The Acorn – 48

Number 48 In this issue: Shutting down the capital Final push against UK fracking Gilets Jaunes: "We must exit capitalism" Judi Bari: an orgrad inspiration For an anti-sectarian revolutionary left "The Land Shall Sink" Acorninfo 1. Shutting down the capital Eco-protesters are planning to bring London to a standstill from Monday April 15. Supporters of … Continue reading The Acorn – 48

The Acorn – 7

Number 7 In this issue: Summer of rebellion ahead! English resistance to fracking Mayday in Milano Fighting the power Action Camp and Climate Games in Netherlands Frackanpada Degrowth Summer School Rhineland disobedience Earth First! Summer Gathering Books celebrate nature mystic Acorninfo 1. Summer of rebellion ahead! The revolt against the destructive infrastructure of industrial capitalism … Continue reading The Acorn – 7