The Acorn – 67

Number 67

In this issue:

  1. Breaking through the wall of power
  2. Transhumanism is our enemy
  3. The Death Machine
  4. Landscapes of Freedom
  5. Alexis Escudero: an organic radical inspiration
  6. Acorninfo

1. Breaking through the wall of power


What exactly will it take to halt the techno-totalitarian coup being imposed on us all under the excuse of fighting Covid?

This question is no doubt being posed all over the world at the moment, but particularly in the UK, which has seen a massive opposition movement rise up from nowhere since March 2020.

June 26, 2021, saw the latest in a series of enormous protests in London, with hundreds of thousands of ordinary people taking to the streets to clearly state their opposition to the New Normal tyranny.

As Joanna Sharp noted in this report on the Off-Guardian site, these demonstrators are a million miles away from the usual stereotypes.

“It is hard to generalise about age, but the majority seemed over thirty, though many with their children; both young and early teens. In terms of class and ethnicity, they are the most diverse human gatherings I have ever seen, and probably the most representative of the UK population.

June 26b“The powerful know that anti-lockdown resistance is equivalent to the French Yellow Vests. They are not protesting for abstract political reasons, they are fighting – peacefully for now – for their lives, their livelihoods, for their children and grandchildren – and they are not going away”.

Said one participant: “It was magnificent – the best yet”. Another described the march as “empowering”. She added: “It was my 72nd birthday and my first ever protest. I went with my daughters to walk for freedom which my parents and grandparents had won for me. This was my turn for my family. Amazing and I will fight on”.

A third protester commented: “It was huge, my second march. I was there because I want my daughter to have the freedom I’ve had. To travel, to take risks, to study, smile, sing, dance and not be treated like toxic waste, masked, tracked and tagged”.

A fourth added: “I was there, the atmosphere was fantastic. People were so friendly, lots of brilliant and funny placards. The noise was just deafening, I loved it. It was amazing to be with ‘my’ people”.

And another said: “What better way to educate your kids about freedom than to have them experience this amazing march for it. It will be forever etched in their consciousness”.

Yet, despite all this, the Freedom March was ignored, minimised or maligned by the mainstream media, whose subservience to the official agenda has reached surreal depths.

They seem to think that if they don’t report an event, it has never happened. Or it has happened only in the way that they describe.

But this isn’t true! The hundreds of thousands were really there and have really woken up to the Great Reset lies, as have many many more who were not physically on the march.

June 26c

There is a growing gap between actual reality and reality as presented by the authorities. Despite the supposed “end” of restrictions announced for July 19, the sinister Great Reset agenda is very much intact.

Because its coup depends on people believing its version of reality, the system cannot afford to allow the slightest glimmer of doubt to shed light on its dark lies.

As our friends from the Essex Stirrer remark: “Too much has been invested in the project of the fourth industrial revolution / the great reset for the array of actors involved to start backing down.

“We can expect a lot more in the way of vilification and pressure from the authorities (and the useful idiots who unwittingly do their bidding) in a bid to get us to shut up”.

Blogger CJ Hopkins writes: “This is the crucial period for the totalitarian movement. It needs to negate the old ‘reality’ in order to implement the new one, and it cannot do that with reason and facts, so it has to do it with fear and brute force.

“It needs to terrorize the majority of society into a state of mindless mass hysteria that can be turned against those resisting the new ‘reality'”.

So how can freedom protesters break through these walls of reality-denial and make their physical existence really felt?

One idea is to target demonstrations at times and places where they simply cannot be ignored and, as luck would have it, a great opportunity to do just that has presented itself on Sunday July 11.

On that day, London hosts two big sporting finals, which will be attracting the attention of the international media – the tennis at Wimbledon and the Euros football at Wembley.

Two meet-up points have been announced, in the south and north of the capital for July 11: 11.30am on Wimbledon Common and 5pm at King Edward VII Park in Wembley.


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2. Transhumanism is our enemy


“Transhumanism is the single most important thing to resist if we are to stop the deconstruction of our species”, writes Jennifer Bilek on The 11th Hour blog (June 24 2021).

