Shapers of slavery: the awakening

We began this series by quoting a filmed interview with Catherine Austin Fitts in which she warns that we are being pushed into a nightmarish future of complete control, a technocratic "slavery system". The video was removed by YouTube after 2.7 million views but at the time of writing was still available on vimeo. Fitts … Continue reading Shapers of slavery: the awakening

Shapers of slavery: the virus

The long months since the start of the Covid-19 phenomenon have been incredibly difficult for billions of people. We are witnessing lives in tatters, individuals isolated, families divided, friends estranged, pleasures lost, freedom curtailed, plans abandoned and hope crushed. But Klaus Schwab, boss of the World Economic Forum, has a different take on things. He … Continue reading Shapers of slavery: the virus

Shapers of slavery: the leadership

It should be quite clear from our opening article on the Global Shapers Community that the project is fundamentally anti-democratic. A democratic society shapes itself – by means of the participation of its citizens in discussing and deciding how things should be organised and to what ends. But, as even their name reveals, the Global … Continue reading Shapers of slavery: the leadership