Ways to Counter the Total Enslavement of the World – guest post by Roger Copple

What is increasing surveillance, technocracy, transhumanism, the Fourth Industrial Revolution, artificial intelligence and the age of robots leading to? The total enslavement of humanity. The technology has been developed that makes it possible to embed us with a microchip that tracks and ultimately controls us. If the technology is already developed, it will eventually be used. Our freedoms are being taken away from us–always for the greater good we’re told. This dystopian nightmare will be our future unless we resist nonviolently and show a better way that leads to peace on Earth. The choice is ours. 

There have been regional genocides throughout world history, but it is believed that the next genocide will be a global scenario of medical, biological, and political tyranny that would make Hitler’s holocaust look like child’s play–because it would be a genocide that encompasses the whole world. Researcher Alison McDowell uses the acronym (CITE): they want to capture, inject, trace, and erase (everything in us that’s natural or human).

As a result of the lockdowns, there has been an enormous transfer of wealth from the working and middle classes to the wealthy, ruling class. The wealth of billionaires has increased by a quarter (25 percent) in the past year, while many others (the 99 Percent) have undergone tragedy and loss. The world is being controlled by sociopathic oligarchs who control the dominant, official narrative. The lockdown of small businesses–for a virus that a miniscule percentage of people die from–has caused far more psychological, physical, and financial damage than the virus itself. 

How did humans live for 250,000 years without vaccines? Is it possible that we have been misled about what really makes us ill so that the medical establishment can make astronomical profits? Sickness and disease are more profitable than a healthy lifestyle.

Is it humanitarian concerns that drive vaccine companies to rush to produce magical vaccines for everything, or is it the enormous profits that can be made? Based on the information in the next 3 paragraphs below, the liability risks for vaccine companies are virtually nonexistent. It is a win-win situation for the vaccine companies. They cannot be sued. 

The National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act of 1986 eliminates the potential liability of vaccine manufacturers due to vaccine injury claims. 

Children’s Health Defense stated, “On Monday, Feb. 22 [2021], the World Health Organization (WHO) announced what it billed as the world’s first global, ‘no-fault’ vaccine injury compensation program for those who suffer what WHO described as ‘rare but serious adverse events’ associated with COVID-19 vaccines.” Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. at Children’s Health Defense has stated that he is not against all vaccines, just the harmful ones. 

Covid propaganda1“The Public Readiness and Emergency Preparedness Act (PREP Act) authorizes the Secretary of Health and Human Services (HHS) to limit legal liability for losses relating to the administration of medical countermeasures such as diagnostics, treatments, and vaccines.” That quote was stated in this Congressional Research Services article (updated December 21, 2020) entitled The PREP Act and COVID-19: Limiting Liability for Medical Countermeasures.” 

It would seem that most of the individuals and websites that question the official narrative of the WHO and CDC regarding Covid-19 are from the political right, but there are a few voices from the political left as well. Where is the outrage that there is no public debate in the mainstream media about the wearing of masks, social distancing, the lockdown of the world’s economy, and the experimental vaccines for the coronavirus? Where is the debate of Germ Theory vs. Terrain Model? Experts with alternative opinions are also being censored on Facebook and YouTube. Wikipedia and the Fact Checkers convey what the Establishment wants us to believe. Many of the references at the end of this article will show that there are several medical experts who claim that the entire official narrative on COVID is a house of cards built on sand. It cannot stand up to close scrutiny. The Great Reset is a plan that makes the super wealthy even wealthier.

The Terrain Model of health and disease is something I had never heard of until the covid crisis began in 2020. Proponents of the Terrain Model do not believe that diseases can be caught from bacteria and viruses that invade the body from the outside; they argue that there is no original evidence that definitely proves that any germ causes any specific disease. The germs have never been isolated according to Koch’s Postulates. Terrain theorists believe instead that diseases are caused by things like stress, diet, environmental toxins, and eletctro-magnetic radiation. They would argue that “your body’s ability to heal is greater than anyone has permitted you to believe.” 

