Dismantling tyranny

by Paul Cudenec

The only good thing to have come out of recent nightmarish months is that a lot of people have had to think seriously about the way they see the world.

I have not been exempt from this phenomenon, of course, and have been forced by circumstance into serious bouts of ideological soul-searching, but am delighted to report that, as 2020 draws to an end, I remain attached to the same principles with which I began the year!

What has changed, though, is that I now feel the need to provide certain additional explanations to my overall viewpoint which I would not have previously considered necessary.

Take, for example, my position with regard to the nation-state. I have been outspoken in my condemnation of nation-states and nationalism in my writing, but the global fascist coup has reminded me that a different perspective exists.

This says that truly independent nation-states, free from the chains imposed by all those globalist institutions from the World Bank and the IMF to the United Nations and the World Health Organization, would not have succumbed so meekly to the global capitalist putsch.

I can concede that the resurgence of anti-globalist national sovereignty, in the Global South as well as in Europe and the USA, might well be the best short-term bet for seeing off this horrific attempt to permanently enslave humankind in a techno-fascist world dictatorship.

However – and I would emphasise that word! – it is crucial to remember that nation-states were early forms of centralised authority imposed on free human communities and that the nation-state is the tool with which the exploiting class has long kept us in line.

The weary old mantra of “we’re all in this together” is the language of nationalism, in which the supposed common “national” interest of the serf and the billionaire, and their shared hatred of “foreigners”, is supposed to override any sense of social injustice on the part of the former.

If we ever want to taste real freedom, we will have to decentralise power completely, to the community level

The nation-state, with its fake “democracy”, its “legitimate authority”, its controlled media narratives, its public figures, its academic institutions, its police and its monopoly on violence, is the very real and immediate means by which we are oppressed.

Globalism may be the prison, but the nation-state is both the cell in which we are held and the prison guard standing outside.

If we ever want to taste real freedom, we will have to decentralise power completely, to the community level.

Unless we dismantle the national level of tyranny as well as the global one, everything will remain in place for the same thing to happen all over again.

A second issue I have been contemplating has been the issue of private property. My past criticism has been levelled at the system of private property (particularly land ownership) rather than at individuals who own their own home or farm.

In this society, we have no choice as to whether we want to participate in the system of private property. If we are not home-owners then we are home-renters. It is no better to be ripped off by a landlord than by a building society. People get by as they can.

When I first saw the World Economic Forum propaganda proposing a future in which we “own nothing”, my blood ran cold for a moment. Had I had been inadvertently promoting their agenda through my criticism of private property?

No, because the globalists’ vision is, like everything else they come out with, a lie. They certainly want the vast majority of human beings to own nothing, but that is because they want to own everything themselves – including those selfsame human beings!

Their “own nothing” option in fact represents the next step in the domination of private property, rather than its reversal. They want to consolidate the power of their own ultra-rich ruling class to the extent that the rest of us are left with nothing at all.

It is important to note that it is only through the development of private property as we have hitherto known it, that they have been able to reach this point.

Over many centuries, the ruling class has used its property to create wealth, used its wealth to acquire property and power, used its power to protect and increase its property and wealth.

Our overlords may have thrown us a few crumbs from the table as a sop to keep us quiet – convincing us that we too were part of their “property-owning democracy” – but it was always only a matter of time before they would try to push the thing a step further and grab everything for themselves.

Again, if we were able to pull back from the brink of this global totalitarian coup, there would be no point in returning to the pre-Covid status quo, as all the conditions would remain in place for the global ruling elite to try the same thing again, a few years down the road, using a different trick.

We need to prevent property from being used as a form of power and exploitation over others and develop organic form of communal democracy and co-operative ownership which cannot be hijacked by greedy tyrants.

I do not want to see land or homes owned either by billionaire capitalists or by the state, but by people, in ways that suit them best, on the most decentralised local level possible, in a spirit of sharing, caring and mutual aid.

The third issue I want to address here is that of business. I hate the “business” ethos which was notoriously instilled in the UK under Margaret Thatcher. Greed is good. Anyone who makes money (off other people) is a hero and the rest of us are all losers.

So it was strange to find myself sympathising with the plight of smaller businesses in the face of the lockdowns.

Strange, but perfectly explicable when I looked at it more closely.

As with the previous two thorny issues, what we are seeing today is the massive amplification of the “business” principle which I oppose, not its negation.

The Great Fascist Reset is, after all, being promoted by a business organisation, the World Economic Forum, and all the bias built in to the so-called “sustainability” agendas of the EU, the UN and so forth concerns prioritising the ongoing growth and expansion of business “stakeholders”.

The version of “business” sold to the little people by the global financial mafia was nothing but a gesture, a carrot dangled in front of them to persuade them to consent to the marvellous capitalist system and to stand with the billionaires against any “freedom-hating” left wingers who wanted a fairer distribution of wealth.

Now, that little game has outlived its usefulness and the people who thought they were living the free-market dream will find themselves herded into the same electronic concentration camps as the rest of us, as the slave-masters move to seize complete economic and social control.

The seeds for this have been there all along, from the moment that our societies started moving away from old-fashioned community values and towards the worship of money above all else.

Ferdinand Tönnies

In the words of the German sociologist Ferdinand Tönnies (1855-1936), this was the historic transition from Gemeinschaft (traditional community) to Gesellschaft (modern commercial society).

