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“If we did not stride through time, we would achieve nothing. We would be frozen images of humanity, mere effigies deprived of the dimension that gives us existence”.

“The idea of time is an idea of this world and relates only to the way in which our individual existence forms part of the Eternal Whole. It is the means by which we can subjectively understand and experience the extent of our individual existence, but that subjectivity no longer exists when the subject has died. It therefore makes no sense at all to speak of what becomes of the soul ‘after’ death”.

Perantulo whirled at such a speed that he caught up the passing of time itself, overtook it and then looped right round to approach it from behind, like the snake that devours its own tail”.


The Fakir of Florence: A novel in three layers

by Paul Cudenec

Winter Oak Press, Sussex, England, 2016

ISBN: 978-0-9576566-6-6

296 pages


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