Fake-left pro-war neoliberals break cover

A special Acorn report The war-hungry capitalist propaganda machine has been in overdrive in recent weeks. It has, of course, been relentlessly amplifying the views and narratives of the status quo and giving no platform for dissident opinion – that's what it's there for! But in these days of social media and independent online journalism, … Continue reading Fake-left pro-war neoliberals break cover

The Acorn – 24

Number 24 In this issue: May the First: one day in an unending battle Blocking the railway in Marseilles: a first-hand report Lies and bail conditions to keep anarchists off the streets Court victory for arms fair blockaders Witch hunt: antisemitism smears are ideological warfare Acorninfo 1. May the First: one day in an unending … Continue reading The Acorn – 24

The Acorn – 23

Number 23 In this issue: March 39 and counting... Nuit Debout and the new French uprising The whole system is rotten to the core Anti-militarists' London trial to begin The obliteration of European civilization via the subversion of the early Christian church by Roman emperors Radical truth behind the fiction Money, sex and power: on … Continue reading The Acorn – 23