Historic day of resistance in France

Something quite remarkable is happening in France, as we pointed out a couple of weeks ago.

Since then, opposition to the vaccine passports being imposed for everyday life has swollen to a phenomenal extent.

On Saturday July 31 massive numbers took to the streets in some 200 towns and cities across the country. There were also big protests in Italy and Switzerland.

The mainstream media are desperately trying to minimise the numbers, write off the protesters as minority “conspiracy theorists” and pretend nothing important is happening.

But their lies are just making the situation even worse for the system, as the ordinary men and women who have taken to the streets outraged at the draconian vaccine passports wake up to the fact that they have been duped in an even bigger way…

The visible presence of nurses and firefighters on the protests also gives this new movement a powerful edge.

Saturday of course saw a gigantic protest in Paris (which also included some comic relief), but that was just the tip of the iceberg.

There were protests everywhere – for instance in Pau, Nice, Nîmes, Thonons-les-Bains, Reims, Chambéry, Réunion, Valence, Mulhouse, Quimper, Marseilles, Limoges, Vannes, Toulon, St Etienne, Nancy, Rouen, Bordeaux, Brest, Rennes, Lille, Perpignan, La Rochelle, Nantes, Strasbourg, Caen, Montpellier, Lyons

Here are some photos from Annecy in the French Alps, where thousands joined a protest headed by nurses and which was greeted by applause from their colleagues as it completely blocked the main road and passed in front of the town’s hospital.

“Macron, we don’t want your vaccine passport! Liberté! Macron in jail! Hands off our children!” shouted the crowds, which were diverse and full of energy.

Will Macron be forced to back down in the face of this popular uprising? Or is he bound to push through the dictatorial global Great Reset at any cost?

Crucial days lie ahead, not just for France but for the whole of humankind.


“No to conditional freedom”
“No to the authoritarian paSSport”
“Imagine a ‘vaccine’ so reliable that you have to be threatened into taking it and a sickness so ‘lethal’ that you have to be tested to know if you’ve got it. No to mandatory vaccination!’
Freedom! No to the vacine passport. Macron, Castex and Véran OUT. Resign!
“My grandfather, who was in the French Resistance, must be turning in his grave!”
“I refuse fear. I am a free citizen. No to the passport”
“Dictatorship is ‘en marche’ [from the name of Macron’s party, La République En Marche]. Wake up!”
Liberty, Equality and Fraternity replaced by Submission, Inequality and Enmity.

“I say yes to life”

15 thoughts on “Historic day of resistance in France

  1. bonjour je suis français !
    dans la région de gironde le passeport sanitaire a été suspendu a l’entré des grands magasin suite aux manifestations et blocages !
    hello i am french !
    in the region of Gironde the health passport has been suspended at the entrance of the department stores following the demonstrations and blockades!


    1. Like

  2. There were about a thousand people in Birmingham on Saturday 24th July for the Freedom Rally in Victoria Square against ‘vaccine passports’; more joined for the protest march around the city centre, viewed by hundreds of puzzled, some of whom were muzzled, shoppers. Not a great turnout in numbers for England’s second largest city (and largest single local authority) with a population of more than a million people. Of the attendees about half were from out of town. Partly this low level of turnout is due to the organisers not stating where in the city centre the Freedom Rally would be, basing it on the assumption that people would either be ‘in the know’ or just guess! Partly, this is also because, for most of the past year, organised protests have ignored ‘provincial’ cities in favour of Central London only. There is also the tendency at these rallies for at least one of the speakers to sound off on something of no relevance, using it as a soapbox, that misses the whole point of what the rally and protest march are for.


  3. Just put this up here – https://dialectical-delinquents.com/covid1984-latest/2021-2/august-2021-covid-1984/:

    France, Nantes: an indication of the misery permitted by increasing fascist participation in the anti Health Passport demos (31st July) – https://nantes-revoltee.com/que-sest-il-passe-a-nantes-le-31-juillet/

    Provisional text from a friend:

    👉 Since Macron’s announcements on 12 July – formalising the move to a dictatorship of the bourgeoisie under the pretext of health – hundreds of thousands of people have been regularly mobilising in the streets to oppose the health passport and compulsory anti-covid vaccination.

