The Acorn – 71

Number 71

In this issue:

  1. When power collapses
  2. The stirring rumble of revolt
  3. The Western left: a corporate lobby group
  4. Ancient Home
  5. Peter Kropotkin: an organic radical inspiration
  6. Acorninfo

1. When power collapses

dam burst

The global ruling clique have been planning the Great Reset for years, if not decades.

They have a lot invested in being able to use this “narrow window of opportunity” to push us into a new economy based on digital slavery.

They have, in fact, gambled everything on this moment and this is both bad and good news for the rest of us.

It is bad news because they are not going to give up. They know that it if they back down now, it will be years before they can try again, so they will keep pushing their lies and deploying their violence as long as they physically can.

It is good news because a tree which does not bend with the wind is eventually going to snap.

The more they insist on keeping up their propaganda and oppression, the more the whole scope of their domination, including the identity of their servile collaborators, will become plain for all to see.

When the Great Reset comes crashing down it will bring with it everything else from the WEF and the UN to the scientific establishment, the corporate media and the entire political class.

Together, we will be able to build a new world in the ruins of their corrupt and failed empire.


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2. The stirring rumble of revolt

A71 convoy5

Events are now moving at such a rapid pace that anything we write by way of an update will soon become “out-of”.

Restrictions are being lifted in some places (England, Ireland, Denmark, Finland), with Covid narratives seemingly collapsing, while elsewhere the spiral of repression and resistance continues to intensify.

By far the biggest development in the worldwide Great Resist has, of course, been the Truckers for Freedom convoy in Canada.

The huge crowds of ordinary people lining the highways and, at the time of writing, packing the streets of Ottawa, have given hope to dissidents across the world.

Needless to say, the system has launched a counter-offensive of smears and lies.

Despite all the evidence to the contrary (see also here, here, here…), it has again wheeled out its tired “far-right white supremacist” meme to try to discredit this very broad-based freedom movement.

But as we wrote back in October: “This magic smearing wand cannot work for ever. The more widely and inappropriately it is used, the more clearly it reveals itself for what it is”.

A71 elders

The Canadian franchise of the global mafia has also been trying to confiscate the millions of dollars raised by convoy supporters and is clearly not going to lightly step aside in the face of even this unprecedented show of people power.

There were signs of revolt in Canada even before the convoy got underway, with freedom protests in the likes of Toronto, Montreal and Moncton, New Brunswick.

In the USA, there was a massive “Defeat the Mandates” rally in Washington, DC, plus protests in places including Albany, New York.

Further south, the roadblocks have still been springing up in Guadeloupe, as the French colony continues its uprising against vaccine passports and general social misery. Even further south, determined freedom protesters succeeded in forcing the Bolivian state to suspend the requirements for vaccine passports in public places.

Everywhere, just everywhere, the rumble of discontent and defiance has been growing louder and louder.

Europe notably saw the huge protest targeting the EU in Brussels on January 23, during which angry protesters forced riot cops to run away into the city’s metro system.

The Belgian capital is likely to be the target of another big international turn-out very soon, if plans for a European freedom convoy come to fruition.

There have been feisty freedom protests in eastern Europe, such as in Romania, Bulgaria and Poland.

Demos have been taking place every weekend all over France against its vaccine passports since July 2021 and people have been continuing to take to the streets in large numbers, in Paris, Toulon, Montpellier, Pau, Reims, Aix, Toulouse

A71 Paris

German resistance to the Great Reset has been on the rise, with literally hundreds of regular protests all over the country, including in Frankfurt-am-Main, Hamburg, Augsburg, Bamberg and Freiburg.

Since our last Acorn came out, freedom-lovers have been defying the New Normal dictatorship in Helsinki, Stockholm, Copenhagen and Oslo.

A clear message has been sent to the World Economic Forum and its gang of worldwide criminals from all across Europe: Vienna, Graz, Salzburg, Trento, Amsterdam (where police violently attacked protesters), Luxembourg and Bilbao, to name but a few hotspots of revolt.

Australians have been displaying their resistance to the new techocratic world regime in Brisbane, Perth and Melbourne.

There have likewise been visible signs of dissent against the global authoritarian coup in Tunisia, Lebanon and Israel, where actions have included a joyful and musical invasion of a cinema, from which the unvaxxed are banned.