She warns that people are being groomed, specifically by a certain brand of gender politics, to tolerate “greater changes to humanity”, a “more complex melding with technology than we have seen thus far”, which will lead to us being “changed forever” if we do not wake up fast.

We agree. The warped transhumanist dogma, which wants to merge us with machines to create cyborgs, lies at the centre of the Fourth Industrial Revolution and Great Reset being promoted by the World Economic Forum.

As we have previously reported, its boss Klaus Schwab is rubbing his hands together with glee at developments in neurotechnologies and biotechnologies which “are forcing us to question what it means to be human”.

wearable maskJust last week, the WEF was using the virus agenda to plug “wearable” 4IR technology in the form of “a novel face mask that can diagnose the wearer with Covid-19 within about 90 minutes”.

The threat of transhumanism has become so real because of the failure of the myopic left even to identify, let alone challenge, the danger, and its gullible swallowing of politically-correct industrialist spin.

So-called rebels who imagine there is something “radical” or “liberating” about the nature-hating, life-destroying transhumanist cult of artifice might like to note that it is being embraced by the UK’s Ministry of Defence.

“Human augmentation is our first insight of what lies beyond today’s information Age – the coming of the Biotech age”, declares the document on the government’s website.

And it adds, ominously: “It could be argued that treatments involving novel vaccination processes and gene and cell therapies are examples of human augmentation already in the pipeline”.

Tessa Lena writes in her article ‘The Great Self-Betrayal and the Great Reset‘ that the transhumanist Fourth Industrial Revolution is now in fact “an official goal of western governments”.

She adds: “We are asked to dance along the carrot and the whip of their biosecurity-state-impact-investment-gene-therapy-total-surviellance reform but they don’t tell us how it all ends for us. Nor do they care about minds or bodies”.

As this very good article on the Wrench in the Gears website warns: “We are currently on the precipice between freedom and serfdom and it is the responsibility of anyone with a conscience to expose the dystopia into which we are sleepwalking”.

matrix pods2

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3. The Death Machine

death machine-b

by Paul Cudenec

The Death Machine is an enormous and ever-expanding apparatus which today covers vast swathes of the surface of the Earth.

Its task is to suck in everything that it finds – mineral, vegetable, animal and human – and reduce it all into a lifeless grey toxic sludge.

Rumour has it that it also produces tiny quantities of a rich, powerful golden fluid, a honey-heroin, which none of us here have ever seen, let alone tasted.

It is said that this is piped directly into the veins of the Death Machine’s owners, soul-sour vampires who creep in cold caverns deep below the sunlit surface of our world.

The aim of the Death Machine is to destroy and pollute more and more forests, hills, valleys, plains, rivers, lakes and seas, to murder more and more birds, fish, animals and human beings.

Its aim is to grow ever bigger and bigger, to boast even more rows of steel teeth and concrete claws, to belch out even greater clouds of suffocating poisonous smoke and waves of deadly radiation, to find ingenious new ways of torturing Mother Earth.

This relentless, hateful and frenzied assault on all that is living is what the Death Machine likes to call Progress.

Periodically, the Death Machine starts to stall. The incoming flow of fresh biomass is not fast enough to maintain its murderous momentum. The sustainability of its system, its goals for self-development, are at risk.

It needs a “crisis” to kick-start it back into full-throttle destruction and, lo-and-behold, something is conjured up. Emergency measures are called for and so the Death Machine is reset and cranked up to a deafening 11.

War. Terror. Panic. Fear. Piles of bodies. Wailing misery. Lost love and shattered lives. The great dark cogs of History are turning and the Death Machine is doing just fine.

Sometimes the Death Machine paints itself in the colours of a national flag, or in revolutionary red. Today it might prefer to appear in bright green or in the rainbow colours of global inclusivity.

Make no mistake, each and every one of us will be included and impacted in the jaws of its all-consuming greed.

