Shapers of slavery: the awakening

We began this series by quoting a filmed interview with Catherine Austin Fitts in which she warns that we are being pushed into a nightmarish future of complete control, a technocratic “slavery system”.

The video was removed by YouTube after 2.7 million views but at the time of writing was still available on vimeo.

Fitts says that we have been put in a trap by the Covid-19 corporate coup: “But the door hasn’t shut”.

Our only hope, she says, is transparency, in revealing to people what is being imposed on them without their willing consent.

“The first thing you have to see is you have to get a good map. In other words, you can’t nagivate this unless you can see the transhumanist system that is being built and who’s building it”.

Nobody outside the power elite wants the vast part of the whole human species to be effectively turned into “livestock”, she points out. Our rulers are “very afraid” that a critical mass of the public will see the trap that has been laid for them and reject it.

“We have the power to change this”.

Gs logoIt is in this spirit that we have been writing about the WEF’s Global Shapers, who are playing a key role in advancing the techno-slavery agenda.

As we have seen, this insidious organisation is against:

Democracy. Instead of letting people decide how to live their own lives, it uses its power and money to create fake public opinion backing its own narrative and plans.

Community. It wants to cut us off from each other in the real world so that we have to lead our lives online and are thus tranformed into digital products for its profit.

Freedom. In its future of total control, we will be caged in a “smart” prison. We will not be able to go where we want to go, see who we want to see, live how we want to live, say what we want to say or even think what we want to think. We are getting a taste of this already!

We urge you, our readers, to play a part in this vital struggle to stop the slavery system getting a grip on humanity’s future.

We need to counter the dictatorial and corporate-owned Global Shapers Community with our own decentralised and autonomous community of Global Liberators!


As well as sharing the information that we have presented in this investigative series, we would ask you to help expose more details about the Global Shapers, their connections and their machinations.

There are more than 400 Shaper hubs in 151 countries across the world. As their own site reminds us: “There is always a hub near you”.

GS hub searchThe hubs are listed alphabetically in the annual report and can be found via the Global Shapers site.

We would encourage everyone to explore and expose the identity and activities of hubs in their own area, starting with the information the Global Shapers have so helpfully provided for us.

We would also encourage you to seek out your local Global Shapers and confront them with questions, whether via social media or in the real world.

GS annual report coverBear in mind that one or two of these individuals may, like many foot soldiers in the Transition Towns movement or Extinction Rebellion, be blissfully unaware of the real agenda they are serving.

As well as trying to “get on in the world” by mixing with powerful people, they may even be gullible enough to be fooled by the WEF’s “woke” rhetoric into thinking they are involved in something worthy.

The aim is not to insult them, but to make sure that they know what exactly the Global Shapers organisation is all about and that they understand that its aims are totally unacceptable, indeed morally abhorrent, to the vast majority of their fellow citizens.

You might ask them, for instance:

* Why are you part of an organisation which subverts democracy by promoting “stakeholder” rather than popular rule?

* How do you feel about being part of a gang systematically using lies and manipulation (“storytelling” and “narratives”) to trick people into going along with its plans?

* Do you think it is acceptable to deliberately whip up fear over a “pandemic” in order to “reset” human society into a mode more profitable for a tiny clique of sociopathic parasites?

* Why are you, via Global Shapers, helping to turn proper education into online training and using the pretext of digital “inclusivity” to force children into “social impact” exploitation?

* Do you really welcome a future in which our children are nothing but “human capital” for the profit of the ultra-rich?

* Why are you part of an organisation linked to arms dealers like the Carlyle Group?

* Why are you involved in an organisation which is openly spearheading a massive wave of imperialism, particularly in Africa, pillaging land for mineral resources and turning people into products?

* Why are you, by your involvement with the Global Shapers, trying to destroy human relationships and communities, to push us into sterile and isolated existences in which we depend on the corporate matrix for everything we need and do?

* How can you sleep at night knowing that you are part of an astroturf operation run by billionaire profiteers which is attempting to enslave all of us, our children and our children’s children?

* Do you have any moral scruples, or indeed legal concerns, about participating in a conspiracy to make vasts amounts of money by committing crimes against humanity?

As well as asking these questions we also need, of course, to make a stand against the whole Great Reset coup being promoted by the Global Shapers.

We need to refuse to believe their “storytelling”, refuse to buy their “solutions”, refuse to go along with their “social distancing”, refuse to take their “vaccines” and refuse to be herded like sheep into the nightmare future they want.

The big advantage we have over the billionaire transhumanist-technocrats is that we far outnumber them, even though they have hired an army of “influencers” to work for them.

There are around 10,000 Global Shapers and we might imagine that there are ten times as many individuals as that in all the various projects working in parallel for the same agenda.

But with 7.8 billion people in the world that leaves 7,799,900,000 potential Global Liberators!

People of the world, awake and arise!


* * *


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5 thoughts on “Shapers of slavery: the awakening

  1. Dear Fellow Slaves… More than a year passed since the deployment of OPERATION COVIDIUS, clearly the “hope” approach is dead!

    Our only hope, she says, is transparency, in revealing to people what is being imposed on them without their willing consent.


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