The Acorn – 66

Number 66

In this issue:

  1. A new people’s movement on the streets!
  2. The impact parasites and their profiteering plan
  3. Unite and overcome
  4. Two poems by Evelyn Scott-Brown
  5. Karl Jaspers: an orgrad inspiration
  6. Acorninfo

1. A new people’s movement on the streets!

Something quite extraordinary is happening in the United Kingdom, whose population is not generally known for its rebellious nature.

On May 29 another huge and impressive protest took place in central London against lockdowns, masks, vaccine passports and, more broadly, against the whole Great Reset dictatorship.

At the end of a long march into the West London suburbs, hundreds of people managed to outfox police and get inside the huge Westfield shopping complex.


may29-5 (2)

These surreal times have reached the point where the mainstream media could not even summon up the minimal honesty to accurately record what was happening.

As Simon Elmer writes: “The degree of censorship in the UK biosecurity state is now so complete that the largest demonstrations in British history have either been ignored by the media or reported as a few hundred ‘right-wing conspiracy theorists’.”

But who cares? Reality is reality and the refusal, by the likes of the BBC, to acknowledge this reality is just another nail in the coffin of its credibility.


One anarchist comrade, Dave from Estuary Stirrings, has written here about his impressions of the demo.

He says that he finds it difficult to pin down who is taking part in the movement “because basically, it’s anyone who’s questioned what’s going on” and this represents “a very wide range of people from all walks of life”.

“Certainly a greater range of people, including a lot more working class, than I’ve ever seen on standard left organised protest.

“A lot of ordinary people who prior to 2020, had never been on a protest in their lives before but who have become politicised over the last fifteen months as a result of the impact on their lives of the succession of lockdowns and tiered restrictions.

“A fair number of BAME people. A good few veterans of protests from previous decades such as the Poll Tax and Reclaim The Streets. The people taking copies of Estuary Stirrings ranged from Rastas and protest veterans to football lads and a few ex-service veterans”.


Another notable feature of the protest was the range of independently-produced literature and stickers being distributed and the home-made diversity of placards and banners.

This is in stark contrast with the traditional “A to B” marches of the organised left, which are always depressingly dominated by the cloned corporate-style placards of the Socialist Workers Party etc.

Here were real people expressing real views – their own views! – and not those they had bought ready-made and branded from a trendy ideological chain store.

As Dave writes, in the context of an authentic and deeply-felt resistance to tyranny, the old political divide of “left” and “right” is becoming less relevant by the day: “It was an education to witness what to all intents and purposes is the emergence of a new political movement”.

may29-1 (2)

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2. The impact parasites and their profiteering plan


In so many ways, the whole Covid “pandemic” drama has been one massive smokescreen. Even the controversy and battles over lockdowns, masks and medication conceal a much bigger and much darker operation.

Ultimately, World Economic Forum boss Klaus Schwab’s Great Reset is about launching a new era in which 99.9% of the world’s population are locked into a digital slavery system.

To understand what lies behind this, and how it would be profitable for the 0.01% parasite class, it is crucial to understand impact investment.

This is a whole new concept for most people and it is difficult to immediately grasp the full scope and horror of what is planned. But we have got to collectively get our heads around it if we are to understand and resist what the ruling mafia are up to!

We have already tried to give our readers a rough idea as to what it is about, with in-depth articles like this one or this overview, based on the work of researcher Alison McDowell, whose own short illustrated video introduction is an excellent place to begin.

Impact investment is based on the privatisation of social functions which would normally be carried out by the state.

The “austerity” agenda of recent decades means that governments have had less money to spend on health, education and other social schemes – while of course always having access to limitless cash to pour into the weapons or pharmaceuticals industries or the banking system!

So cunning capitalists, with more cash these days than nation-states, can offer to “help out” by providing money up front. Later they will be reimbursed (with a little extra profit!), if they can prove via digital surveillance and data that the scheme they funded has had a “successful outcome”.

But there’s more. This scam is not only about diverting taxpayers’ money into private hands, but about using that process to transform people’s lives into products for financial gambling, into digital commodities from which the impact parasites can make huge and undeserved profits.