And let’s not forget the UK, where the popular opposition to freedom-killing laws which has been in evidence since 2020 continued with big protests in London, Birmingham, Manchester, Liverpool and Glasgow.

For how long do our lying rulers think they can gaslight us with their insistence that, in Justin Trudeau’s words, our resistance consists merely of a “fringe” minority expressing “unacceptable” views?

UK convoy

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3. The Western left: a corporate lobby group

A71 convoy

“In blistering cold temperatures, we lined the highways in solidarity. For the first time in almost two years, there were no masks – only smiles, laughter & happiness”.

So wrote Canadian investigative journalist Cory Morningstar after showing her support for the uprising spearheaded by the Truckers for Freedom convoy.

She offers some useful thoughts on the power of conformity, “as the Pfizer left throws the working class under the bus”.

This, she says, is “a behaviour so powerful, it manifests as self-censorship, as a means to insulate ourselves against shaming and ridicule”.

And she adds: “The ruling class uses the power of conformity as a weapon against us, in order to keep us divided.

vaccine left“The Western left abandoned the working class long ago. It now serves as a de facto lobby group for capital and corporate power.

“First came the money, then came the climbing over one another in desperate attempt to be recognized by, and inducted into, the very class structure it formerly sought to dismantle.

“We must resist being sucked into the political posturing vortex of left vs. right which only serves the ruling class. We must make our judgments based on critical thought, not on what is deemed popular or acceptable by those that have aligned with the enemy.

“We must resist the very real pressure to conform to the social norms, framing, and false dichotomies that have been created – specifically to keep us divided.

“There is common ground to be found on issues that benefit humanity as a whole. There is common ground to be found in opposing ruling class objectives such as a war waged on humanity. This is the ruling class project now in motion.

“One thing I have learned over the past two years is tolerance. If I can tolerate and engage with family members who espouse completely opposing ideological and political views to my own, I should be able to do the same in my own community and beyond.

“We will never win the war on humanity, that has been waged against us, divided. No war but class war”.

“If you’re not careful, the newspapers will have you hating the people who are being oppressed, and loving the people who are doing the oppressing.” ― Malcolm X


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4. Ancient Home

Canada wilderness

Borne by the wholeness of Nature
Woven into the web of Life
We are kin to all that lives
And what we call Wilderness
Is the ancient Home
Where our own cradle stood.

But the endless Wilderness
Of late is broken
Torn to islets against whose shores
Relentlessly the breakers
Of all-consuming humanity beat.

While the web of life and wilderness fade
We dare set limits of what may remain
Yet deep in our souls we feel with pain
The wrong we do to Earth and Life
And that the beating breakers
Our own beings break.

Wilderness wakens in unsung brave hearts
Kind hands of old and young firmly join
To shield our wild siblings and Mother Earth
To protect ourselves from ourselves.

‘Ancient Home’ by Eric Schindler, published in ‘Smallholder’ Magazine, Canada.

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5. Peter Kropotkin: an organic radical inspiration

The latest in our series of profiles from the orgrad website.


“The sense of Mutual Aid, Justice, and Morality are rooted in man’s mind with all the force of an inborn instinct”

Peter Kropotkin (1842-1921) was a geographer, zoologist and political theorist whose ideas are crucial to coherent anarchist ideology.

At the heart of his philosophy is the idea of mutual aid, which he regarded as a universal tendency deeply engrained in both human and animal nature.

It is because we have the natural and innate capacity to live in co-operation and solidarity that the top-down hierarchy of the state is not only unnecessary, but also harmful, destroying organic communal structures.

Kropotkin wrote in his best-known work, Mutual Aid: A Factor of Evolution, first published in 1902: “The mutual-aid tendency in man has so remote an origin, and is so deeply interwoven with all the past evolution of the human race, that it has been maintained by mankind up to the present time, notwithstanding all vicissitudes of history”. (1)

He was quite clear that this mutual aid, this anarchism, was not something that needed to be constructed artificially by human endeavour, but originated in nature itself.

