Shapers of slavery: the leadership

It should be quite clear from our opening article on the Global Shapers Community that the project is fundamentally anti-democratic.

A democratic society shapes itself – by means of the participation of its citizens in discussing and deciding how things should be organised and to what ends.

But, as even their name reveals, the Global Shapers want to “shape” society from above and in their own interests.

They are not doing so openly, by declaring a World Dictatorship of the Wealthy Elite, but dishonestly, by pretending that this “shaping” is coming from below.

The deceitful term “stakeholder democracy”, which means absolute rule by big business interests, is matched in terms of hypocrisy by the term “The Global Shapers Community”.

A community is something organic, a coming-together of people from below.

Gs logoThe Global Shapers project is the opposite of that. It is a manipulation of people from above, dressed up as something else.

It is, as investigative journalist Cory Morningstar has said, “a grotesque display of corporate malfeasance disguised as good”.

As an entirely top-down organisation, Global Shapers of course has a leadership.

As we will now see, the identity of these leaders is very illuminating regarding the agenda and interests lying behind this worldwide anti-democratic conspiracy.

The organisation’s website tells us: “Global Shapers Community is governed by a Foundation board that includes leaders from business, government and civil society”.

Top of their list of leaders is, needless to say, Klaus Schwab, founder and executive chairman of the World Economic Forum, whose authoritarian transhumanist agenda we explored in some depth in our October 2020 article ‘Klaus Schwab and his Great Fascist Reset‘.

klaus schwab

Underneath him in the Global Shapers list of leaders is David M. Rubenstein, co-founder and co-chief executive officer of the Carlyle Group, a private equity firm identified in 2003 as being “at the epicenter of the military-industrial-complex-Bush-Cheney-crony-capitalism administration”.

One of the great beneficiaries of the Small Reset following 9/11, the secretive Carlyle Group is heavily involved in the arms industry. It has “profited handsomely” from war, as this 2020 article puts it.

Rubenstein himself is, in the predictably bland language of Wikipedia, “an American billionaire businessman and philanthropist”.

He is chairman of the Council on Foreign Relations, which is closely linked to the CIA.

Rubenstein is also a funder and chairman emeritus of the Brookings Institution, a high-profile US “think tank”, which, as we detailed on this site four years ago, gets funding from the likes of the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, bankers JPMorgan Chase, John L. Thornton (former president of Goldman Sachs) and the state of Qatar.

In July 2016 CIA director John Brennan gave a key speech to Brookings’ Center for 21st Century Security and Intelligence, in which he spoke about “emerging challenges for the US, enhanced interrogation techniques, drones, cyber threats, and terrorism in Saudi Arabia”.

gs brookings

Rubenstein has donated $60 million to the Harvard Kennedy School, an institution which seems to play a key role in the global “storytelling” machinations behind the Great Reset, as we explained in this November 2020 analysis.

Specifically, it provides an exclusive training course for “staggeringly wealthy” young members of the global elite, in order to steer them into the world of “social impact” investing. The course is held “in collaboration with” the WEF.

Next in the WEF’s list of Global Shapers leaders is Ellyn Shook, chief leadership and human resources officer at Accenture, one of the Global Shapers’ official partners.

This multinational professional services company has recently been involved in pushing “a complete business and technology transformation” in the Canadian housing sector, in setting up a “California Statewide Automated Welfare System” and in rolling out smart meters to UK homes.

Accenture is also, of course, very interested in “community impact”.

gs accenture

gs EllynShookShook’s profile on Accenture’s site reveals that she is also an “active member” of an organisation called World50.

This describes itself as “a private community for senior-most executives from globally respected organizations to intimately share ideas, solutions and collaborative discovery free from press, competition and solicitation”.

In this video, World50 CEO David Wilkie explains that it deals with issues like “macro-economic events, what’s going in the world, what’s reshaping the future of the landscape around us, disruption, innovation” and aims to help business leaders “make a bigger impact in the world around them”.

Key terms: “Reshaping the future”. “Disruption”. “Impact”.

A little more light is shed on World50’s activities here: “Headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia and founded in 2004, World 50 is an exclusive, invite-only peer-to-peer network and knowledge exchange platform serving senior executives at leading corporations”.

In general, perhaps not surprisingly, World50 does not seem keen to divulge, in any detail, what its activities actually involve.

World50 site

It boasts on a page aimed at potential employees: “We keep a low profile. (Don’t believe us? See what you can find on your own.) And we like to keep it that way. Let’s put it this way: Everything we do is in the service of our members. But we do quite a bit of stuff. And much of it is incredibly cool”.

