Shapers of slavery: the plan

“What we are watching is a change in control and an engineering of new control systems. So think of this as a coup d’état”.

So says Catherine Austin Fitts in an excellent recent video interview about what lies behind the Covid-19 agenda. It was removed by YouTube after 2.7 million views but at the time of writing was still available on vimeo.

The global ruling elite are trying to install “economic totalitarianism”, she warns, a new way of ordering the world based on technocracy, transhumanism and complete control over every aspect of our lives.

She declares: “I would describe this as a slavery system”.

Klaus Schwab2When Klaus Schwab of the World Economic Forum initially announced his plan for a Great Reset, a New Normal or Fourth Industrial Revolution “unlike anything humankind has experienced before”, few of us understood quite what he had in mind.

In recent months this has been changing, with more and more people doing research and realising the alarming truth about what is currently being foisted on us.

The system’s gatekeepers have being doing their best to dismiss this awareness as mere “conspiracy theories”. Schwab’s views are just the words of one elderly German man, they argue, with a limited capacity for influencing the way the whole world is actually run.

But, in fact, Schwab’s Great Reset is not just rhetoric: he and his corporate accomplices have been busy, for many years, building up massive networks of collaborators to spring their heist.

One of these is the Global Shapers Community, set up by Schwab in 2011, registered in Geneva, Switzerland, and based at the World Economic Forum offices.

It describes itself on its website as “a network of young people driving dialogue, action and change”, representing “the power of youth in action”.

gs brochure 2

The site explains that the organisation involves nearly 10,000 “Shapers” and 3,000 “Alumni”, organised in more than 400 hubs across 150 countries.

“Projects are wide-ranging – from responding to disasters and combating poverty, to fighting climate change and building inclusive communities. Shapers are diverse in expertise, education, income and race, but are united by their desire to bring about change”.

The “story” that the WEF tells us (to use its own term) is that the Global Shapers scheme is about “building a movement”.

It declares: “We believe in a world where young people are central to solution building, policy-making and lasting change.

“This generation has inherited enormous global challenges, but has the ability to confront the status quo and offer youth-led solutions for change”.

A “story” indeed. The Global Shapers are centrally run, from WEF HQ, and their “solutions” are far from “youth-led”.

As its 2019-2020 annual report makes clear, the project’s aim is to “mobilize” people to “influence policy and drive action”.

It is a sophisticated attempt to use a phoney worldwide “movement” to push human society into a direction which will profit a tiny group of business sharks.

GS annual report coverIt is the negation of democracy, because the future they have in mind for us, their nightmarish system of slavery, is obviously not one which most people desire.

They can only get away with it by pulling the wool over our eyes, by dressing it up as an attempt to “fight Covid” or “save the planet” or increase “inclusivity”.

This deception at the heart of the Global Shapers scheme means that it can accurately be described as a conspiracy – a conspiracy by a self-interested elite launched against the vast majority of humankind.

Because the WEF’s “movement” is a sham, and is intended purely to advance the views and interests of the WEF and its backers, not just any young person is allowed to play a “central” role in the kind of “lasting change” the WEF has in mind.

A careful filtering and screening process has been set up to ensure that only the right kind of young person, aged between 18 and 27, is allowed into the “movement”.

The Brussels Global Shapers specify that they are looking for those who are “exceptional in their potential” and who have “the desire to create impact”.

The London Global Shapers explain: “Each application is assessed by at least four Shapers, based on a broad range of criteria and the mean score is taken”.

The listed criteria are “impact motivation”, “commitment & community mindset”, “achievement” (“we’re looking for candidates who have established a track record of leadership and demonstrated impact in their field, or who are firmly on a leadership trajectory”) and “leadership potential”.

gs brochure3

Would-be recruits are warned that they are expected to make an effort for the Shaping cause: “We require a minimum of 1–2 hours per week of time for the hub, additional commitment in terms of attending local and regional events, and active leadership and/or participation in hub projects.

“Every year we struggle with more amazing applicants than available spaces and it’s important that every hub member contributes to our community”.

And why should any young person want to be part of the Global Shapers?

