The Acorn – 50

Number 50 In this issue: Guerrilla war against "smart" fascism Smearing and cheering for the system Manipulating Greta Fighting fracking in Fermanagh Journalism for a world beyond capitalism Hyperlooping towards environmental disaster! Miguel Amorós: an orgrad inspiration Acorninfo 1. Guerrilla war against "smart" fascism Guerrilla warfare has begun in Europe against the "smart" fascism being … Continue reading The Acorn – 50

The Acorn – 42

  Number 42 In this issue: France's Thatcher sparks social war Thought (      ) spies Okinawa: resisting the US occupation How to kill a book Anarchist values Acorninfo 1. France's Thatcher sparks social war It has long been obvious that the Thatcher years in the UK were an important moment in social history, which paved … Continue reading The Acorn – 42