The Acorn – 25

Number 25 In this issue: "Terrorists" exposed as working for British state Paris rises up Whose future? The Dispossessed by Paul Cudenec Lies of His(story) by Rob los Ricos Heretical dreams of wildness What would an uncivilised world look like? Acorninfo 1. "Terrorists" exposed as working for British state The British state's direct involvement in … Continue reading The Acorn – 25

The Acorn – 20

Number 20 In this issue: Motorway blocked in  massive anti-airport protest Naive illusions are propping up capitalism Islamophobia: the not-so-secret agenda of Baroness Cox Conspiracies and contamination Whose land? Our land! Acorninfo 1. Motorway blocked in massive anti-airport demo A massive and powerful display of determined opposition to plans for a new Nantes airport was … Continue reading The Acorn – 20

The Acorn – 11

Number 11 In this issue: Delight as Lancashire rejects fracking bids Forget the lifeless Left - we want revolution! Sold out to the industry - GMB union backs fracking Marching for a Nicer Kind of Capitalism Sabotage attack on airport firm Anti-industrial rebellion in China Anti-industrial rebellion at the Vatican Acorninfo 1. Delight as Lancashire … Continue reading The Acorn – 11