The Acorn – 21

Number 21 In this issue: We've got to defend the ZAD! Echoes of the Paris Commune "Violence" and the defence of the planet Paris 13.11: Morale Operation "When the rich make war, it's the poor that die!" What the frack is going on? Ultramodernism: the civilization of mass destruction Acorninfo 1. We've got to defend … Continue reading The Acorn – 21

The Acorn – 20

Number 20 In this issue: Motorway blocked in  massive anti-airport protest Naive illusions are propping up capitalism Islamophobia: the not-so-secret agenda of Baroness Cox Conspiracies and contamination Whose land? Our land! Acorninfo 1. Motorway blocked in massive anti-airport demo A massive and powerful display of determined opposition to plans for a new Nantes airport was … Continue reading The Acorn – 20