The aftermath of the police raid

Racist, sneering police raid Muslim homes

French police have launched more than 2,000 raids across the country since the Paris attacks, the vast majority, of course, against Muslims. Below is a translated account of just one of these raids from Le Journal du Musulman. It beggars belief that people in a cosmopolitan 21st century Western “democracy” could be treated with such casual contempt by the “forces of order”. Imagine that the victims were singled out for being Jewish, rather than Muslim, and you can see where all this can end up…

On November 17 2015, at 5am, the police broke down the door of Mr R’s parents’ home. It was his home that the police really wanted to search. What they didn’t know was that he didn’t live there anymore.

Mr R’s mother tried to stop the police and asked them to make less noise. She was fearful for her husband, who is elderly, has a heart condition and is dying of cancer.

In response to her request, one of the police said: “Everyone’s dying! Everyone’s got cancer!”

They piled into Mr R’s brother’s bedroom – he still lives with his parents.

The door was locked. When they tried to smash down the door, the key fell out inside the room. Mr R’s brother called out “Wait! Wait!” as he picked it up. As he was about to open up, the door was forced open. The police came in and hit him.

They carried on with their search but found nothing in the flat..

They were told that Mr R. doesn’t live with his parents, that he is married and now lives elsewhere.

One team of police stayed at the parents’ home and another went to the couple’s.

There were six of them. They arrived at Mr R’s home and knocked on the door. He opened it.

They told him that they had come for him because he had been radicalised, because he had a beard, because he didn’t go out like he used to and stayed in. He was handcuffed.

The police went inside. Mr R’s wife was in the mezzanine. A cop went up there.

She asked if she could cover her head.

He replied: “Ah and what next? If you lot want to cover your faces, have your beards and robes, you shouldn’t be here. Your religion is back where you came from, if you aren’t happy you should go back home, we don’t need to see people with beards and veils in our streets!”.

She asked again.

“When you’re with us you don’t cover your head,” he said.

He asked her if she wore a veil. Before she even had the time to reply, one of his colleagues called out from under the mezzanine: “Yeah, yeah, there’s all her gowns down here!” in a sneering fashion.

The flat was ransacked. Food, clothes, books, the bin – everything was thrown on the floor.

During all this, Mrs R, who is short-sighted, asked the policeman, who was still with her, if she could put on her glasses. He refused, she asked again and in the end he let her.

No sooner had she put them on than he tore them off her and violently threw them away.

The search continued. They went through everything with a fine tooth-comb.

Throughout, if Mr R’s wife made the slightest movement, the policeman shouted at her.

He went through her wedding trousseau.

“What are you doing with these?” he yelled at her, coming across a pair of high-heeled shoes. “They were a present,” she replied.

The policeman replied, scornfully: “They don’t go with the veil!” and threw them down.

As if they were worthy of no respect or dignity, the humiliation continued.

“This one wears the big brand names!” exclaimed one of the police while going through the husband’s clothes.

The search ended.

On their way out, they noticed a whiteboard in the hall on which were written the words “Job Centre” and “Social Security”. One of the police said: “Of course, they’re milking the system!”

Mr. R told them that his wife was pregnant and that she was going through the procedures to let the authorities know.

Without no concern for what they had just put the couple through, the police continued to poke fun at them and finally left without giving them a copy of the search document as required by law.

“They’ve still got some vacancies at Guantanamo!” called out one policeman as they left.