Good citizens make sure they only ever see whatever Hollywood stage scenery the Death Machine is currently hiding behind. They know that a commitment to ‘democracy’ means remaining wilfully blind to the reality behind the comforting facades.

The only problem they are prepared to recognise is one concerning overheating.

They do not accept that this problem was caused and reported by the Death Machine itself, whose very existence they deny, and they enthusiastically adopt all the “solutions” it proposes.

But its #MachinePositive New Normal Deal for Cute Furry Animals and Eternal Environmental Bliss turns out to involve further extensions to its own toxic structures, designed to make it nastier than ever.

Build back the Death Machine! Bigger and better!

Good citizens not only refuse to acknowledge the existence of the Death Machine, but become very angry with anyone who insists that it is real and dangerous.

“These extremists are delusional deniers of the marvels of modernity!”, they splutter into the breath-stifling masks the Death Machine has made them wear. “They want to spoil it for everyone, by denying us our little conveniences and shattering our cherished illusion that all is basically well in the world”.

The others, the clear-sighted rebels, understand the role of the Death Machine and know that there is no way that it can ever be made nicer or fairer, no way that it can ever be made to perform any other task than the one it was designed to carry out.

They see that what they are up against is a machine and that there is no point in trying to debate with a machine or in appealing to its conscience.

They know, with heavy hearts, that if it is allowed to carry on, it will end up killing everything and everyone.

And so they have concluded that, for the sake of life itself, the Death Machine must first be exposed for what it is and then destroyed.

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4. Landscapes of Freedom

landscapes of freedom1

Campaigners in southern England are staging a mass trespass to support the right to roam across the beautiful South Downs.

The new alliance of free walkers are calling for people to join them in Sussex on Saturday July 24.

Say Landscapes of Freedom: “The fate of our Brighton Downs sharply symbolises the fate of much of our modern private countryside.

“Within the lifetimes of our oldest people living today, the South Downs used to be a ‘Landscape of Freedom’, with great open scented, flowery pastures, rolling, close-cropped ‘sheep walks’ – largely unfenced – over which people could freely wander, whilst skylarks made music in the heavens above our heads.

landscapes of freedom2“To be sure, the mad economics of imperial food policy and the craziness of two world wars had seen these biodiverse ‘chalk grasslands’ greatly neglected in a century of agricultural depression, then turned into army training ranges, and cleared and destroyed by dig-for-victory and post-war ploughing.

“Even now there are nearly two hundred shattered fragments of these pastures surviving locally… mostly on slopes too steep to plough… mostly in poor condition… mostly unknown to us all.

“We lost our freedom to wander. We lost most of this hugely-rich ecosystem… this ‘rainforest in miniature’. We were driven from the places we’d played in as children. NOW we want our Landscape of Freedom back!”

The walk and picnic will last all day and the meet-up is at 10.30am at a place to be announced nearer the time.

To stay updated go to and look out for the social media hashtags #LandscapesOfFreedom and #Right2Roam

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5. Alexis Escudero: an organic radical inspiration

The latest in our series of profiles from the orgrad website.


“For the cyber-liberal left there is no equality without recourse to biotechnology”

Alexis Escudero is a contemporary anti-industrial writer whose 2014 book on artificial reproduction was significant perhaps less for its contents than for the reaction it provoked.

The controversy in France around his work neatly exposed the way that the liberal left has largely swallowed the lie that social progress is dependent on technological progress.

This fake left lashes out against anyone who dares to challenge “progressive” technologies, using the same strength of language and moral outrage that it would deploy against the far right.

Thus a supposedly left-wing current – which has deeply compromised itself by embracing elements of industrial capitalism – attacks enemies of the capitalist system from what appears to be a more radical position but which, of course, is really nothing of the sort.

From an organic radical perspective, a particular concern is the way that these transhumanist-influenced pseudo-leftists dismiss any talk of nature and the human species as obsolete or even dangerous.


Escudero’s book, La reproduction artificielle de l’humain, was an anti-capitalist attack on the bio-technological engineering industry.

