The Acorn – 57

Number 57 In this issue: Join the resistance! Imagine a world where we seek to destroy what destroys us Between life and death Humble but fiery reflections A sort of a warning... The rebels will return The Gates of hell Gustav Landauer: an orgrad inspiration Acorninfo 1.  Join the resistance! There had already been signs, … Continue reading The Acorn – 57

Anarchists against freedom!

by Paul Cudenec A number of rather strange criticisms have come flying my way over the last few weeks. For the moment I am going to address just one of them – the one which strikes me as the most serious. I had always been under the fond impression that freedom was an untouchable cornerstone … Continue reading Anarchists against freedom!

Threads of inspiration — organic radicals

Reclaiming the revolutionary wisdom of the past is the title of a new contribution to the articles page of the orgrad website. The first part of this piece is a general discussion of the relationship between radical politics and tradition. This is largely informed by an interesting critique of Guy Debord and the Situationist movement […] … Continue reading Threads of inspiration — organic radicals

Resist the Fourth Industrial Repression!

Ελληνικά Español Français The First Industrial Repression saw us thrown off the land, forced into crowded towns and cities, used as human fodder for the dark satanic mills of the new steam-powered capitalist world. The Second Industrial Repression electrified the rule of The Machine. New generations were born who had never tasted freedom. Their lives … Continue reading Resist the Fourth Industrial Repression!

Lots of reading…

We have now made the following books available as free pdfs: The Anarchist Revelation (2013) Antibodies and Anarchangels (2013) The Stifled Soul of Humankind (2014) Forms of Freedom (2015) The Fakir of Florence (2016) Nature, Essence and Anarchy (2016) The Green One (2017) No Such Place As Asha (2019) For more information on all these titles, see our Books page. We also recommend … Continue reading Lots of reading…

Anarchists and the coronavirus

  Special report Moments of crisis like the one we are currently experiencing can allow us to see through the surface of our world and grasp with greater clarity some hitherto hidden truths. It is with this in mind that we present this provisional and far-from-comprehensive analysis of the reaction to the coronavirus situation from … Continue reading Anarchists and the coronavirus