It explains that its World 50 Internal Summit is “a gathering of experts, leaders and provocateurs that sparks internal conversations about how we can reshape the world around us”.

And it declares: “It’s our job to be relevant—to our members and ourselves. We sometimes use jargon like innovation, change management and geopolitical forecasting to discuss unwieldy concepts, but we really just mean that we’re friends with some of the smartest people in the world, and they help us understand it better. (They’re really pretty smart.)”

Oh yes, they are all so “incredibly cool”, these “really pretty smart” individuals who aim to “reshape” the world by means of “internal conversations” which exclude anyone outside their elite circles.

It is easy to see why World50’s Ellyn Shook was such a great fit for the WEF’s Global Shapers offensive.

gs Wanjũhĩ-NjorogeGlobal Shaper Wanjuhi Njoroge, from Kenya, is founder of People Planet Africa. We learn from this organisation’s website that it is “a consultancy firm in the field of sustainability Inclusive Development that incorporates rural communities which constitute 70% of Africa’s population”.

It works closely “with corporates and governments” on “innovative solutions, business models, programs, initiatives and activities that are socially inclusive, environmentally sustainable, generate profit and elicit active participation of an organizations [sic] key stakeholders”.

People Planet Africa makes good use of the WEF’s corporate newspeak dictionary when it adds: “We work with rural communities and assist government agencies and organizations incorporate sustainability into their businesses thus increasing their positive impact and profit”.

Impact and profit go hand in hand for the sustainably parasitical elite.

Njoroge is also the founder and president of Nelig Group Ltd, a “young and dynamic group with an objective to change the African narrative”.

According to the Nairobi Global Shapers hub, Njoroge “is passionate about education and inclusive development that doesn’t exclude the rural communities that make up 70% of Africa’s population”.

This line is actually quite useful for understanding what the WEF and its co-conspirators mean by the apparently fluffy word “inclusive”.

It, in fact, refers to their desire that no single human being on earth should live free from their industrial system of exploitation and control, even those currently living close to nature in Africa.

They are all “human capital” to be hoovered up and transformed into yet more profit and power by global business “stakeholders”.

In 2019 Njoroge took part in an ‘Impact!Africa‘ virtual conference jointly staged by the British Council, an executive non-departmental public body sponsored by the UK’s Foreign, Commonwealth & Development Office, and Ashoka.

Ashoka is a strange organisation funded by “charitable foundations” which links ultra-wealthy individuals such as Antonis Schwarz with “activists” like Rob Hopkins and also provides advice to organizations including the World Bank.

gs ashoka africa

The stated aim of this event was to “change Africa for good“, the double sense of that phrase typical of the twisted terminology of the Great Reset.

The talk was of “crowding in private sector capital and skills to reduce Africa [sic] economic vulnerability, providing market based solutions to the continent’s most pressing needs” and of “how social entrepreneurs can prepare themselves to engage with impact investors”.

There was a session on “venture philanthropy and impact investment success”, whose wording serves as a handy reminder that “philanthropy” in modern parlance is not about rich people giving their money away to the poor, but about rich people getting even richer by ramping up their exploitation of the poor.

In this context, the statement that “young people are the demographic dividend for Africa” is a telling one.

KS covidAs has been made plain in Schwab’s books, one of the aims of the WEF and its Great Reset is to sweep away all those pesky regulations which have been put in place to protect people and communities from the rapacious attention of big business vampires.

So, of course, the Impact!Africa event included “assessment of innovation regulation in Africa and the necessary steps to advance a positive policy environment that encourages innovation and entrepreneurship across the continent”.

Another African Global Shapers leader is Tony Onyemaechi Elumelu, who is inevitably described by Wikipedia as a “philanthropist“.

Elumelu is the chairman of Heirs Holdings, the United Bank for Africa and Transcorp. He is also an advisor to USAID’s Private Capital Group for Africa and a member of the Global Advisory Board of the United Nations Sustainable Energy for All Initiative.

The Nigerian billionaire is involved, through his Tony Elumelu Foundation, with the Tony Blair Africa Governance Initiative.

The two Tonies’ modestly-named organisations are involved in “a partnership to strengthen the private sector’s role in the economic transformation of select African countries”, known as the Blair-Elumelu Fellowship Programme.

Elumelu and Blair

Blair’s plans for Africa involve “transformational governments” which will “enhance competitiveness” and “attract and nurture private investment”.

Declared Elemelu: “Africa is lucky to have a friend like Mr. Blair”.

