Eclipsed by the State: A Critical Look at Christian America

Eclipsed Detail Eclipsed – Oil on Canvas – 45x34 inches by Jordan Henderson A Facemask for the Christian Right - The Pledge of Allegiance The pledge of allegiance is a similar ritual to Covid facemask wearing: it is a ritual of subservience to the state, and a ceremonial statement of belief and faith in the authorities. The pledge of allegiance is … Continue reading Eclipsed by the State: A Critical Look at Christian America

The Triumph of Science

by Jordan Henderson Two weeks to flatten the curve will have to come to an end one year or another, and now, as certain Covid policies are loosening, some people worry that we may be failing to follow the Science. I want to reassure the followers of Science that, temporary setbacks notwithstanding, Science has done … Continue reading The Triumph of Science

The Acorn – 63

Number 63 In this issue: Breaking point draws near Guided by the light of life Nevermore on the anarchist response to Covid-19 Safe & Sanitized: interview with artist Jordan Henderson Wanted: a new resistance movement Georges Bernanos: an orgrad inspiration Acorninfo 1. Breaking point draws near A year after the start of the Covid crisis, … Continue reading The Acorn – 63