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Perantulo is a wandering sage, spreading his mystic pagan wisdom from Khaluvia to Mesqa-Murro, from the chestnut forests of Sevennola to the rain-lashed archipelago of Prydina.

His encounter with the sculptor whose hands refuse to do what he tells them is also an encounter with the very nature of art.

His appreciation of the objective reality of the universe reveals the subjective and provisional quality of our own lives and the dimension of time in which they are laid out.

And his emphasis on existential courage and the need to expose and destroy the falsities of wealth, greed and dogma make him a voice of authentic anarchism, calling to us from a place far beyond the empty modern world we know.


The Fakir of Florence: A novel in three layers

by Paul Cudenec

Winter Oak Press, Sussex, England, 2016

ISBN: 978-0-9576566-6-6

296 pages


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