It described how this branch of big business is building a Brave New World in which the rich can buy designer babies and ensure that their children are superior in every way to those of the exploited majority.

Escudero revealed, for instance, that the Fertility Institute in Los Angeles produces 800 test tube babies a year, of which 700 have parents with no fertility problems – these wealthy Americans like to be able to pick the embryo with the “best” genetic characteristics, and also to choose the sex of their child. (1)

This is a profitable business with all the usual trappings – the first Fertility Show in London in 2009 attracted 80 exhibiting companies, ranging from specialist clinics to sperm banks, and drew in 3,000 visitors. (2)

A report issued in 2015 estimated that the US fertility market was worth between $3 and $4 billion a year, (3) while in the UK it has been estimated as being worth £600 million. (4)

escudero artIn his book, Escudero described how the aim of the new eugenics would inevitably develop from merely screening out hereditary defects towards making people more attractive, bigger, more athletic, more intelligent.

They would, in short be “better than humans – who are imperfect by nature”. Leaving behind the out-dated human model, these new products of industrial capitalism would be superhumans, “posthumans”. (5)

Escudero criticised the way that the left had failed to respond to the growth of this sinister eugenics business, which has its origins in Nazi Germany.

He complained in his book: “Debate on the subject: nothing. Zilch. Nada. As if being on the left and supporting artificial reproduction of humans necessarily went hand in hand”. (6)

The problem was that Medically Assisted Procreation (MAP) in France was being vociferously opposed by religious right-wingers, who particularly objected to the idea of babies being produced for gay and lesbian couples.

sperm bankEscudero made it plain that this was not his motivation at all. He was countering the liberal-left slogan “MAP for everyone!” with the anti-industrial slogan “MAP for no-one!”. It was the business he opposed, not the sexual orientation of its customers.

He also stressed that he had nothing at all against the DIY insemination technique often used by lesbians and that this did not in any case come under the MAP label.

Left-wingers who championed the MAP industry because they felt it was socially “progressive” were falling into a terrible trap, he warned.

He drew attention to a slogan used by French gay rights group inter-LGBT which had declared: “There is no equality without MAP!”. Commented Escudero: “For the cyber-liberal left there is no equality without recourse to biotechnology”. (7)

Escudero warned that this fascination for technology was drawing left-wingers far away from the positions they claimed to defend and into de facto support for the industrial capitalist system.

Transhumanism6He wrote: “This cyber-liberal left is misusing the fight for individual freedom as a vindication of market freedom. It is confusing political equality with the biological uniformisation of individuals.

“Its dream is of liberal eugenics, of abolishing the body and using artificial wombs. Its fantasy is of a posthumanity via the technological re-creation of the human species. Behind the mask of transgression and rebellion lies an enthusiastic identification with technocapitalism”. (8)

This criticism of an influential and vociferous section of the left prompted a hostile response. On October 28, 2014, there was a picket of a talk that Escudero gave at le Monte-en-l’air bookshop in Paris, in which placards accused him of lesbophobia, homophobia and transphobia. (9)

Then on Saturday November 22 a group of opponents mobilised against a workshop he was due to give at the Lyons anarchist bookfair. A leaflet claimed that Escudero was joining José Bové and Pierre Rahbi in an “environmentalist drift towards essentialism, in the name of the ‘defence of the living’”.

It declared: “No to LGBTphobia! Yes to the extension of the right to MAP! No to essentialism and naturalism!” (10)

PMA manif

An eye-witness account published afterwards by Annie Gouilleux describes how the “fascistic” pro-technology contingent blocked the entrance to the room hosting Escudero’s workshop, insulting people who were trying to get in. In the end, the organisers felt they had no choice but to cancel the meeting.

Gouilleux commented: “It’s obvious that from the moment people consider that ‘human’ and ‘nature’ are either taboo words or that they don’t exist, then the discussion will descend into absurdity. Or fisticuffs”. (11)

As Escudero identified in his book, the problem is that these fake leftists are essentially ideological outriders of the industrial capitalist system and, as such, they necessarily share its obsession with artificiality, regarding anything natural or organic as their enemy.

