The Acorn – 22

Number 22 In this issue: Ancient energies and modern anger! The British state is violent and criminal Complete control: "cleaning up" the internet Invasion of the transhumanists Paving the way for road profiteers Show of strength from the ZAD Zika and the Big Pharma agenda Acorninfo 1. Ancient energies and modern anger! Ancient energies and … Continue reading The Acorn – 22

The Acorn – 21

Number 21 In this issue: We've got to defend the ZAD! Echoes of the Paris Commune "Violence" and the defence of the planet Paris 13.11: Morale Operation "When the rich make war, it's the poor that die!" What the frack is going on? Ultramodernism: the civilization of mass destruction Acorninfo 1. We've got to defend … Continue reading The Acorn – 21