As he explained in the pamphlet ‘Law and Authority’ : “Without social feelings and usages, life in common would have been absolutely impossible. It is not law which has established them; they are anterior to all law… They are spontaneously developed by the very nature of things, like those habits in animals which men call instinct”. (2)

mutual aid

And in Mutual Aid he declared: “Life in societies is no exception in the animal world; it is the rule, the law of Nature, and it reaches its fullest development with the higher vertebrates”. (3)

Kropotkin argued that although the mutual aid mentality was often not easy to see in modern capitalist societies, its presence among so-called “primitive” peoples showed that it was a natural attitude for humanity.

He wrote: “When first meeting with primitive races, the Europeans usually make a caricature of their life; but when an intelligent man has stayed among them for a longer time, he generally describes them as the ‘kindest’ or ‘the gentlest’ race on the earth.

“These very same words have been applied to the Ostyaks, the Samoyedes, the Eskimos, the Dayaks, the Aleoutes, the Papuas, and so on, by the highest authorities. I also remember having read them applied to the Tunguses, the Tchuktchis, the Sioux, and several others. The very frequency of that high commendation already speaks volumes in itself”. (4)

In his last, uncompleted, book Ethics: Origin and Development, Kropotkin was deepening his nature-based philosophy in a direction shared by other radical organic thinkers.

peterkropotkinethicsHe insisted that not only were we human beings physically part of nature but that our thinking inevitably arose from that same source.

Nature was “the first ethical teacher of man” (5) and our ideas of bad and good were reflections of what our ancestors saw in animal life. (6)

He wrote: “Mutual Aid-Justice-Morality are thus the consecutive steps of an ascending series, revealed to us by the study of the animal world and man.

“They constitute an organic necessity which carries in itself its own justification, confirmed by the whole of the evolution of the animal kingdom, beginning with its earliest stages (in the form of colonies of the most primitive organisms), and gradually rising to our civilized human communities.

“Figuratively speaking, it is a universal law of organic evolution, and this is why the sense of Mutual Aid, Justice, and Morality are rooted in man’s mind with all the force of an inborn instinct”. (7)

Like Ferdinand Tönnies, Kropotkin looked back favourably on the Middle Ages as a society where popular customs had evolved to protect the collective interests of the community.

He wrote: “The mediaeval cities were not organized upon some preconceived plan in obedience to the will of an outside legislator. Each of them was a natural growth in the full sense of the word – an always varying result of struggle between various forces which adjusted and re-adjusted themselves in conformity with their relative energies, the chances of their conflicts, and the support they found in their surroundings”. (8)

Unlike so many contemporary pseudo-anarchists, Kropotkin did not shy away from talking about the “social organism” (9) and expressing a classically holistic and nature-orientated view of the world.

russiastreamHe wrote, for example, that “we are compelled to acknowledge that every natural phenomenon – the fall of any particular stone, the flow of a brook, or the life of any one tree or animal, constitutes the necessary manifestation of the properties of the whole, of the sum total of animate and inanimate nature”. (10)

Kropotkin was also, of course, a fierce critic of contemporary capitalist society, which had reduced human beings to a state far removed from life in harmonious organic societies.

He commented that the son of a worker in the Western industrial-capitalist world “comes into the world more destitute than a savage… Everything has been appropriated by somebody; he must accept the bargain, or starve”. (11)

And he cut to the core of the capitalist notion of “work” when he asked: “Who would sell his labor power for less than it is capable of bringing in if he were not forced thereto by the threat of hunger?” (12)

Kropotkin explained how the state, with all its various “legitimate” structures and tools, played an essential role in imposing capitalism on the people.

He defined the law as “nothing but an instrument for the maintenance of exploitation and the domination of the toiling masses by rich idlers” (13) and said law and capital were like twins who “have advanced, hand in hand, sustaining one another with the suffering of mankind”. (14)

He added: “The State was established for the precise purpose of imposing the rule of the landowners, the employers of industry, the warrior class, and the clergy upon the peasants on the land and the artisans in the city. And the rich perfectly well know that if the machinery of the State ceased to protect them, their power over the laboring classes would be gone immediately”. (15)


Kropotkin was a revolutionary and argued that “there are periods in the life of human society when revolution becomes an imperative necessity, when it proclaims itself as inevitable”. (16)