He remarked: “While pretending to support freedom and emancipation, post-feminists and transhumanists nurse a boundless hatred of nature; hatred of the innate, of that which is given to the human being at birth; of everything that isn’t produced, manufactured, standardised, regulated, rationalised; hatred of everything that doesn’t quite fit, that doesn’t work, that falls ill, of everything that isn’t efficient and productive 24/7; hatred of everything which gets away and can’t be controlled”. (12)

Video link: La reproduction artificielle de l’humain (6 mins)

Audio link: Reproduction artificielle et marchandisation du vivant. Avec Alexis Escudero sur France Culture (53 mins)


1. Alexis Escudero, La reproduction artificielle de l’humain (Grenoble: Le monde à l’envers, 2014), p. 62.
2. Escudero, pp. 69-70.
3. ‘Fertility Market Overview, May 2015’,
4. Maxine Frith, ‘You’re big business now, baby’, The Daily Telegraph, October 19, 2014.
5. Escudero, p. 118.
6. Escudero, p. 10.
7. Escudero, p. 174.
8. Escudero, p. 12.
11. Ibid.
12. Escudero, p. 186.


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6. Acorninfo

If there was a global straw poll as to whom we would most trust to benevolently protect the natural world and those who live close to it, Klaus Schwab would probably come in last. So alarm bells should be ringing everywhere at the news that his WEF is championing a corporate coup of the commons, the monetisation of all nature on a global scale, which it says would reap “$10 trillion of global GDP growth”. Opposition to the so-called New Deal for Nature, lately branded as #NaturePositive, needs to kick off in a massive way if this nightmare is to be halted! Lots of crucial info on the No Deal for Nature site. Get angry and get active!

WEF nature report

* * *

Anyone who has been paying attention over the last year-and-a-bit won’t be surprised to learn that the businesses selling “vaccines” also own the global mass media! This fascinating video, plus this article by Dr Joseph Mercola, focuses in on the heart of the financial darkness. Mercola summarises: “Big Pharma and mainstream media are largely owned by two asset management firms: BlackRock and Vanguard… Many of the oldest, richest families in the world can be linked to Vanguard funds”.

Vanguard article

* * *

“We want to unglue our eyes from the soothing screens of the Spectacle. We leave the guardians of order, uniformed and not, to their sad mission of trying to suffocate anything exciting, for they repulse us. We have no sympathy for the loyal followers of the dominant reality for they are pitiful excrescences of the forces of order”. A powerful message from M.E.K.A.N., the Ministerio Estraneo di Kultura Agro-Nichilista.

MEKAN logo

* * *

Allowing children to catch Covid may be better than exposing them to the risk of vaccines, a member of the UK’s Joint Committee on Vaccination and Immunisation has advised. Professor Robert Dingwall said children may be “better protected by natural immunity generated through infection than by asking them to take the ‘possible’ risk of a vaccine”.

Prof Robert Dingwall

* * *

“The pseudopandemic was a psychological operation (psy-op) designed to terrorise the public. The objective was to accustom the people to draconian system of government oppression by familiarising them with the mechanisms of a biosecurity state”. This excellent article on the In This Together site rightly points out that their plan can only succeed if we believe their lies and comply with their orders. Writer Darren Allen, of the Expressive Egg site, also concludes that we have been enduring a pseudopandemic. He explains: “A real pandemic results in (as the WHO used to say, before their definition changed) ‘an enormous numbers of deaths and illness’, and, as we’ve seen, the number wasn’t enormous. It was (even taken the inflated official numbers as read) around 0.03% of the world’s population”.


* * *

“At the base of this modus operandi there is always a lie, that serves to hide the true intentions of the elite and makes us accept as inevitable those changes that, in conditions of relative normality, would have resulted in revolts that were difficult to stifle”. Perceptive analysis from Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò in ‘More Reflections on the Great Reset‘, a speech delivered at the 2021 Venice Philosophy Festival.


