectacle. While the … Continue reading IMPACTOR ALERT!

The Acorn – 63

Number 63 In this issue: Breaking point draws near Guided by the light of life Nevermore on the anarchist response to Covid-19 Safe & Sanitized: interview with artist Jordan Henderson Wanted: a new resistance movement Georges Bernanos: an orgrad inspiration Acorninfo 1. Breaking point draws near A year after the start of the Covid crisis, … Continue reading The Acorn – 63

Controlling the left: the impact edgenda

 by Paul Cudenec Suffocating artifice "The power attached to the money" Who's getting paid? A network of global funders Rose Longhurst Isis Amlak Sophie Pritchard Connecting the dots The implications The future 1. Suffocating artifice “There remains nothing, in culture or in nature, which has not been transformed, and polluted, according to the means and … Continue reading Controlling the left: the impact edgenda