The Acorn – 39

Number 39 In this issue: "Let's put our resistance on the streets in 2018!" Fake democracy – neoliberals ramp up information war So who's behind the attacks on Antifa? Terrorists, pseudogangs and psyops The wisdom of being an anarchist Acorninfo 1. "Let's put our resistance on the streets in 2018!" Resistance against the global capitalist … Continue reading The Acorn – 39

The Acorn – 28

Number 28 In this issue: What fracking democracy? James Lovelock - enemy of Gaia Criminalising anti-capitalism Resisting the neoliberal coup in Brazil London Anarchist Bookfair 2016 Acorninfo 1. What fracking democracy? “This is not democracy, it is dictatorship”. So said one member of the Lancashire farming community after the UK government this month overruled Lancashire … Continue reading The Acorn – 28