But for a revolution to succeed we needed “intrepid souls who know that is necessary to dare in order to succeed”. (17)

A positive attitude, a burning conviction of the possibility of victory, was essential to fuel the power of revolt, he said: “Let us remember that if exasperation often drives men to revolt, it is always hope, the hope of victory, which makes revolutions”. (18)

He added that this hope, and the action it inspired, would itself feed back into the positive energies of the revolutionary surge: “Courage, devotion, the spirit of sacrifice, are as contagious as cowardice, submission, and panic”. (19)

Once this powerful spiral of revolt had started spinning, it would take on a life of its own and become “a revolutionary whirlwind”. (20)

Video links: Kropotkin on Ants and Mutual Aid (5 mins), Kropotkin’s Funeral (11 mins).


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6. Acorninfo

“What we are really proud of now, is the young generation, like Prime Minister Trudeau, the President of Argentina, and so on. So we penetrate the cabinets… I was at a reception of Prime Minister Trudeau and I know that half of this cabinet, or even more than half of this cabinet, are actually Young Global Leaders of the world”. In boasting about the reach of the World Economic Forum and its grooming projects, isn’t Klaus Schwab pleading guilty to criminal conspiracy on a global scale?

Klaus Schwab video

* * *

While the criminal mafia behind the Great Reset walk free, dissidents languish behind bars. One of these is Toby Shone, targeted by UK “anti-terrorist” cops as part of Operation Adream. In a recorded message from his prison cell, he explains: “The repression was aimed to target the anarchist group of critique and practice, 325 collective and the website Operation Adream is an attack by the British State in conjunction with European partners against anarchist direct action groups, counter-information projects, prisoner solidarity initiatives and the new anarchist critique of the technological singularity and the fourth and fifth industrial revolution”.

325 cover

* * *

The Great Reset land grab seems to already be underway. Fortress or colonial conservation, set to expand massively if governments agree to protect 30% of the planet this year, is marketed to the public as a New Deal For Nature, a Paris Agreement for Nature or Nature Positive. In January, the Tanzanian government renewed efforts to seize 1,500 km2 of legally registered village land from Maasai pastoralists, who have sustainably stewarded the area for generations. Reports The Oakland Institute: “The government plans would displace over 70,000 Maasai pastoralists from their ancestral land to create a wildlife corridor that would be used for trophy hunting and tourism by the United Arab Emirates-based Otterlo Business Company”.


* * *

Pfizer and Moderna’s COVID-19 vaccine business model represents the ultimate public-private “partnership”. As US human rights lawyer Aaron Siri tweeted on February 2: “Government gives them billions, gives them immunity for any injuries or if doesn’t work, promotes their products for free, and mandates their products”. He warns: “Anyone who thinks that the system being set up to enforce COVID-19 vaccine mandates on adults is temporary or will not be expanded to other medical products is not paying attention”.

Aaron Siri

* * *

“In 2019, the world economy was plagued by the same sickness that had caused the 2008 credit crunch. It was suffocating under an unsustainable mountain of debt”. Fabio Vighi explores “how Big Capital is using the pandemic shutdown to bailout and delay inevitable capitalist collapse”.

A71 Vighi article

* * *

Professor Robert Endres was one of the first scientists in the UK to speak out against government narratives and restrictions back in May 2020 when almost all were silent or complying. Almost two years later, a fascinating interview with him has been carried out by Ash Mahmood.

Robert Endres

* * *

In this interview with Jerm Warfare, architect and filmmaker Robin Monotti discusses why biourbanism is preferrable to Smart Cities and how technocratic power structures have dehumanised relationships between people.

Robin Monotti

* * *

“Right now I’m reminding Lucy of the appointment she needs to schedule for her mandatory vaccination.” This sinister propaganda video from Thales for its “Digital ID Wallet” exposes the kind of nightmare future being lined up for us. As the industry’s ID2020 Alliance was already saying in 2018: “In order to enable digital identity at scale, we will need to identify and leverage many entry points. Immunization service delivery presents a tremendous opportunity…”

A71 Thales

* * *

A January 2022 podcast interview with Winter Oak writer Paul Cudenec by New Delhi student blogger and podcaster Arindam Singh can be heard on Spotify.


