The Acorn – 53

Number 53 In this issue: Seeing through "democracy" Greta Thunberg: the billionaires' favourite Misdirected Rebellion Calling out the imperial gatekeepers Yellow revolt takes a striking twist Jacques Ellul: an orgrad inspiration Acorninfo 1.  Seeing through "democracy" The capitalist system will not abolish itself. In fact, it will always do all that it physically can to … Continue reading The Acorn – 53

The Acorn – 13

Number 13 In this issue: Tarnac - a victory against the system Terrorists head for London Docklands Camp to inspire resistance to capitalism Fracking resistance is putting the Earth First! Tourism targeted by anti-capitalists in France Video: camp resists logging industry Acorninfo 1. Tarnac - a victory against the system A significant legal victory against … Continue reading The Acorn – 13