“As bets and counter-bets are made by elite financial investors, the future prospects of real people are woven into the oppressive operations of global financial markets. Human potential is subsumed within a colossal machine designed to profit from suffering”, as McDowell puts it

Here are a few random insights to hopefully prompt readers’ curiosity and encourage a lot more people out there to get up to speed on what is involved.

laughing vampire

* Impact parasites seem to imagine they are cleverer than us plebs and constantly drop the word “impact” into their propaganda as a little in-joke, without explaining to the public what it actually implies. They like to refer to “Strategic Philanthropy to increase the impact of social initiatives”, to “solutions to make a lasting impact on the health of our planet and people’s rights” or to “exploring and challenging the impact that different strands of gender biases and discrimination can have in the school environment and in the workplace”.


* The word “impact” is also used excessively by the Global Shapers network set up by Klaus Schwab and the World Economic Forum (see our five-part exposé) and they even have a section of their website called “Impact”. They say they want to recruit people with “the desire to create impact” and “impact motivation”. Individual WEF Global Shapers are involved in the impact investment industry all over the world – from London to Lagos, from Brussels to Silicon Valley.


* The “People” section of the WEF website features Ronald Cohen (above), the UK financier who invented the impact scam and who, in 2020, published a book called Impact: Reshaping Capitalism to Drive Real Change. Here he looks forward to to “a new global system of impact capitalism”. “Impact changes everything”, Cohen writes. “Impact investing sets the New Normal”.


* Ultra-rich “philanthropist” Antonis Schwarz (above), who runs a “campaign to unlock dormant assets for social impact investing in Germany” talks about “achieving the maximum impact” with money. Schwarz is involved with an ‘Impact Investing for the Next Generation’ course for the younger generation of the global ruling class, held in collaboration with the WEF.


* Impact capitalists, such as Schwarz, use ostensibly “radical” groups to push the fake-green, fake-progressive impact agendas from which they will profit, whether around “climate justice” or “intersectionality“.


* Impact capitalists very much depend on the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (Agenda 2030) to advance their parasitical plan. These provide the framework which officially defines their activities as “doing good” and thus deserving of huge amounts of public money. McDowell explains: “Powerful interests are using the Sustainable Development Goals to mask their plans to remake the world as a digital panopticon. Financiers are going to claim they’re doing positive things with their portfolios by configuring asset allocations to align with ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance), and that’s where the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals come in. It is the sustainability goals that will open the door to smart city infrastructure with facial recognition, cashless economies, big data analytics, and artificial intelligence…”


* Financier Cohen (see above) notes in his book that “in 2015, the impact investing movement gained focus and urgency with the release of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals”. He is a member of the UN’s “SDG Impact”, a project which aims to “accelerate investment towards achieving the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals by 2030”. It boasts that its “transformational impact” will involve “opening up $12 trillion in market opportunities”.

Klaus Schwab2

* In 2019 the UN signed a “strategic partnership framework” to promote these goals  – and “to strengthen and broaden their combined impact” – with (surprise, surprise!) the WEF. Said Klaus Schwab (above), promoter of the transhumanist-technocrat Great Fascist Reset: “Meeting the Sustainable Development Goals is essential for the future of humanity”.

For us, the opposite is plainly true. The future of humanity depends on the Sustainable Development Goals being scrapped and on Schwab, Cohen and the impact parasites being sent packing for good!

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3. Unite and overcome

The Fall of Man

“New guidelines have been forced on to all of humanity”, says the article, referring to “a cultural catastrophe” in which “a new moral and judicial order” led to “the spread of materialistic values over the earth”.

It continues: “This is the great revaluing of all values through which humanity has given life its existing authoritative character and created those norms that today prove neither organic nor assimilable, but reveal instead in their foreign nature that they are always and everywhere a contagion of unending inner confusion and self-destruction through sickness and decline”.

While the piece certainly sounds relevant in the face of the Great Reset nightmare of 2021, it was in fact written more than 100 years ago, in 1919, by Otto Gross. And the subject matter is none other than humankind’s biblical “fall from grace” as described in Genesis.

Are the dangers from technocracy and its transhumanist insanity so severe today that we are facing a second historical Fall, even deeper into darkness?

It is in this context that we publish this contribution from reader Chris C, which uses language beyond The Acorn’s usual style to express a point of view to which we can certainly nevertheless relate…

saint george art

The strategy of the enemy is to divide. Ours is to unite.

