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Il fachiro was an Eastern philosopher who arrived in Renaissance Florence in 1459, as set out in a book called Il fachiro di Firenze.

His metaphysical wisdom superficially resembled the Neoplatonism of Florence’s merchant ruler Cosimo di Medici and scholar Marsilio Ficino.

But it soon became apparent that his profoundly egalitarian and anti-bourgeois philosophy was in fact incompatible with the proto-capitalism emerging in Florence at the time and he was condemned as an anarchist.

Watched by mercenary spies, smeared by false rumours and finally ostracised by the Neoplatonist elite, he was effectively written out of the city’s history. Until now.


The Fakir of Florence: A novel in three layers

by Paul Cudenec

Winter Oak Press, Sussex, England, 2016

ISBN: 978-0-9576566-6-6

296 pages


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