    👉 A part of the far right takes advantage of the opportunity to take to the streets and try to recuperate the protest for its own benefit – while sometimes trying to commit abuses on other demonstrators in the very heart of the processions. In Montpellier, Rennes and elsewhere, nationalist identitarians, royalists and other inbreds marched last Saturday – sometimes discreetly in small groups, sometimes openly.

    👉 The far right has no place in the street. Those who, in all their components, have denounced for decades the “laxity” of successive governments and hypothetical “red judges” now claim to regret living in a dictatorship? Those who count in their ranks many police officers and gendarmes (without even mentioning the countless informers) who have repressed without qualm the Yellow Vest movement and the one against the pension reform claim to have had a sudden revelation and claim to now side with Freedom?

    👉 In reality, the fash are the useful idiots of successive French governments: as their traditional security agenda was taken up & implemented by the UMP [Sarkozy’s former party], PS [Socialist Party], LREM [Macron’s party], the far-right have pushed its liberticidal proposals ever further, conveniently allowing the governing parties to continue to pass for “moderates”.

    👉 Moreover, the presence of anti-Semites, racists and other Dupont-Lajoie [reference to film – “The Common Man” – about a café owner] escaped from the Café du Commerce in the processions of the past weeks – even if it was a very small minority – offers a golden opportunity for the government to try to discredit the mobilization against the sanitary dictatorship by presenting it as the work of “extremists”… If the Patriots, the UPR, DLF [right-wing political rackets], did not exist, LREM would be necessary to invent them.

    👉 Banking on the disappearance of collective intelligence, the fash shamelessly pretend to oppose today’s Macronist crimes in the name of ancient crimes (Nazism, Fascism, Petainism, Francoism…). Fighting an authoritarianism in the name of other authoritarianisms is a fatal impasse in which opponents of the health passport must not engage.

    👉 Following the example of the setbacks suffered in its ranks in Nantes and Toulouse last weekend, the far right has just realised that ambiguity can only be overcome to its detriment. This necessary political clarification must continue.

    ➡️➡️ The “nation” is a cage invented by the bourgeoisie! Down with all the extreme right-wingers! FASCISTS – OUT OF OUR LIVES, OUT OF OUR STRUGGLES!


  4. I think you are minimising the contradictions of these demonstrations (eg the participation of the Right, slogans such as “the police with us!” etc.). However, I’ll leave my critiques till later, and probably put them on my site. For the moment it’s worth adding this bit of information about Martinique, taken from my site (here: https://dialectical-delinquents.com/covid1984-latest/2021-2/august-2021-covid-1984/ )

    Martinique (French overseas territory): vaccination centre torched during overnight riots against Covid-imposed curfew (31st-1st)

    “It was a night of burning bins, organised looting, and five cars set on fire…For several days now, an appeal has been circulating on social networks. A group of individuals, to protest against the reinforcement of the restrictive measures, and in particular the curfew, launched the idea of a parade on Saturday 31 July in the evening. A demonstration organised despite the curfew-related ban on movement. At around 10pm, clashes broke out when the wild demo arrived on Maurice Bishop Avenue, not far from the CMA-CGM premises. The police used tear gas to disperse the crowd…Several businesses were set on fire: a pharmacy, the Sainte-Thérèse vaccination centre of the Regional Health Agency (ARS) and five cars set on fire…”

    It seems worth pointing out that a few years back the French government imposed 11 compulsory vaccinations on the newly-born throughout France and its territories, 3 of which the WHO deemed quite dangerous, and this without opposition (probably due to the lack of much knowledge of the fact). The take-up of the 1st dose of the vaccine in Martinique is just 20%. Plus they have suffered from a high level of carcenogenic pesticides, which apparently tends to make them suspicious of chemicals in general. Resistance to the curfew and compulsory vaccination in a part of France that is particularly impoverished and treated like a colony is a minimum affirmation of humanity.

    See also this in French: Sortons de l’impasse sanitaire ! (https://dialectical-delinquents.com/covid1984-latest/2021-2/august-2021-covid-1984/sortons-de-limpasse-sanitaire/ )


  5. Yes he will push this through as this sub human is a brainwashed puppet because the majority refuse to take this experiment and which is against the Nuremberg Coad of human rights all criminals and will be accounted for they can use force but i feel police army will turn against this evil all stay away from this experiment and win against this sub human physcopathic forces here now


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