The Acorn – 3

Number 3 In this issue: Tear gas and water cannon What is Elbit scared of? Reclaiming the fields Sussex – fracking threat to rural bridge EDL fascists target Brighton Acorninfo 1. Tear gas and water cannon Tear gas, water cannon and “flashball” rubber bullets have been fired at people protesting against police violence and against … Continue reading The Acorn – 3

The Acorn – 2

Number 2 In this issue: Fracktion stations in Sussex Fracking's far from finished Infrastructure is the enemy M18 – gatecrashing the Euro-bankers’ party Smart spies in our homes Acorninfo 1. Fracktion stations in Sussex Razor wire lines the top of the 15-foot high fence surrounding the concreted compound in the heart of the West Sussex … Continue reading The Acorn – 2

Quote for the day – Friday February 13

“It has taken me all of my life so far to realize that the single great obstacle in the way of survival and an extended human vision is the industrial society itself, and its expropriation and suppression of the most sensitive and creative qualities of the mind”. Kit Pedler, The Quest for Gaia: A Book … Continue reading Quote for the day – Friday February 13

The Acorn – 1

Number 1 In this issue: Road fight is back on Battle of Hastings Rising Up in Bristol French resistance to concrete future The end of endless growth Rewilding journalism Acorninfo 1. Road fight is back on The fight to save a treasured piece of Sussex countryside is back on – 12 years after a protest … Continue reading The Acorn – 1