The Acorn – 48

Number 48 In this issue: Shutting down the capital Final push against UK fracking Gilets Jaunes: "We must exit capitalism" Judi Bari: an orgrad inspiration For an anti-sectarian revolutionary left "The Land Shall Sink" Acorninfo 1. Shutting down the capital Eco-protesters are planning to bring London to a standstill from Monday April 15. Supporters of … Continue reading The Acorn – 48

The Acorn – 47

Number 47 In this issue: Yellow voices Defending nature means fighting capitalism Zombie archaeology Everybody expected the Neoliberal Inquisition Tall tale of "eco-terrorism" Acorninfo 1. Yellow voices The Gilets Jaunes, or Yellow Vests, movement in France is the most important political phenomenon to emerge in Western Europe so far this century. It has smashed through the … Continue reading The Acorn – 47