Like most people, I have always believed in contagious diseases, but as I learn more about Natural Hygiene and Terrain Theory, it is causing me to think that much of what the medical establishment teaches is based on a collection of unproved assumptions and suppositions. For example, On page 88 in the book “What Really Makes You Ill,” Dr Stefan Lanka, PhD–who studied virology as well as molecular biology, ecology, and marine biology–made this bold statement in a 2005 interview: “In the course of my studies, I and others have not been able to find proof of the evidence of disease-causing viruses anywhere.” 

Also on page 88 of the above referenced book, it is stated: “This statement that no ‘disease-causing’ virus has been directly proven to exist highlights another crucial fact, which is that the ‘presence’ of a virus in the body is not determined directly, but only through the detection of antibodies that the body is alleged to have produced against the virus; there is no test that is able to directly detect the presence of a ‘whole virus.’ The real purpose and function within the human body of these particles of genetic material contained within a protein coating are unknown; the claim that they cause disease remains entirely unproven.” On page 89 it is mentioned that in 2016 Dr Lanka won a case, after it was appealed, in a German court that demonstrated there is no evidence that proves measles is caused by a virus. 

Dawn Lester and David Parker, the authors of What Really Makes You Ill state on page 101 in the section of the book about bacteria, “Life is indeed complex and interdependent. The world is not a battleground in which the germs must be killed, because clearly what kills the germs will surely kill all life-forms. They conclude the section with a quote from Dr Stefan Lanka who said, “The basis of biological life is togetherness, is symbiosis, and in this there is no place for war and destruction.” 

It seems like people that follow the Natural Hygiene/Terrain Model and vegan diet are healthier than people who trust the Germ Theory of allopathic Western medicine and the standard American diet (SAD). In this video there is a heated debate (from 21 min to 53 min) between a terrain theorist (Dr. Andrew Kaufman) and a germ theorist (Dr. Judy Mikovits). If it turns out there are no disease-causing viruses/bacteria and vaccines are ineffective and dangerous as terrain theorists claim, then our standard medical schools and textbooks have grossly misinformed our health care providers. 

Rockefeller gained a monopoly in the drug and pharmaceutical industry by getting rid of the competition from natural, non-allopathic healing modalities. His commissioned Flexner Report published in 1910 made it possible. For more information about how Rockefeller did this view this article and video. The enormous profits that pharmaceutical and vaccine companies make are contingent upon the widespread acceptance of the germ theory. 

The 777-paged book What Really Makes You Ill was published in 2019 and deals with all the major diseases and epidemics throughout history.  The authors defend their views and also discuss Covid-19 in several video interviews at their website.  In my second reading of the book, I am still trying to be an open-minded skeptic. I need more proof before I stop believing in contagious diseases altogether, but I do believe that having a healthy mind, diet, and lifestyle is more important than all the vaccines and pharmaceutical drugs. The authors do not believe in global warming or climate change and instead discuss at great length many of the contaminating poisons and toxins in processed foods, household products, and in the environment. I am 70 years old, and if I have to get the covid vaccine in order to enter local grocery stores, I will probably be one of the very last ones to do so.  

Humans will collectively evolve spiritually when they stop the consumption of meat and all other animal products. There are ethical, ecological, and health reasons for being a vegan. “When we treat fellow Earthlings with due respect, the Earth will know peace.” A network of intentional vegan communities all over the world would help heal the planet and save the world. [NB. This is the author’s view and not that of Winter Oak Press]

bush and cheneyHuman evolution will achieve its highest purpose when it creates a world without empire–when strategies to divide and conquer caused by greed are transformed into desires for unity and compassionate sharing. One excellent analysis of empire is found in David Ray Griffin’s book Bush and Cheney: How They Ruined America and the World. 

One solution to the world’s problems would be public banking. In the United States it could replace the privately-controlled, central banking system of the Federal Reserve. Another solution would be the widespread use of biodegradable cannabis/hemp for industrial, medical, agricultural, and recreational purposes. 

