The Acorn – 49

Number 49 In this issue: Deepening our resistance Why I decided to fight: letter from a Yellow Vest prisoner Julian Assange: enemy of the empire The modern leftist Rudolf Rocker: an orgrad inspiration Acorninfo 1. Deepening our resistance Synchronicity has a funny way of throwing together two apparently unrelated events in  a way that invites … Continue reading The Acorn – 49

“The X Agenda”: what does XR actually stand for?

A special report    On Wednesday May 1 2019 the UK Parliament declared a "climate emergency". Extinction Rebellion and its supporters were, needless to say, cock-a-hoop. Their big London protest-cum-lobby had achieved one of their main demands. After four centuries of rapacious, violent, militaristic capitalism, the British state had miraculously changed course towards a new … Continue reading “The X Agenda”: what does XR actually stand for?