Fake-left pro-war neoliberals break cover

A special Acorn report The war-hungry capitalist propaganda machine has been in overdrive in recent weeks. It has, of course, been relentlessly amplifying the views and narratives of the status quo and giving no platform for dissident opinion – that's what it's there for! But in these days of social media and independent online journalism, … Continue reading Fake-left pro-war neoliberals break cover

The Acorn – 30

Number 30 In this issue: Three great victories to end the year! Degrowth and the death of capitalism Stealth fascism in the UK Fake news and propaganda wars The Black Volcano of Industrialism Acorninfo 1. Three great victories to end the year! Three great victories have been notched up by the global struggle against industrial … Continue reading The Acorn – 30

The Acorn – 26

Number 26 In this issue: The system is losing control Panicking French state tries to build right-wing militia Black July: Berlin resists gentrification, eviction and the state Mountain campaigners defy the industrial state Acorninfo 1. The system is losing control Complete control of society is always the aim of any system which intends to impose … Continue reading The Acorn – 26