* * *

“The Internet of Bodies not only promises to track and trace what people feel, see, hear, touch, and taste, but the data gathered can be used to modify their behavior in both good and horrendous ways — depending on who’s doing the manipulating and for what purpose”. In this article, Tim Hinchliffe explains how to track and trace every person, purchase, and protein on the planet and manipulate human behaviour.

Global Abstract

* * *

Architects for Social Housing, one of most articulate and informative voices challenging the Covid coup, has come under attack from the authorities via the Architects Registration Board. Says Simon Elmer: “It was immediately apparent to us that this was a crudely disguised attempt to silence the publication of my writings about the UK biosecurity state”.

ASH image

* * *

“A radically evil agenda is under way whose goal is harm not health” writes Edward Curtin in this admirably thorough piece on the Covid phenomenon on the Off-Guardian site. He writes: “I have consulted information and arguments across all media, corporate and alternative, academic, medical, books, etc. I have consulted with researchers around the world. I have read the websites of the CDC, the World Health Organization, and government and non-government health organizations. In other words, I have left no stone unturned…”

Edward Curtin piece

* * *

An impressive interactive downloadable pdf has just been produced by UK freedom-lovers who declare that “how we act now will build the future for our children”. The 80-page document issues an urgent invitation “to question all that is happening before the chance is lost”.

covid pdf

* * *

Smart Cities, the Transhumanist Game and Lifelong Learning‘ is the title of an in-depth presentation from US researcher Alison McDowell given in Tucson, Arizona, on June 11 and 12, 2021.

alison McDowell talk

* * *

Meet the World Economic Forum‘ is a very useful podcast from James Corbett of The Corbett Report. It presents “a wild ride through the murky origins of the WEF’s past into the nightmarish future it is seeking to bring about… and how we can use this information to better understand and derail its agenda”. Corbett was also recently interviewed by the Stiftung Corona Ausschuss – well worth watching!

James Corbett

* * *

“The massive resources of the Gates Foundation have had an outsized influence on African scientists and policymakers, with the result that food systems on our continent are becoming ever more market-oriented and corporate-controlled”. So write Million Belay and Bridget Mugambe on the Scientific American site.

Bill Gates africa

* * *

“The way I see it is that ultimately what is coming are markets in human capital, markets in controlling people as characters in this online video game”. So warns a top-rate Twitter thread from the ‘Wen Moon Tho’ account.

Wen Moon Tho

* * *

The largest archive of anarchist films anywhere, assembled by the late legendary Stuart Christie, is now live and free for all to access. Said “When we heard that Christie died, we were afraid that the collection would be lost forever, so we contacted the folks in charge of his archive and they agreed to make a back up on our PeerTube channel”. The collection can be viewed here.

Stuart Christie

* * *

Twenty years ago saw the peak of the anti-globalisation movement that rose up to challenge corporate rule and, in Genoa, the peak of the system’s repression before 9/11 intervened to “reset” the picture. While protester Carlo Giuliani was killed on the spot by police, others are still being persecuted by the Italian state and a call has now gone out for testimonies about the protests from the hundreds of thousands who took part. Info here.

Genoa assassini

* * *

“Anyone who raises questions about the prevailing propaganda narratives is a ‘conspiracy theorist’… When someone calls you a conspiracy theorist they have already lost the argument”. In an important interview, New York University professor of media studies Mark Crispin Miller concludes: “I used to think it was tasteless to compare our system, and our lives, and our society in any way with the Nazis. I no longer think that”. No surprise that YouTube are restricting access to the interview under the feeble pretext that it is unsuitable for young people. As one Twitter user commented: “Interesting they’ve chosen the ‘age restricted content’ label. I read the descriptions & this interview doesn’t violate any of them. Not even close. No swearing, violence, sex or incitement. The ‘offense’ is simply dissenting opinion that’s getting too close to the truth”.

