As levels of anti-capitalist revolt grow in France, the state has crossed a significant line in repression – it is using “state of emergency” legislation to ban individuals from protesting.

Letters were received by activists on Saturday May 14 banning them from taking part in any protests against the Loi Travail on Tuesday May 17.

An article on the Paris Luttes site explains that the Kafkaesque decision to impose a “preventative” ban is made unilaterally by the authorities – with no right to defence or trial.

Quoting one of the letters, the report explains that no specific allegations are even being made against the activist in  question – they are merely said to have been seen “on numerous occasions” on protests against police violence and the Loi Travail.

As we were already warning back in November, in Acorn 18: “Make no mistake – a very deliberate psychological attack is being made on the population of France by the imposition of the state of emergency and all the fear-mongering jingoistic hysteria accompanying it.

“There is a big and obvious lie behind the role of the military-style police with their grenades, batons and poison gas, along with the bureaucrats and politicians who are happy to impose military-style law in the supposed home of liberté, and the lapdog journalists who churn out their propaganda.

“They are not defending the people, as they laughably claim, but reasserting the brute power and violence through which every state demands the craven submission of its population”.

Acorn 24

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