Theirs is to breed enmity among the people. Ours is to make peace among them.

Theirs is to instill fear and hatred. Ours is to show love and forgiveness.

For us and our strategy, we strive to be patient. We strive to be kind. We strive to be servants to each other. We work hard to help each other. We are not idle, for we know that there is a great reward in making peace, and we know that peace is possible. We are filled with love, and our love is our strength.

We can see clearly that the world is a beautiful and abundant place. We can see the magic in all of it. We can see that with a bit of love and care, the world could be an abundant garden producing enough for all of us. We know that sustainability is possible. We know that by cooperating with each other, by working together, anything is possible.

And so we will work together. We will join together. We will cooperate with each other. We will take care of each other. We see that by helping each other, by helping those in need, we make the world a healthy and happy place. So we will care for the sick, and we will feed the hungry, and we will take in the homeless, and We will not be overcome by hatred. We will not be overcome by fear. We will not be overcome by all these forces of evil that are rising up against us, because we can see the truth.

sun woodcutWe know the truth, we can see it shining brightly. It is a light, bright and shining for all to see. Although they strive to cover it up. Although they strive to obscure it with lies. Although they strive to distract from it, so that the people will not see it or find it. We will not let them keep it hidden. We will speak it and write it and tell it and sing it, for we are the warriors of truth, and we will not be overcome!

Now we also see that time is running short. We know now that we must not be idle. We realize that we must act quickly, for our time is running out. Our enemy is acting fast against us to enslave us. We see what they are doing. We are able to see their strategy.

They seek to divide us, and to keep us separated. As long as we are apart and separated, we are weak. We recognize that we cannot defend ourselves if we are alone. Alone we can be taken one by one. We would not stand a chance. Our only hope is if we come together. Our only hope is if we unite. We understand that we need to form into groups, into communities. We know we need to take care of each other like we are a family. We know there is safety in numbers. They seek to divide us, so we will unite, and we will overcome.

We cannot fight them with weapons. This is not our way. Ours is a way of peace. Ours is a way of love. We do not fight them in their way, but in our own way. The way of peace. The way of love.

We are wise, and we recognize where we stand. We see where their strengths lie. They have a great deal of control and power. They control the infrastructure. They control the cities. They control all of society. We see their power and what they control. We have considered their resources – they control armies. Of course we cannot fight them, and so we must escape. There is wilderness we can escape to. There are hidden places everywhere. God’s green earth is filled with hidden places.

light paintingWe hear the call, for God has begun to call together a people. We are waking up, and the light inside us is burning ever brighter. It is a light that cannot be smothered. It is the light of truth. It is the light of love. It is the light of peace. It is the light of wisdom – the light which enlightens the minds of men. It is a holy light which emanates from the source of all good things. It is a light which shines through us and lights up the world.

Heeding the call, we will be a source of hope for those who are afraid. We will be a source of comfort for the weary. We will be an untiring source of help to the people of this world, as these forces of darkness rise up all around them. As these forces of darkness do their worst to instill fear and violence, we will be an island of peace and hope.

As these forces of evil rise up, as they unleash their worst upon the world, we will not be afraid because we are warriors of the eternal light. Death cannot touch us – our source is eternal. We are a hundred thousand shining lights, united in spirit and purpose. We cannot be divided, for we are united in love and dedicated to peace.

They will strive to put us down. They will do all their worst to us, but we will stand fast against them. We will not be moved by fear. We will not be moved by hatred. We will stand firm, side by side, hand in hand, united. We will overcome.

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4. Two poems by Evelyn Scott-Brown

Industrial revolution 18C


I watch the rising, unrelenting tide
Of ‘progress’ creep in ever-widening waves
Up inlet after inlet of life’s shore
Insidiously flooding with white foam
And sinister dark water one by one
Each dwindling spit of land, till all in sight
Is fatally awash, save here and there
A grassy tussock that seems not to be
As yet engulfed. Though perilously small
And ever threatened by the lapping flood
These quaking, shrinking islets are to me
As holy places where I still can find
Some relics of a vanished way of life,
Some faint reminders of departed joy
Of beauty, peace and dignity, before
Destructive man took it upon himself
For greedy aims to ravage all the earth.