* * *

Acorn quote:

“If one is to rule, and to continue ruling, one must be able to dislocate the sense of reality”. George Orwell1984


(For many more like this, see the Winter Oak quotes for the day blog)

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7 thoughts on “The Acorn – 71

  1. Perhaps an article for The Acorn 72 could cover the direct financial cost of all the fearmongering ‘COVID-19’ and ‘Coronavirus’ propaganda that we have been subjected to over the past couple of years. From a purely British perspective, billions of pounds have been spent in the name of the NHS, whilst treatments for more serious ailments than COVID-19 have been cancelled. Additionally, local government officers have got in on the act by commissioning their own versions, peddling the ‘New Normality’ of distancing, masking, testing and vaxxing. When summed up across all local councils, the cost must also run into billions of pounds. This will have to be paid for via Council Tax bills that every household in Britain will receive during March to cover the financial year starting in April. This is against a background of rising domestic fuel bills and a generally high rate of retail price inflation, hence falling living standards.


  2. The anarchist journal Raven # 24 (1993) contained “The Scientific Background of Kropotkin’s Mutual Aid” which originally appeared in ‘Isis’ (#78), official journal of the (American) History of Science Society.
    What chance The Acorn might reprint it as it is quite relevant to any discussion of Darwin’s “Origin of Species”, etc ? (Paper was authored by Daniel P Todes…)


  3. This covid manoeuvre has mercilessly shown up the true nature of the “opposition” that has acted as touchstone throughout the last half century or more. And no organisation stands more revealed in its vile duplicity than the World Socialist Website. This appalling pseudo rag has been by far the most belligerent and vicious shiller for the virus. It has never skipped a beat or even relaxed it’s fearmongering and demonisation of all scepticism. Every step of the way it hammers relentlessly the repetition of the mnemonics of terror – those Biblical allusions to flood imagery: waves, surges, tsunamis. With not a single hesitation before that very media so carefully dissected before but now ceaselessly relied on – unless it’s to claim the horror statistics are being under-reported!

    For me, and I hope for thousands of others, I hope this rancid phony “oppositional” site gets buried by the eventual realisation of this disgusting betrayal and that it never dares to raise its filthy head again.


  4. “Nature Positive” = “The Great Grab” = Homocide

    No doubt about it. The WEF are neocolonial tyrants who plan to evict millions of tribal people from their homeland, from the land their ancestors have lived on for millenia in harmony with Mother Earth.

    The process has just begun but even now at the very beginning the devastating impact of this biggest landgrab since the Conquista of the American continent by Spanish colonialists is obvious.
    The degenerated criminals of this terrorist organization called WEF plan to grab the last intact natural ecosystems and thus they want to evict the tribal cultures that live there from their land.
    The sad fate the Maasai people now face is only the prelude of the fate entire humanity soon shall face if we do not stop those elitist sickos.

    Eviction, pauperization, starvation, extinction.

    Transhumanists as Klaus Schwab and his sick followers want to live for ever. They want to “immortalize” themselves and this planet is too crowded with other people to guarantee them the “eternal life in luxury and splendor” they strive for. Their cynical calculation just is:

    On a planet with limited ressources only a few immortals can survive, the rest must be exterminated.

    We must be absolutely aware that the entire World is at the verge of being “purged” from humanity by these vitaphobic psychopaths.

    The name of the threat is HOMOCIDE and it means nothing else but the final genocide only that it’s not a people or an ethnic group that they plan to kill but entire mankind.

    Their pipe dreams are of a future in which only they “the chosen ones”, “the immortals” inhabit that planet surrounded by only a handful of “slaves” and a lot of robots and drones who serve them cocktails at their eternal pool parties.


  5. this evil satanic fore is a cycle and has happened over and over again but with every cycle it will become weaker and weaker untill all are in hell


    Liked by 1 person

  6. Great article: I was looking for the Fascist, Klaus Schwab clip, talking about our Fascist Prime Minister. I am going to email the clip to my Mayor, MLA, MP, and local media. We need to put a stick in their eye, so to speak, any time we can, without slandering them.By the way, your Winter Oak, Klaus Schwab and his great fascist reset document, is the most factual and detailed article that I have read.Thank YouDave McGowan

    Liked by 1 person

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