Here is another way to promote and create world peace. By spending a few minutes a day studying the 195 countries and 7 continents from a geographical, economic, historical, and cultural point of view, we can appreciate the world’s enormous diversity. Using books, videos, and online websites, we can learn about the current, chief concerns of every nation. It would be great if neighbors could meet once a week to study together and share their concerns. Having found an excellent college textbook on European history (from prehistory to the present), I try to study it for 30 minutes a day. 

The motto at the UN website is “Peace, dignity, and equality on a healthy planet,” but how can the UN create world peace when there are 5 permanent members in the Security Council that have veto power? That is not democratic. Considering that billionaires like the Rockefellers were the original designers of the UN, it sounds like a club for the good ole boys, which is why we should no longer trust the Sustainable Development Goals of UN Agenda 21/2030. 

One of the best ways to find the honest truth is to live in a democratic society. In the United States, we need to have 7 political parties equally empowered instead of 2. With a new US Constitution, we could create more happiness in our nation and in the world. Ideally we should use a system of proportional representation to create a unicameral federal legislature composed of the 7 largest national political parties. But here is the most important change that could be made: Instead of being corporate-owned, the mainstream media could be publicly owned, and the 7 largest national political parties (each with its own worldview) could have proportionate control of it. Currently we have a corporate-owned media and a public-owned media that takes money from private corporations. How can honesty and truth come from that?

Each nation will be great when it helps make the world great. 

Each nation will be great when it helps heal the planet. We will live in a happy world when individuals and nations are able to become open, honest, transparent, cooperative, compassionate, and well-informed. We can create a world in which all the diverse elements, including religious fundamentalists, can live together peacefully. Let us create world peace before we die.

Valuing nationalism above world peace will never make the world a better place. A truly democratic world government is needed. The Earth Constitution is an excellent model for a democratic, federal world government, but if that is not acceptable there are other models that can be created–to oppose the authoritarian, top-down, autocratic, totalitarian, undemocratic New World Order of Deep State, Shadow Government, plutocrats and oligarchs that are currently controlling the world’s destiny to the peril of us all. 

covid paranoiaThere will be dark days ahead as we move into a pharmaceutical dictatorship characterized by more surveillance and contact tracing, technocracy, transhumanism, artificial intelligence and robots. There will be dark days ahead unless we resist nonviolently and show a better way. We are falling deeper and deeper into a technocratic trap that is leading to a literal hell on earth, which may ultimately result in the world’s destruction. Welcome to the Great Reset, the new normal, of the New World Order. 

Gandhi said we have to “be the peace we want to see in the world.” The perennial psychology of the Bhagavad Gita, the Buddhist concept of “emptiness,” and Christian agape love help us grow and find truth. The mystic Rumi said, “Yesterday I was clever, so I wanted to change the world. Today I am wise, so I am changing myself.” Rumi is right. However, an Earth-loving God would want to see evidence of a spiritual politics at local, national, and international levels. An Earth-loving God would want us to plan 7 generations into the future. 

A loving God would desire that the world be united. A loving God would not desire our nation to thrive as the rest of the world suffers. An Earth-loving God would not want world citizens to seek infinite growth on a planet with finite resources. A loving God mourns when She witnesses the deep conflicts among nations and the ecological degradation of the Earth. Nations will be great when they make the world great–when they start healing the planet. 

Some of the latest research in cognitive neuroscience and mindfulness meditation is showing that our habitual thoughts and beliefs are very important in determining both our mental and physical health. Research in epigenetics is showing that if we reprogram the brain and change the cellular environment, it determines which genes are expressed. Moreover, it has been estimated that 80 percent of our illnesses and diseases are related to lifestyle–our diet, stress, amount of exercise, environmental toxins, and electromagnetic radiation

John Taylor GattoJohn Taylor Gatto, who was twice voted New York State Teacher of the Year, broke all the school rules when he turned his high school students loose to travel all over Manhattan doing self-designed school projects. Gatto taught millions how to write their own scripts and be successful. Gatto discovered from his research that the 6 purposes of early public schooling in the United States were all about social engineering, preparing students to take their rightful place in society. For example, the first function or purpose of early public education was to “establish fixed habits of reaction to authority.” 