Man’s Conceit

Earth4 (2)Man, from his ancient planetary home,
Sweet sun-warmed fecund earth beneath the dome
Of sky, now quests in lifeless outer space,
Forsakes the age-old birthplace of his race
And ventures forth to meddle with the stars,
Seeks to find out what may be on Mars,
Has designs on the lovely Moon,
No more finds life on earth the precious boon
It used to be in times more innocent
When we were humbler, wiser, more content…

Alas, that arrogant man should ever try
To wrest all awe and mystery from the sky,
And kill with analytic speculation,
The rapture flow of free imagination…
Sad nemesis is ours if we destroy
All sense of wonder, reverence and joy;
Far better to see a nymph in every tree
And worship powers but dimly felt, than be
Enslaved to science’s relentless probe
Into the deepest secrets of the globe.

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5. Karl Jaspers: an orgrad inspiration

The latest in our series of profiles from the orgrad website.


“Human existence has been shaken to its roots”

Karl Jaspers (1883-1969) was a psychiatrist and philosopher who strongly opposed technocracy and the narrow totalitarian mindset of the modern world.

He complained that, in Western society, thinking was only encouraged if it was for a specific practical purpose.

He wrote in Man in the Modern Age: “There has arisen an enmity to culture which reduces the value of mental activity to a technical capacity and to the expression of the minimum of crude life.

“This attitude is correlative to the process of the technicisation of the planet and of the life of the individual, wherein, among all nations, there has been a breach in historical tradition so that everything has been placed upon new foundations.

“Nothing can continue to exist except that which finds its technical rationale in the new world created by the West, but which, though thus ‘western’ in its origin, is universally valid in its significance and its effects. Hence human existence has been shaken to its roots”. (1)

He wrote that the industrial capitalist way of life was built around the “unceasing activity” of consumer society, with its love of huge crowds, its worship of the rich and its “complication and brutalisation of the erotic”.


He added: “Lottery tickets are sold by the million; crossword puzzles become the chief occupation of people’s leisure. This positive gratification of the mind without personal participation or effort promotes efficiency for the daily round, fatigue and recreation being regularised”. (2)

Jaspers asked how the individual who found themself trapped in this world could ever hope to discover authenticity. The demands placed upon us were so exacting, he said, that it was almost impossible to cope.

Echoing Otto Gross’s psychological analysis, he said this was not so much of a problem for individuals who readily conformed and succumbed to outside pressure: “One who believes that everything is in order and who trusts in the world as it now is, does not even need to be equipped with courage.

“He complies with the course of events which (so he believes) work for good without his participation. His alleged courage is nothing more than a confidence that man is not slipping down into an abyss.

“One who truly has courage is one who, inspired by an anxious feeling of the possible, reaches out for the knowledge that he alone who aims at the impossible can attain the possible. Only through experience of the impossibility of achieving fulfilment does man become enabled to perform his allotted task”. (3)

city crowdsThese courageous individuals faced a difficult lifelong struggle in the face of a debased, dehumanised, decultured society: “Today the mental creator has, it would seem, to live, not merely as a solitary, but as if he were making a fresh beginning, in touch with no one, apart alike from friends and from foes. Nietzsche was the first outstanding figure of whom this terrible loneliness was the dominant characteristic”. (4)

Jaspers judged that a person of this kind was dependent on their own individuality to give them the necessary strength to break free.

He explained: “He must either advance to the frontier where he can glimpse his Transcendence, or else must remain entangled in the disillusionment of a self that is wholly involved in the things of the world.

“The demands made of him are such as assume him to have the powers of a titan. He must meet these demands, and must see what he is capable of in the way of self-development; for, if he fails to do so, there will remain for him nothing but a life in which he will have the advantages neither of man nor of beast”. (5)

Ultimately, he said, such an individual had no choice: “The reality of the world cannot be evaded. Experience of the harshness of the real is the only way by which a man can come to his own self. To play an active part in the world, even though one aims at an impossible, an unattainable goal, is the necessary pre-condition of one’s own being”. (6)

Although he rejected religious dogma and the idea of a personal god, Jaspers was deeply interested in Eastern, particularly Buddhist, spirituality and in mystic medieval Christianity.