Mark Crispin Miller

* * *

“Be visibly and joyously defiant”. Here is a lovely short video showing how we can chalk up success in getting our message across in the real world…

chalk defiance

* * *

Acorn quote:

“There will be a qualitative transformation, a new living, life-giving revelation, a new heaven and a new earth, a young and mighty world in which all our present dissonances will be resolved into a harmonious whole… Let us put our trust in the eternal spirit which destroys and annihilates only because it is the unsearchable and eternally creative source of all life. The urge to destroy is also a creative urge”.

Mikhail Bakunin


(For many more like this, see the Winter Oak quotes for the day blog)

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5 thoughts on “The Acorn – 67

  1. Hello – interesting post, as always.  One thing caught my eye though, which was the reference to eugenics starting in Germany. It wasn’t clear whether Alexis Escudero was saying that or the writer of the post.  In fact, Germany copied a lot of American eugenic laws, which is really where eugenics got its start in modern times, according to Edwin Black, author of War Against the Weak. Sarah


    1. You’re right when you say that the nazis copied a lot from American (and British, too) eugenists. Karl Pearson, the “father of mathematical statistics” was indeed one of the worst of them, there were numerous others beside Pearson by the way. But neverteless many people of enormous social influence on the zeitgeist of pre-nazi Germany also did contribute their shares to this obnoxious perversion of thinking. A veritable hatbed for eugenic ideas in pre-nazi Germany was the so-called “German League of Freethinkers” – who – despite their nicely sounding name were nothing but a most miserabel and conceited bunch of misanthropes and pre-fascists. Among those you’ll find names as the materialist philosopher and physician Ludwig Büchner, the biologist and medical scientist Ernst Haeckel and others. In my opinion eugenetics or eugenic thinking is something like a globally distributed lunacy, kinda cancer of human ethics. Maybe it ain’t got a “true” center at all but is a panglobal phenomenon. But without any doubt it was the German nazis who made this nightmare become horrible reality.


  2. The main stream media in the UK acted the same way they did in Germany after the Great Berlin Freedom Fairs in summer 2020.

    1. The 1st Great Berlin Freedom Fair was ignored. The number of participants was diffamed in conformity to the official narrative to a “small number of radical, esoteric, neo-nazi, dangerous corona deniers” and the number of demonstrators was shrunk to a ridiculous “12,000” while in reality there were more than 80,000 maybe more than 150,000.

    2. The 2nd Great Berlin Freedom Fair, which was even bigger, was darkened by an event which was most probably arranged. While the main part of the rally was absolutely peaceful a couple of maybe 200 so-called “Reichsburger”, who are indeed extremely dumb far-right wackos, tried to storm the “Reichstag”-Building (the seat of the German ‘Bundestag’). Astonishingly the Building was only protected by a handful of police officers. What was also quite astonishing was the fact that the press was already waiting at the “Reichstag” just as if they were expecting the “Reichstag stormers”, while the main demo was centered around the “Siegessaeule -Grosser Stern” and thus about 1,5 kilometers away.
    Despite the fact that the main demo had been kilometers away from this painful incident and the participants of the main demo had not the least idea what was happening at the “Reichstag” while they were demonstrating peacefully (mostly around the “Siegessäule”) the German mass media swooped on that event like a flock of hungry vultures to blame and diffame the entire demonstration which was multi-cultural and multi-ethnic.

    The people demonstrating were people of all political convictions, non-political people, people of all faiths and ethnic groups. They were fighting against being treated as hazardous waste, as highly contagious and dangerous ‘infected’ or ‘possibly infected’. They were fighting against being incapacitated and being bereft of their freedom.

    But whatever those main stream pseudo-journalists and the hypocritical liars of politicians will do…
    The Great London March for Freedom and the Great Berlin Freedom Fairs took place. They were peaceful events with peaceful and ordinary people, they were no demos which were dominated by “dangerous nazi ultra right-wing extremists”.

    One cant’ deny us and one can’t diffame us!


  3. I really admire the work that you do. I hope that Indians could also rise up like the londoners in the fight against the great reset. It is time we express dissatisfaction with the fundamentally growth-driven nation state order. Protests need to be aimed at that.

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