Gatto said the system is not broken. It was built this way on purpose. Gatto said that dumbing children down is useful to a certain kind of class-based command economy. Gatto himself encouraged Open-Source Learning, which means learning sequences are personally designed. Everyone you encounter in life is a potential teacher. In Open Source, teaching is a function, not a profession. Everyone can learn, and everyone can teach himself [or herself] how to learn and how to teach others. 

In Open Source, students are the active initiators. You either write your own script in life, or, by default, you become an actor in someone else’s script. The easiest way to destroy curiosity is to sit people in chairs and threaten them with the upcoming test. Plato, the Greek aristocrat, said in The Republic and The Laws: “The ordinary population is dangerous if they learn to think.” 

Before he died, Gatto was writing letters to Trump giving him advice on how to get elected president. Yet even socialist Howard Zinn, author of A People’s History of the United States, endorsed Gatto’s book The Underground History of American Education: An Intimate Investigation Into the Prison of Modern Schooling by saying, “It is a remarkable achievement…a pure indictment…I can’t remember reading such a profound analysis of modern schooling. I admire what you have done.”

The top-down control of the public school system is a problem that is still with us today. As a retired teacher, I have been an admirer of Gatto for a long time, but in the early days of my teaching career, I also started believing in the idea of neighborhood control of neighborhood schools. We could encourage and empower each elementary school district to create its own educational philosophy and school curriculum, possibly creating its own neighborhood school board. For more information, you can read my article: How to Improve Public Elementary Schools: Neighborhood Control of Neighborhood Schools to Build Intentional Community and Government from the Bottom-Up.

In the United States, we could build intentional community and state governments from the bottom-up. Every elementary school district can also become a voting precinct district as well. For more information you can read my article: The Elementary School District Empowerment System: Reorganizing State Governments from the Bottom-Up: From the Elementary School District, to the Township Level, to the County Level, Up to the State Level.

Encouraging and empowering neighbors in every elementary school district throughout the world to form intentional communities could potentially be a very effective way to improve local, national, and international relationships. Every neighborhood elementary school district can seek to be a model elementary school district for the township, county, state, nation, and world. I have also written my ideal of a new constitution for the United States, which you can find listed in the references.

Everything in the world and in the universe is interrelated and interconnected. We each have a purpose and mission that fits into the fabric of the wondrous unity and marvelous diversity of it all. And the best news of all is that no matter what happens in the outer world, we each have access to an eternal Fountain of Joy (our true nature, our higher Self) at the core of our being. 

Social evolution took a wrong turn ages ago when it shifted from egalitarian institutions and relationships to hierarchical (top-down) ones. But we can start rebuilding the world from the bottom-up — from the grassroots of every neighborhood and nation up to a truly democratic world government created by the citizens of the world — to disempower the fast ensnaring, top-down control of the Great Reset, the new normal, of the New World Order. 

Guest contributor Roger Copple was a high school special education teacher of Algebra and English and also a general education 3rd grade teacher. He retired in 2010 at age 60. His website World Without Empire.com contains articles he has written about spiritual politics. The website also shares links to information about yoga philosophy, mindfulness meditation, and Near-Death Experiences. 


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When I posted information about Del Bigtree’s video to a Facebook group that I am a member of, someone (who is an advocate of the Terrain Model instead of the Germ Theory) responded by saying…there are now no variants, and [there will be] no future variants! It’s a good video for people that are still stuck in Germ Theory and following the official science (lies) but it’s all just fantasy-land science. Genomic sequence is not a virus and was never proven to be contagious. 

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Part I, January 9, 2021: Shapers of slavery: the plan

Part II, January 10, 2021: Shapers of slavery: the leadership

Part III, January 11, 2021: Shapers of slavery: the empire

Part IV, January 12, 2021: Shapers of slavery: the virus

Part V, Jan. 13, 2021: Shapers of slavery: the awakening

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