The title of his 1957 book The Perennial Scope of Philosophy reflects a closeness to the perennialist ideas expressed by René GuénonAnanda CoomaraswamyFrithjof Schuon and Aldous Huxley.

Jaspers argued that we needed to draw on this timeless human wisdom in order to find our own sense of Existenz. “We do everything in our power to restore the eternal truth; we must plumb its very depths and, unconcerned over what is transient and historical, utter this truth in a new language”. (7)

Cutting ourselves off from that tradition and that truth, he warned, “is as if a man were deliberately to saw off the branch upon which he is sitting”. (8)

Authentic spirituality was not something that distanced people from real life, he stressed: “The life of truth in the realm of the spirit does not remove man from his world, but makes him effective for serving his historical present”. (9)

Video link: Karl Jaspers Interview (1968) – A Self-Portrait.

karl jaspers2

1. Karl Jaspers, Man in the Modern Age, trans. by Eden and Cedar Paul, (London: Routledge & Kegan Paul, 1951) p. 120.
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9. Karl Jaspers, ‘Making Tradition Our Own’, Existentialism from Dostoevsky to Sartre, ed. Walter Kaufmann, (New York: Meridian, 1972) p. 136.


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6. Acorninfo

It wasn’t just in London that people took to the streets on May 29 to oppose techno-fascist global dictatorship. Thousands also protested in Brussels against the EU’s vaccine passport scheme.

may29 brussels

* * *

“At this time it was already pretty clear to me that I couldn’t count on the support of so-called leftists or anarchists”. An interesting account from a Croatian anarchist anti-lockdown activist can be found on the Nevermore website.

Croatia organising

* * *

“Individuals such as Klaus Schwab, head of the World Economic Forum, want to completely sever the linkages humans have to nature in order to create a techno-dystopia”. So warns a two-part article on the Cassandra’s Box blog (“Independent Media & Commentary from the Cursed Prophetess of Troy”). 

klaus schwab

* * *

“The Great Reset Psi Ops Team is convincing Humanity that to become a biodigital humanoid; living on modified food in a smart environment, under the all-seeing eye of A.I. – is natural, eco, organic and GREEN!” A nice piece of writing from Auntie Val on the HanuHanu site.


* * *

The commercial mindset is nicely illustrated in this report about a motorcycle “airbag vest”, which customers pay for by way of subscription and which boasts a “detection module”. It turns out that if you are not up to date with your payments and you get into a crash, it will not go off. Death penalty for not paying up in time: the caring face of smart capitalism.

airbag vest

* * *

Today, when censorship has become especially harsh, cancel culture is the norm, and any dissent is punishable by removal from social networks (and far worse), Guerrilla Art and Culture Jamming are becoming especially popular. Artists from all over the world use this form of art to express their opposition to what the media and local governments are trying to impose. An enjoyable video on Guerrilla Art, Cancel-Culture Jamming from Art With Aim can be seen here.

Guerrilla art

* * *

“A rebirth of humanity’s true spirit is not only possible – it is the only possible humane response to the terrible, tedious and incessant onslaught of the ‘final revolution’ envisaged by the globalist technocrats”. A thoughtful new piece, Dissent + Humility = Survival, from Tim Foyle.


* * *

An entertaining new collection of dissident memes has been shared by Kim Usbourne via the Off-Guardian site. She writes: “Hang in there, everybody. You’re by no means alone and our numbers are growing. More and more people are waking up, and there are more and more groups out there to find likeminded (read: sane) people!”

covid meme og

* * *

Acorn quote:

“So we now have an emergent robot state, which I have called the cybernarchy. It is as if a new mega-individual has evolved somewhere in the gap between political leaders and people, and it is pursuing a course of self-perpetuation regardless of any other consideration. This mega-individual is a feltwork of flesh and micro-chips, looking after itself at the expense of people”.

Kit Pedler (creator of the “Cybermen” for the Dr Who TV series)


(For many more like this, see the Winter Oak quotes for the day blog)

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2 thoughts on “The Acorn – 66

  1. The WEF and their ilk want to create their own version of the Matrix, but instead of it being in the virtual world they want it in the real one.

    You are a battery and instead of electricity, they’ll track you through life to extract as much wealth thru you.

    In jail, prosperous or on your knees, they extract cash thru any and every avenue available to them to game the system.

    You are a Biological Asset.


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