The Acorn – 67

Number 67 In this issue: Breaking through the wall of power Transhumanism is our enemy The Death Machine Landscapes of Freedom Alexis Escudero: an organic radical inspiration Acorninfo 1. Breaking through the wall of power What exactly will it take to halt the techno-totalitarian coup being imposed on us all under the excuse of fighting … Continue reading The Acorn – 67


by Paul Cudenec Warning! Warning! Friends, citizens, fellow human beings! Rouse yourselves! The Impactors are coming and they want to steal from us everything we have, everything we are and everything we could one day become. This is no time to cower indoors, shocked and awed into spellbound submission by their satanic Spectacle. While the … Continue reading IMPACTOR ALERT!

The Acorn – 62

Number 62 In this issue: We will prevail! Naming the enemy Shattering illusions Here comes Santa Klaus! Jaime Semprun: an orgrad inspiration Acorninfo 1.  We will prevail! It was back in March 2020 that we first reported signs of resistance against the Covid-themed totalitarian coup. We hoped back then that this would quickly develop into … Continue reading The Acorn – 62

The Acorn – 61

Number 61 In this issue: Libertà, libertà, libertà! Us against them To the humans who refuse to disappear! England is a prison William Blake: an orgrad inspiration Acorninfo 1.  Libertà, libertà, libertà! "A massive new social struggle is about to begin, in which the vast majority of humankind will resist the techno-slavery being imposed on … Continue reading The Acorn – 61