We will be victorious!

May 31 2020 Another political fault line has been opened up by the rapidly spiralling events of 2020. As we wrote yesterday, the Covid scare has found us sharing the anti-authoritarian analysis of people beyond the usual anarchic spheres, while many supposed comrades are bizarrely supportive of the official state narrative. However, the current street … Continue reading We will be victorious!

Uniting against the dictatorship!

 May 30 2020 Early on in the Covid crisis we noticed that something very strange was happening in the world of anarchism. In our April 3 article 'Anarchists and the Coronavirus', we warned: "Because they accept at face value the narrative around coronavirus being pumped out by the corporate media, too many anarchists end up reinforcing … Continue reading Uniting against the dictatorship!

Money, lies and power

by Paul Cudenec We all know that money is what makes this commercial world go round. The cult of money has swept away the traditional ethical codes of humankind and become the sole indicator of “value”. If something makes money, it is good. If it doesn’t, it is useless. If someone accumulates money, by whatever means, they … Continue reading Money, lies and power

The Acorn: resistance update

Resistance update The fight-back against the totalitarian Corona Coup continues to build in Europe – and so, inevitably, does the repression used against it. The bravest politician on the continent has to be Italian MP Sara Cunial. She told the parliament in Rome on May 14: "The real goal of this is total control, absolute … Continue reading The Acorn: resistance update