The Acorn – 43

Number 43 In this issue: Stop the Salzburg summit! Intergalactic week at the zad Thousands block US air base in Germany Returning fire against the industrial capitalist system The Broken Harp: how colonialism crushes culture Organic radicalism: bringing down the fascist machine Acorninfo 1. Stop the Salzburg summit! The call is going out to mobilise … Continue reading The Acorn – 43

The Acorn – 42

  Number 42 In this issue: France's Thatcher sparks social war Thought (      ) spies Okinawa: resisting the US occupation How to kill a book Anarchist values Acorninfo 1. France's Thatcher sparks social war It has long been obvious that the Thatcher years in the UK were an important moment in social history, which paved … Continue reading The Acorn – 42

The Acorn – 12

Number 12 In this issue: Anarchy resurgent! East London Rising! Anarchism, capitalism and industry Anarchism in chains? Terror and the capitalist system Anti-terrorism is not what it says it is UK anarchists pull off cheeky repeat factory occupation Anti-road resistance in Rize Acorninfo 1. Anarchy resurgent! Hopeful signs are emerging that anarchism is on the … Continue reading The Acorn – 12

The Acorn – 11

Number 11 In this issue: Delight as Lancashire rejects fracking bids Forget the lifeless Left - we want revolution! Sold out to the industry - GMB union backs fracking Marching for a Nicer Kind of Capitalism Sabotage attack on airport firm Anti-industrial rebellion in China Anti-industrial rebellion at the Vatican Acorninfo 1. Delight as Lancashire … Continue reading The Acorn – 11