The Acorn – 37

Number 37 In this issue: Why Catalonia matters French rebels resist neoliberal assault We need all-out resistance! Whatever happened to the revolution? Welcome to 21st century fascism Acorninfo 1. Why Catalonia matters As anti-statists and internationalists, anarchists often have mixed feelings about movements calling for new nation states, even small ones. But there are times … Continue reading The Acorn – 37

The Acorn – 35

Number 35 In this issue: "Welcome to hell!" Hamburg tells capitalist leaders Earth protectors: hundreds occupy Amsterdam coal harbour France: resisting the neoliberal police state Defiance in face of fracking onslaught The Green One is coming! Acorninfo 1. "Welcome to hell!" Hamburg tells capitalist leaders Razor wire, water cannons and snipers are being lined up … Continue reading The Acorn – 35