“As Shapers, we have the unique opportunity to launch and participate in projects with support from the community and WEF.

“Aside from projects, the extraordinary convening power of both WEF and our own members allows us access to organise and attend events with world-class speakers and other participants.

“Moreover, membership of the hub provides access to engage with the broader World Economic Forum community, including the opportunity to apply to attend the WEF Annual Meeting in Davos and other major events”.

The Global Shapers like to use the word “impact” a lot, even in their recruitment material.

GS leading for impact

They probably think they are being very clever, because some of the young people they are trying to attract, as well as the general public, will imagine that “impact” just means something about making a big difference to the world.

But, in fact, it is a blatant reference to social impact investment, one of the most insidious elements of the Great Reset agenda, in which people are reduced to the status of “human capital” for financial parasites.

Alison McDowell explains this rather well in this 10-minute illustrated video.

The Global Shapers even have a section of their website called Impact, presenting, under thematic headings, various projects from their hubs.

Gs logoFor a flavour of their thinking, let’s dip into one of these sub-sections, entitled ‘Shaping My City’s Future‘.

Note that the future for the Global Shapers can only be about cities, not small towns or villages or rural living.

This sterile metropolitan outlook is reflected in their logo, in which their world “community” is represented by a range of slightly-differently shaped office blocks.

No room for trees or animals or real people in the future they want…

The brave new tomorrow envisaged in these 55 Shaper projects is one of “inclusive entrepreneurship“, “storytelling“, and “smart mobility“, in which life will be focused on building “smart energy grids, e-governance devices, 3D printing to tackle homelessness” and on “tackling the digital gap” by working “to connect populations without internet access“.

There will be “digital tourism” for which it is hoped to “connect infrastructure electronically through an IoT network“, “smart road infrastructure“, “smart buildings“, “IoT technologies” and “responsible trash management” via “a mobile-app solution that gamifies the trash management of each citizen“.

And who could fail to look forward to the prospect of authorities being able to “use human emotional recognition technology by mapping the facial expressions of citizens during their interaction with a governmental service“?

All of this, of course, forms part of the Fourth Industrial Revolution as described at some length by Klaus Schwab in his various books.

It is hardly surprising that it is mentioned so often by the phoney “community” he and his colleagues have manufactured.

Indeed, one of the Global Shapers’ official partners is cloud computing business Salesforce, headed by billionaire Marc Benioff, owner of Time magazine and inaugural chair of the WEF’s Forum Center for the Fourth Industrial Revolution in San Francisco.

marc benioff

Nevertheless, the sheer relentless insistence with which the term “Fourth Industrial Revolution” is pumped out in report after report in the ‘Shaping My City’s Future’ section is still quite astonishing!

The onset of the fourth industrial revolution presents opportunities for innovative solutions“.

Companies and institutions must be able to anticipate the changes of the Fourth Industrial Revolution and adapt quickly, and cities and communities must be able to do the same“.

The key to thriving in the Fourth Industrial Revolution will be to lead the transformations it entails. This will require two elements of agile leadership: awareness of disruptive technologies and strategies to make the most of them“.

The Fourth Industrial Revolution brings a lot of changes, opportunities and challenges that impact a vision of the cities and societies of the future“.

4IRjThe Fourth Industrial Revolution will have fundamental implications on how humans interact and how we define work“.

Prepare for 4IR technologies and the future of work“.

The Fourth Industrial Revolution (4IR), driven by artificial intelligence and the Internet of Things, will transform everyone’s lives“.

The new narrative that respects opportunities and risks of the 4th Industrial Revolution“.

Scales up efforts in creating more innovative business environment and helps young people to seize opportunities of the 4IR for employment and entrepreneurship“.

Nurture communities that are skilled in proficiencies related to the Fourth Industrial Revolution“.

A defining trait of the Fourth Industrial Revolution is the speed of change“.

Just in case you were in any doubt as to what the Fourth Industrial Revolution involves, the Global Shapers provide a handy description in a corner of their website dedicated to that very theme.

