The Acorn – 46

  Number 46 In this issue: Yellow is the new bloc The system must be destroyed! Controlling the narrative Climate of manipulation Against their world of artifice Acorninfo 1. Yellow is the new bloc January 19, 2019: week 10 of history-forging French uprising For the tenth weekend running, hundreds of thousands of people took to … Continue reading The Acorn – 46

The Acorn – 43

Number 43 In this issue: Stop the Salzburg summit! Intergalactic week at the zad Thousands block US air base in Germany Returning fire against the industrial capitalist system The Broken Harp: how colonialism crushes culture Organic radicalism: bringing down the fascist machine Acorninfo 1. Stop the Salzburg summit! The call is going out to mobilise … Continue reading The Acorn – 43

The Acorn – 38

Number 38 In this issue: "Chimps" swing into action Defend the living! Fighting the cancer of economic growth D for defiance in struggle against arms trade Protecting the planet is not a crime Sabotaging the subversives Acorninfo 1. "Chimps" swing into action The primate resistance movement has struck out against those who want to destroy … Continue reading The Acorn – 38