The French radical Georges Lapierre talks about the dominating “cosmovision” of a society based entirely on money: “In a mercantile society we are all merchants, our heads are filled with the thoughts of big capitalist merchants, we all think about money”.

If there is a Great Awakening from the Great Reset, there is no point in falling back into the money-thinking that has progressively corrupted our world for the last 500 years or more.

Just because things are worse now, with the Covid coup, than they were a year ago, or ten years ago, does not mean that we should aim to return to that previous step of the process.

I keep thinking of the apocryphal story of the man who fell from the top of a skyscraper and, as he passed each floor on the way down, was heard declaring “so far so good!”

While it may have been better to have been alive in 1960 or 1980 or 2000 than in 2020, rewinding to any of those stages would only condemn us to live through the same thing again, as we plummet towards the current calamity.

We need to rediscover what it means to be truly human

Instead, we need to go back to the point before we fell off the edge and take a different civilizational direction.

We need to rediscover what it means to be truly human, to cherish value over price, communal belonging over personal self-interest, honour above wealth.

We need to look deep inside ourselves and search out and nurture everything that makes us noble, authentic, generous and kind.

We need to remember that we are animals, that we are part of nature, part of the living cosmos and that respect for everything around us is essential for our happiness and survival.

That ancient human wisdom is still there, even though it has long been marginalised and spat upon by the same venal parasite class which is currently trying to steal everything from us and turn us into their slaves.

Our task is to find it, to drink it in deeply and then to share it as the health-giving elixir of a free and natural future for all of humankind.

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9 thoughts on “Dismantling tyranny

  1. I felt I had to make the same adjustments in my thinking once I put into the context of global fascism. I think on the short, this is the direction we need to go in order to mitigate the current and ongoing global coup. National sovereignty appears to be the “safe” back-step from global tyranny, for now, and I also agree that if the masses come to reject the reset, then there may very well be a way to move human civilization forward in a more humane manner. Good read. Thanks for sharing!


  2. ‘I do not want to see land or homes owned either by billionaire capitalists or by the state, but by people, in ways that suit them best… ‘. Quite and for most people, private home ownership will always remain an aspiration and if mortgages had been the sole province of building societies run on the traditional model of all being financed via savers’ deposits (hence no borrowing from the money markets) to owner-occupiers *only*, then a property bubble would not have developed.

    ‘ … on the most decentralised local level possible, in a spirit of sharing, caring and mutual aid’. But what if people just want the privacy of their *own* home? That is what most tenants would aspire to, not any utopian communitarian outlook. It sounds like you are trying to propose another type of ‘New Normal’.

    Like it or not, most people are socially conservative and do not want radical change, they just want a home of their own and if a mortgage of a modest duration and with affordable payments is the best way to achieve this then it is far better than paying rent to a landlord.

    Anyone in the UK who was of the age that they could buy their initial home during the middle six years of the 1990’s is not going to give that up, but they should campaign for housing to become as affordable now as it was then. Abolishing the scam of ‘shared equity’ which keeps prices artificially high would be a start.


    1. People are socially conservative, yes, but capitalism isn’t! It is the relentless destruction of our society in the interests of a tiny clique of profiteers. The privacy and security of home ownership in a capitalist society are always illusory, because the consolidation of power and wealth inherent to the mercantile economy will always be waiting to steal that away for its own profit. This is what 2020 has revealed. It is not anarchists or socialists who are threatening to take away people’s private property and prosperity, but capitalists. Incidentally, privacy and autonomy are very much part of the anarchist vision for human well-being…


      1. Not capitalists but corporatists; and the best way to avoid the ‘You’ll own nothing. And you’ll be happy’ ideology taking root is get house prices back down to affordable levels so that Generations Y and Z to aspire to home ownership. Maybe that is the ‘home-owning democracy’ that Margaret Thatcher pushed for, but the alternative is that they fall for either communism, or the pseudo-communism of the Global Reset.

        To put it bluntly, in the UK, if the average house price to average income ratio now were what is was twenty-five years ago, most people under the age of thirty-five or so would have a chance to ‘get on the housing ladder’ and with it, reject any notion of the ‘You’ll own nothing. And you’ll be happy’ ideology. The way to get that sorted is to ensure stricter regulation of the banking sector, something New Labour avoided.


  3. An incredible quantity of reflections.

    First of all, I appreciate the idea of rethinking everything… and then finding your basic anchoring again.

    Second… I fully agree that what they are imposing on us is a super-NationState, but perhaps the single nation-states of the past are slightly less horrible; as are the single regions, the single municipalities, and the single local districts.

    I liked what you said about businesses… thinking of the thousands of small businesses that are being destroyed forever, here in Flore
    nce Italy, a world of small craftsmen, hosts, cooks, tricksters, creators of beautiful things and of stupid things and of ephemeral goods..


  4. a simply excellent description the best I have heard to date, this Tsunami of propaganda is overwhelming peoples sense of reality and perception

    Liked by 1 person

    1. As I see it, we do not need militaristic nationalism. Nor do we need a New World Order controlled by capitalistic oligarchs and plutocrats. However, we do need a democratic federal world government that empowers local communities to the maximum degree possible. The Earth Constitution is an excellent model for a democratic world federal government. See http://www.Earth-Constitution.org.


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