Some may find their wording rather chilling: “The Fourth Industrial Revolution represents a fundamental change in the way people live, work and relate to one another. The speed, breadth and depth of this revolution is forcing us to rethink how countries develop, how organizations create value and even what it means to be human”.

Even what it means to be human…

* * *

The next report in this series focuses on the Global Shapers leadership.

Main image: Detail from Sheep, Shepherds, and a Goat by Jordan Henderson.


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16 thoughts on “Shapers of slavery: the plan

  1. “Those who can make you believe absurdities, can make you commit atrocities.” That’s a quotation from Voltaire and its significance for us is fundamental. When I see how willingly, even how joyfully most people accept this new form of totalitarianism, how they bow to the most absurd ‘measures’, how they begin to systematically ostracize others who have different opinions, I begin to feel mere horror.


  2. You had better believe they are deliberately exterminating people with the various vaccines. If they can do it with a nurse who was filmed fainting after taking the vaccine and has not been seen since in public, with many believing she is dead – and the hospital where she worked covering up for Pfizer – there are going to be countless deaths from the vaccines which will be used to pump up the death rates from the virus, they can do it to all of us.


  3. I had a “lucid” dream about 10 or so years ago. I literally woke up in the dream. If you’ve ever done that you know what I mean.
    In the dream I was waiting at a check point to enter a huge city. No cars, just people lined up. The feeling was that I had been working someplace and was coming back. After I got thru the check point, I was walking up a long winding ramp that would eventually get me into the city which was looming in a distance.
    I think this was some kind of futuristic dream. It really felt like I was there as i woke up inside the dream and was very conscious of the surroundings.
    This is what I think they are planning for the future.


  4. I agree this needs to stop. These people are crazy and leading our young people down a crazy path. Bringing it to light I guess is a start to hopefully ending it.


      remember they always over 300 years were able to
      lure joung innocent people into their freemason rangs
      for their evil power games in politics + history . all
      evil politics + wars of last 300 years were made by those
      filsy secret sects !


  5. I’ve done a lot of research and am convinced this is true. Is it possible to stop this? If yes, how? It seems they’ve taken over all our institutions and infiltrated the power structure. It looks universal. It looks hopeless….

    Sent from my iPad



    1. In my opinion they will succeed. They have succeeded, essentially. Step outside and look at all the pod people wearing masks, above their noses, even though they are in places where that’s not necessary (depending on which fascist you talk to). They will succeed, and they will cause more destruction, despair and death and they will celebrate their victory and, shortly afterward, they will be destroyed – not by humans.


      1. I disagree. The New Year and the perennial ‘crisis’ in the NHS has meant that increasing numbers of people are losing patience, as well as their livelihoods. With Dan Hodges now trying to set himself as the spokesperson for pro-lockdowners their case is failing. As for mask wearing, I’ve been out and about on my bike this morning and whilst there were a fair few people out walking, running or cycling, I didn’t see a single one out of a few dozen wearing a mask. Passive dissent is growing.


      2. Fair enough. Toronto is almost entirely masked. I’m talking 99%. I’m glad it’s not so crazy where you are. I’ll guess we’ll see how things shake out going forward.


      3. From later on yesterday, in late morning / early afternoon I went for a long walk for a few hours around the two conjoined towns where I live. I’d say that mask wearing was no higher than ten to fifteen percent and of those, most were elderly as the media has spent the last ten months putting the fear of *the virus* into them, that is not surprising. In shopping areas only, granted, the level of mask wearing is maybe as high as fifty percent as many people leaving the mask whilst on wandering around between shops; though with the full national lockdown meaning that all ‘non-essential’ shops are closed, those shopping areas are quiet anyway.

        By introducing that full, i.e. Tier 5, national lockdown for England including the closure of schools, the UK government has overplayed its hand, losing the support of millions of people who had previously – albeit reluctantly – learned to live with the lockdown Tier system. Even in Tier 4, schools remained open, whilst indoor sports facilities etc had been forced to close. Traffic early this morning is as busy as a normal Monday, that indicates that most people just want to get on with their lives as they were a year ago. Passive ‘non-compliance’ or ‘dissent’ is growing.


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