We wonder if they are saying the same thing in Iraq, which is coincidentally the home country of one of Elemelu’s fellow Global Shapers leaders, Basima Abdulrahman.

gs basima abdulrahmanFounder and CEO of KESK Green Building Consulting, she is a self-described “female entrepreneur” in the business of “green city planning and sustainable architecture”.

Abdulrahman is evidently one of those who have done very well out of “building back” Iraq after the destruction wrought by the illegal invasion and occupation famously backed by Blair.

Other leaders of the Global Shapers include Khalid Alkhudair, executive vice-president of the Riyad Bank in Saudi Arabia, “activist” filmmaker Sharmeen Obaid Chinoy, and Juan Jose Pocaterra, co-founder and CEO of ViKua, a “Smart City start-up” business based in Venezuela.

Right at the bottom of the list on the Global Shapers site is Eric Tse.

gs eric tseIn fact, he does not appear at all on the Foundation Board line-up in the Global Shapers 2019-2020 annual report.

Described as executive director of Sino Biopharmaceutical, this young Chinese billionaire was in fact gifted his fortune from his family’s company in 2019.

Although he is from Hong Kong, Tse has close ties with mainland Chinese politicians.

Adds this report: “That’s not surprising, as his father Tse Ping was previously a committee member of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference (CPPCC), the country’s top political advisory body”.

On October 1 2019, the 70th anniversary of the founding of the People’s Republic of China, “the younger Tse attended Beijing celebrations open only to invited guests and dignitaries”.

So we have a Big Pharma billionaire, who is working with the WEF to push for yet more global corporate control and exploitation, celebrating the founding of a communist state!

Eric Tse at 70th anniv

Tse’s place on the Global Shapers Foundation Board appears to have come at the expense of another Chinese participant.

The Foundation Board presentation on page 32 of the pdf of the Global Shapers Annual Report 2019-20 also includes the name of Jack Ma, founder of Alibaba, the massive Chinese multinational technology and e-commerce business.

But he is not listed on the online version currently available.

Ma Yun, as he is really called, is one of the wealthiest people in China. His net worth, according to Forbes, is $58.4 billion.

There is currently a lot of fevered speculation about Ma’s whereabouts.

gs jack maThe International Business Times said on January 4 2021: “Ma, who ranked 25 in Bloomberg’s Billionaires Index, reportedly disappeared after he criticized global financial regulators and called for economic reform in a speech at a conference in Shanghai in late October.

“What Ma said wasn’t well-received by Chinese authorities, who reportedly suspended a $37 billion IPO of his fintech firm Ant Group Co”.

Although Ma is a member of the Chinese Communist Party, media reports say that the Chinese government’s moves against Ma and his companies include “an antitrust investigation into Alibaba”.

Sooner or later, even the greatest of empires will crumble into dust.

* * *

The next report in this series looks at some key Global Shapers Community hubs.


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5 thoughts on “Shapers of slavery: the leadership

  1. Perhaps labels such as “left”, “right”, “communist” or “capitalist” have become obsolete. In any case, they are wrong concerning the 4IR phenomenon. This new form of dystopian totalitarianism can only be described as “technocratic”, and I fear this technocratic dictatorship – if it were established – would exceed everything in cruelty, inhumanity and terror that has existed in this world in terms of dictatorial terror systems. .


  2. “So we have a Big Pharma billionaire, who is working with the WEF to push for yet more global corporate control and exploitation, celebrating the founding of a communist state!”

    Let’s be clear, though. This ‘communism’ is fascism and has zero to do with actual communism, other than sharing negative elements I suppose. So many right now, perhaps embarrassed by what their religion, capitalism (in its extreme: fascism), is doing, turn to calling the predators or whoever they don’t like ‘communists’. That’s not helpful. Nor is it helpful (or welcomed by genuine lefties like myself) when commentators rail against the Left that is actually the leftwing side of the Right on the political spectrum. They smear me that way. They make me guilty by association. It separates me from them, and ‘our’ side is diminished as a result.


  3. “One of the great beneficiaries of the Small Reset following 9/11, the secretive Carlyle Group is heavily involved in the arms industry. It has “profited handsomely” from war, as this 2020 article puts it.”

    Perhaps the main thing I took away from Peter Phillips’s “Giants,” published in 2018, was the fact that the same pushers of the covid 19 pandemic hoax and the police State measures meant to ‘save’ us, push pesticides, fast food, war and war prepartion. There it is on page 59 of that book. Areas targetted for investment and ramped up investment include the above, as well as… watit for it… vaccines!


  4. There may be many organisations that could variously be described as part of the ‘green’ lobby that are in no way ideologically committed to the Global Reset but which will tag along with as much of it as benefits their particular cause.


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